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Back to you, Kickindirt.

March 06, 2019 05:27PM avatar
not sure what u were hearing on the audio. I might of been running it a hair to hot for inside the house. Like 25ft away from my monster wifi router lol. Also i am swinging 1" or 2" off the coins.
I'm sure I'll listen again a time or two, but I don't think it was from EMI.

My comparisons were here in my den with my computer and desk lamp and room ceiling light all located from 6' to close to 10' away. I do everything at my default turn-on or start-up settings and that is Sensitivity at 95 to 99 on all models except the F44 where I have it at '20' which is maximum.

Depending upon the search coil size and type, as well as the strength of the EMF, a search coil-to-target distance of about 1" to 2", depending upon the detector circuitry design, would be about where I would say the coil was close-to-the-target. When there is a greater distance, with the coil 2" to 4" or greater, they won't be able to produce that type of separation you displayed in your video.

how did those machines fair on this test? I bet it was tuff even with the sniper coils, especially ones that overload to easily.
Of all the detectors in my 'current' outfit, the Nokta CoRe has the most reactive Overload function, but the others aren't too bad. Even with the 'sniper' 5" DD coils, the Nokta Relic and Tek. T2+ don't have a reactive behavior when we address Overload, unless the test located metal is too large.

grinning smileyThose machines that overload to easily, quickly get sold. For the ghost town type sites i have found them to be completly worthless in the ghost town junk. Get to close to a bullet casing a 1" deep and they overload. At 4-5" off the ground to compensate for the erratic overload u lose all your separation ability and depth. Its just my opinion those type machines should be sent back to manufacturer. When i found my gold coin a few years back it was about 4 or 5 inches away from a large peice of cast iron. If i was using a machine that overloaded easy i never would've found the gold coin.
Most detector manufacturers suggest not scrubbing the search coil directly on the ground and often state to keep it close to the ground, but not in contact. Other manufactories often suggest working a search coil at 1" or more height, and still many suggest working a search coil at ±2" off the ground.

Once the coil-to-target distance is greater than 1" to 2" there will be a degradement of separation, that is true. But by your suggestion, if a coin is about 1" deep and I am working my CoRe with a coil at ±2", I usually am not going to have an issue with Overload. Not on an average-size coin. Larger Silver Dollars, perhaps, but not Pennies, Nickels, Dimes or usually even Quarters.

You were fortunate to find the gold coin, congrats!. I have found coins close to larger iron debris such as you describe, but often when at 4" or 5" away I have often found smaller-size coins and tokens. The angle of approach and orientation, plus the size of the coil used all have to be considered. I can give an example with a target larger than a "large piece of iron." I was hunting a ghost town, 'Twin Flats' Utah, and there was the remains of a very early era car, or truck ??, with parts of the body and frame and one fender on the ground and several feet away another fender and other scattered iron junk.

I worked around the debris on several visits, slowly and methodically, and found Indian Head Cents, a 'V' Nickel, Seated Liberty Dimes and one Seated Liberty Quarter even as close as 3"-4" and on out to perhaps 10"-12" from the large-size scattered parts. Sometimes we have a good day and just happen to get our search coil over some targets just right and make good finds. Other days it might be a close sweep or a bad angle with reference to the masking junk and a good targets have to wait to be found on some other occasion.

Xp actually has an adjustable over load feature, can set up how u like. I usually run mine at minimum setting, i want to be the one to decide if i dig or dont dig.
'Thanks' for that answer. I realized, after reading through over forty-some pages of the Deus Manual, that it was another reason I didn't get too excited about the XP Deus. I like to keep things 'Simple' and have useful adjustment features that are 'Functional' but not an excess of adjustable functions. That, and the 3-piece rechargeable system just didn't fit me along with the price tag. It's been a while since I read the manual and mostly skipped through looking at certain things and missed mention of the adjustable overload capability.

well glad i could return the favor of getting u thinking out of the box like u always seem to make me do ha ha ha
I made it through 54 years of detecting and enjoying things along the way because, from the start, I always want to learn more. To learn something new and experiment is a great way to better understand the equipment we want to rely on when we set out to have an enjoyable day.

Again, I liked another video you did and I'm going to make some references to it later.


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U Gotta SEE this!! XP 9" HF coil eye popping smiley speed test

Kickindirt 104 March 05, 2019 09:02PM

An interesting video display of ????

Monte 62 March 06, 2019 09:51AM

Re: An interesting video display of ????

Kickindirt 65 March 06, 2019 02:20PM

Back to you, Kickindirt.

Monte 67 March 06, 2019 05:27PM

Re: Back to you, Kickindirt.

Kickindirt 60 March 06, 2019 09:48PM

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