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An interesting video display of ????

March 06, 2019 09:51AM avatar
Targets that large and spaced so closely do make an interesting video. I did notice a couple of things, such as the audio tone after the coil passed to the left of the string of coins. Was that back-reading or ???? I also noticed that the coil was worked very close to the coins as well.

I have the 7 nickel-size brass Trade Tokens spaced along a 12" wooden ruler (paint stick but the same thing) and my Nokta CoRe and Relic, plus the Teknetics T2+, are the fastest response-and-recovery models I have in my Outfit. Using the 'OOR' on the CoRe and 5" DD's on the Relic and T2+, they can all produce 7 hits on the 7 tokens, but the T2+ does have the edge and can be swept faster and still respond well.

However, all of that occurs with the smaller coils when they are swept from side-to-side with the coil at a very close position, similar to what you swept those bigger coils at. The DD coils do have a bit of an advantage in this type of 'test' or 'demonstration' due to their overlapped Tx & Rx configuration which can, at times, be an advantage. But due to the overall shape of the EMF, it can actually be a fooler because the outer portion of the Transmit and Receive windings are still active and the entire EMF can be influenced by ground mineralization or any nearby metal object, even if/or it has been Discriminated.

Two other things to consider in these types of demonstrations is the particular detector's design functions, such as 'Overload.' Some models don't have much of an 'Overload' function and others are a little more reactive. Two examples are the Nokta CoRe and relic. Same manufacturer, but the CoRe has a stronger or more susceptible 'Overload' and can't be worked as close to targets as the Relic. Therefore, I can work my Relic closer to that sort of a series of closely-spaced sample coins w/o Overload and that gives the Relic an 'edge' in hitting on closely-spaced targets over the CoRe..

I haven't used the XP Deus enough to know what, if any, Overload function it has. That's just one of the reasons the T2+ hits on close-targets quicker because it doesn't have as sensitive an Overload effect as some other makes and models.

Back to DD coils. Even though I can sweep down the 7 Trade Tokens with the small 'OOR' or 5" DD's on my CoRe and Relic, that doesn't mean they have the only capability to do that, because both models also produce 7-out-of-7 hits using their 5X9½ DD mid-sized coils as well.

Different models and coils can provide different effects that can fool us at times, too. Such as using the 4" Concentric and 7" Concentric coils on my Teknetics Omega 8000. I used 6 or 7 US Quarters and placed them apart about ½ to ⅔ the width of my index finger. Again, working the search coil close to the targets, I can sweep those search coils back-and-forth as briskly as you were with that 9" coil or maybe even faster, and you'll hear quick, repetitive responses. Very impressive sounding.

But some sounds we hear can fool us. In this case, due to the coil size and configuration, the detector's design and close proximity of the coil, you'll hear a lot of repetitive sounds, but they are not all target response. It's mostly made up of the what you might call an 'echoing effect' of the Overload Audio, maybe even mixed with a bit of target response as well. If I did an audio/video, that performance could have folks lining up at the discontinued model sales store to try and buy their own Omega 8000 and Concentric coil. grinning smiley

So when we see videos like the one you did, we have to note the coil-to-target proximity. We also have to wonder about other settings used, factor in the search coil size and 'type,' and keep in mind detector designs can give us strengths and weaknesses and that might be a strong point of your XP Deus. Sometimes we don't know if the model has a n Overload function, and if so, if it is influencing the audio report.

Finally, we also have to remember that this is only a 'Test' of some performance capability. If that search coil was angled at maybe a 45° when swept over that same series of targets, the reactive portion of the EMF might not see anything but one single targets.

And a final consideration is 'practicality.' Your video is a good demonstration of potential performance with that model and that coil size and type, and with the coil swept directly down the line and very close to the targets. Not all the targets we find are on the surface and so closely positions in a row. Instead, they are typically 2" to 5" deep and out of sight, and if the coil was worked at a height of maybe 1" off the ground, which is should be, you're not going to see that type of response-and-recovery from coins at typical lost-coin depths.

All that said, it also points out one other result from YOUR indoor experiment and video. It ended up causing ME to wonder about things and I spent about 2½-3 hours last night checking out all my detectors and most often used coils on similar performance comparisons. Watching you video maybe four times, and doing more of my own testing.

Always learning, .. always learning ... and that makes this great hobby/sport so fun.thumbs up


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U Gotta SEE this!! XP 9" HF coil eye popping smiley speed test

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An interesting video display of ????

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Re: An interesting video display of ????

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Back to you, Kickindirt.

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Re: Back to you, Kickindirt.

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