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Re: New XP Student?

March 12, 2019 05:15AM
The Deus is my main machine and has been for many years,infact i rate them that good for my sites that i own 2 full setup's.

Only use the original version 2 software on both of them,i still personally think the audio is better than the later versions,of course this is just personal choice and what suits me.Of course as i am using just v2 i also can only use the black LF coils in my case i still prefer the 9'' options running at mainly 12khz as i find that gives you a good all round req for depth and also when hunting for our silver hammered coins,running it at 18khz in theory should hit silver coins slight harder but i find that it starts getting sporadic signal wise and much prefer too run my machine stable.

I have both machines running my own modified settings mainly based on Basic1 and also like the stock GMP settings,but the 1st programme is far away from the factory settings as one can get,mainly because the ground conditions in my location are slightly more mineral content than normal and also my roman/saxon sites can be trashy,another problem that i also suffer from is 'coke' that was dumped from the steam traction engines that worked the lands in the early 1900s and when they emptied the fireboxes coke can be a major problem on alot of farms.

The main everyday settings that are based on the Basic1 programme and bearing in mind the trashy site situation as well as slightly higher mineral content i run and have done for years lower sensitivity infact crazy low sens and also much higher discrimination than most folks,normally i 'never' go over sensitivity of 60 mainly because of the ground matrix in my location and can and was down too using 40-45 in certain parts last week,discrimination i run for the most part and once again for many years between 30 and 34 depending on how bad the coke is.Must admit i guess most folks gasp at the low sensitivity and high discrimination,but it works a treat,my style of detecting also dictates that i use a very slow swing speed and the forward motion is often that slow that snails can be seen overtaking me.But the bottom line is i dont miss any signals,its still gives me some reasonable depth and as most finds here are in the top 6-7'' then i will miss very little.

Controller sits in my pocket and is never used apart from fine tuning,and certainly never used for making a 'dig-no dig' decision,everything is done by audio through the headphones,full cup WS5 is the preferred option as that way i dont miss those whisper targets,when you find small silver cut halves and quarters and also very small and i mean small roman minims then the detector is setup just right.If the Deus gives the slightest hint of a signal at depth that is not getting swamped by the ground matrix then every target has too come out and the spade finally become the best decision maker for you,i never ever walk away from a signal that i am not sure about.

Some of the tools of the trade that i use for different site situations here in the UK.

Equinox 600,Deusx2,T2,TDI Pro,Nexus MP,Nexus SE,Fisher TW-5 twin box,Mirage PI,Crossbow PI,Arado 120b,DFX and others.
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New XP Student?

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Re: New XP Student?

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Re: New XP Student?

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Re: New XP Student? Congrats Del

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Joel----I sent you a P.M.---------Del N/T

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Re: New XP Student? Congrats Del

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Re: New XP Student? Congrats Del

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