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Kickindirt said: "Will see, this has really peaked my interest."

March 05, 2019 04:57AM avatar
And that is exactly what inspired me to get to where I am today. I could read an Owner Manual or a manufacturer's ad slick, or make some sort of in-the-field detecting encounter or even just be tinkering around with found targets during cabin fever season, when something I read or some performance I observed piqued my interest and inspired me to learn more.

Why was there a response or why wasn't there a response?

What could be done to counter that performance?

From the beginning of TR Discrimination I was curious how it worked and what negative impact could it have?

When we moved on with 'improvements' or 'advancements' to motion-based Discrimination, what did we gain and what did we lose going from conventional TR-Disc. to VLF-Disc. circuitry?

What are/were the performance differences between detector models and brands.

What were their strengths and weaknesses?

What were the performance dynamics between different search coil sizes, shapes and internal 'types' of design?

Going back to my beginning of building a detector from a kit I asked myself 'Why?' all the time and worked to get the answer.

From the summer of '68, when I started using the first factory-built detect6or I had, from White's, I would read the Owner Manual, cover-to-cover, several times and take notes of what they printed that didn't make sense, or things that I questioned because what they stated and what I experienced was at least a bit different. I also would questions why some things were not touched on at all in the Owner Manual. Then I would have a notepad of questions just from reading the manual that set me out to find the answers and figure out the whys and why-nots.

My interest in a detector's design and performance piques my curiosity all the time because many things about a detector's circuitry design go unmentioned at all or just aren't explained thoroughly at times and I want to know 'why?' The more we learn about how these products are made and how they work, the better we can understand them.

Understanding a detector we invest $$$ in always seemed like a pretty good idea and let me know if I was making a wise investment that might suit my wants and needs for certain types of detecting, or if I was about to (or already had) make a foolish move and waste my $$$.

It was almost a year ago when you and Ryan were here in Eastern Oregon on that 7th WTHO and I laid out several Test Samples I have been using for a long time, for folks to check out the performance of their detector and search coil set-ups. You saw the results of an assortment of different makes and models on those test samples, and anyone could have seen the Sample used, watched a particular detector sweep a coil over the Test Sample, and either hear a good response, a broken-up questionable response, or no response at all, then simply concluded that brand 'X' or model 'Y' simply did or didn't work well.

You could have listened to my explanation of why this model did or why another model didn't do well, and just ignore it and not pay any attention. That's what a lot of people do which is why there are a lot of people out there who just never learn much about the detector they own and use.

They never fully read (or read at all) their Owner Manual, and read it completely. They haven't read what a manufacturer suggests about how to best use the model to get the most out of it. They don't know what some of the features are that it has or how function settings can be adjusted, and when or where they should use them.

And I am not referring to a novice who just acquired a detector, or a beginner who has maybe a few months to a year in the hobby. I am including anyone and everyone who never takes the time to wonder 'why' and then work to figure out the answer or answers to those questions, and trust me, I've come across them all the time through the years.

Since 1981 I've been doing full one-day classroom-type seminars, or two-days where we hold a Q&A to start the second day which is then in an outdoor setting where folks can use their detectors and get hands-on demonstration and explanation of how to use the control settings and best work their detectors. The seminars welcome anyone who is interested in getting into the hobby and wants to learn more before they make an initial detector purchase, to those who are beginners and starting out or are in their first year two of detecting.

Most of the seminars have an attendance of between about 8 to 15 or so people, but bigger groups have included as many as 20 to 30+ attendees, and averaging out all the seminars I would estimate that about 50% to even 75% of the attendees have owned a metal detector and spent various amounts of time out using them for 10 years or more. That's right, all that time devoted to hauling a detector and gear to urban or rural locations in the search for whatever might be out there, but at some point, after one, two or three decades or more of using a detector, something finally piqued their curiosity about what they didn't know or why a detector they depended on didn't seem to perform as well as somebody else's detector and they wanted to learn 'why' or 'why not.'

In your case here, you have thought about that experience almost a year ago and have maybe read some of my other posts related to this topic and wondered about Ryan's settings or what your XP Deus might or might not be able to achieve if you made adjustment changes .... mainly associated with the Ground balance setting I described last year. Then, with your interest piqued you did something about it. thumbs up You got a similar Test Sample of Silver Coins and set out to determine if the Deus' GB settings might be functional in the motion Discriminate mode such that you could learn and therefore improve the in-the-field performance you can get out of your detector.

Following through on a piqued interest can be both rewarding, from an information and knowledge viewpoint, and just plain satisfying.

Monte ill give it a try, if taking them out of the 2x2s changes the results ill make another video.
My guess is that another video might be coming. winking smiley

To answer your other questions of the ground balance setting at the old sites we hunt. All my worst sites fall into the 73-77 range for ground balance readings. So shouldn't be a prob, it was smacking the stack at 80-83. Even if a guy did encounter a area where I had to run a bit negative to fall into the correct range to hit the stack there is other feature to help counter the negative effects of maybe chatter caused by running a bit neg.
Interesting and informative. we all need to remember that different makes and models can produce quite a different numeric GB display difference so we have to keep that in mind. What the XP Deus reads for one location, a different make or model might produce quite a different numeric read-out. Since I don't own and use a Deus, I appreciate that information.

Will see, this has really peaked my interest.
Great! That was my intent of having folks check out their units on some test samples. To eventually learn from.thumbs up

I plan on bringing the stack with me and buring them at some old sites and see what the results are in the ground and compare them. Hopefully I don't lose them like the last time with the Indian ha ha hagrinning smileyeye popping smiley
Oh, that's right! Someone on June's 11th WTHO to Nevada might just find a carded Indian Head Cent in Toano.

Awaiting the re-test report ....


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Xp Deus VS MONTE'S Silver Stack Test

Kickindirt 192 March 03, 2019 06:43PM

Re: Xp Deus VS MONTE'S Silver Stack Test without thumbs upcardboard 2x2s

Kickindirt 83 March 05, 2019 08:35PM

Very good video, informative, and points out what I said a year ago. BUT....

Monte 135 March 04, 2019 03:24PM

PS: The other question is: Will a workable GB setting also be useable in the sites you hunt?eye rolling smiley

Monte 136 March 04, 2019 03:38PM

Re: PS: The other question is: Will a workable GB setting also be useable in the sites you hunt?eye rolling smiley

Kickindirt 129 March 04, 2019 03:53PM

Kickindirt said: "Will see, this has really peaked my interest."

Monte 161 March 05, 2019 04:57AM

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