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Re: Ace of Clubs -

March 18, 2019 07:45PM
I would say that some of your skills carry over/are transferable Ritch.-----What has helped me is the fact that I had a couple of Deus units in the past & had put some time in with them.----IMO, don't try to "over think" the Deus, take your time & be careful changing settings--because one setting change can sometimes affect another.-----Listen to guys like Joel (kickindirt) because he is the real Deus expert (certainly not me).----Get Andys latest (2nd book) & make it & the manual your "bedtime reading".-----I'm trying to approach this Deus unit with the idea of being determined to learn it to the best of my abilities.-------On todays hunt---I used the fast program & had my settings at: Reactivity 2.5---Silencer -1---Modulation 4---Iron volume 1---Sensitivity 90---Full tones---28 Khz---Disc 7.5---Pump g.b. & like Joel suggested manually brought g.b. up 3 points if I thought it needed it.------It worked the iron pretty well but I had trouble with steel b.c.'s (crown caps) & busted tin which didn't come as a surprise because of the way I had it set up for this hunt.-------My initial real world-impression you ask:---Overall I think it's quite a detector--I'm impressed with it.----It hits targets very clean & distinct---gives good enough separation (with the 9: X-35 coil) & swings like a dream.-----I think it gets good depth but I was in "iron city" today & couldn't really tell in that regard because of this---you know how that goes.-----One thing I really like about this coil is the fact that you can REALLY zero in on a target with it (even without using the p.p.)----------Del
Rich (Utah)

Looking forward to reading of your initial real-world impressions.

I want to know if your skills acquired from other detector platforms are directly transferable to the Deus? Or is it a different beast altogether that would require me to start from square 1?

Rich (Utah)

Stay tuned Rich.smiling smiley----This place we're going to today is an iron nightmare but we'll see what happens.
Looking forward to seeing your results Del. Nice job at the club hunt. thumbs up
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Deus doing pretty good.

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Ace of Clubs -

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