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thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

April 27, 2019 10:50AM avatar
The ORX only comes with the choice of the 5x9 and the 9" HF coils. You can use any of the new X35 coils with it also tho. It is a bit heavier with the 9". Nothing that you can really tell tho.
The manufacturer, XP Metal Detectors, was making good detectors before (my favorite early-on was the Gold Maxx for the Iron Volume controlthumbs up) but none met the required standards to be allowed for retail here in the USA. Then they brought out the Deus which has been universally accepted as a mode, digitally design circuitry model that brought up-scale features and performance in a unique physical package that, as we have seen, as seen somewhat similar physical configurations.

But it came with some very different design features, too. Notably two things that caught me attention, both unfavorably. To me I'm saying. One was the multi-component built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. The other thing for me wasn't a new feature but the lack of one, and that was they didn't/don't offer a smaller-size search coil.

I always recommend to everyone to go with the 9". Monte I know how you love the sniper coils and sifting thru iron sites. I would go with the 9x5 for your liking. As much as you like the sniper coils. I think you would be impressed with the 9x5".
An open-frame 9" coil can be reasonably light weight, if so designed, and can make a good general-purpose coil .... but it isn't ideal for me. One reason is due to my age and health/mobility issues they can make a detector too nose-heavy. A mid-size coil, and to me that includes those in roughly the 5X9 size, tend to fit my needs and serve me better in modestly littered sites yet still provide adequate depth of detection.

Currently I have four 'mid-size' coils in use in my Detector Outfit as I have a round 7" Concentric on a Fisher F44 and also on a Teknetics Omega 8000, and a 5X9½ open-frame DD on a Nokta FORS CoRe and one on a Nokta FORS Relic. However, as you noted, I much prefer a smaller-size search coil, Concentric or Double-D, and I have preferred these smaller-sire or 'sniper' type coils since the summer of '68.

The rest of my Regular-Use detectors sport such coils, to include a 5" DD on a Fisher F44, an 'OOR' DD on a Nokta CoRe and 5" DD on a Nokta Relic, 5" DD on a Teknetics T2+, and a 6" Concentric on each of my 2 Tesoro Silver Sabre microMAX units and on a Bandido II microMAX unit.

Why do I refer them? They are lighter weight, comfortable to use, they fit well in dense brush and building rubble, and work in trashy areas, and are also great when isolating targets in high coin-loss places. And in some tough iron contaminated situations they have generally out-classed the mid-size and larger search coils. That's important to me, also, because I tend to plant myself in ugly, challenging iron contaminated places.

The 9" round is a amazing coil too. They both do amazing in the iron.
I'm curious how the ORX, or the Deus, handle my Nail Board Performance Test as well as another tough ferrous challenge I use. It is only one brass button- front the same diameter as a US 1¢ coin but very thin metal and, as stated, it lacks the button back. I also use one 3¼" rusty iron nail. I lay the nail on op of the button-front, centered, then sweep left-and-right across the sample lengthwise and then cross-wise while makes for a possible 4 hits.

As of this past Thursday evening I have only seen two detector models with a smaller-size coil that can produce 4-out-of-4 hits at Setting #1. The real challenge is to sweep both length-wise and cross-wise at 3 different Discrimination settings which provides a potential to get 12 possible dig-worthy audio hits. Setting #1 is with the Discrimination set low enough to just barely Accept the Iron nail.

Setting #2 is with the Discrimination set to just barely Reject the iron nail. Then the tougher is to use Setting #3 which is increasing the Discrimination to the Ferrous/Non-Ferrous break point. So that's 4 possible good hits at each of 3 Disc. Settings for a total of a possible 12 audible hits. The only time I have asked anyone using an XP Deus to try it he had a 9" DD coil mounted, but he's new to the XP and didn't understand all the adjustment functions ... and got 0-out-of-4 hits. So I would hope it was more capable in skilled hands to adjust the desired settings.

The other thing I ask folks to do is adjust their detector for a 2-Tone mode to clearly hear the low-tone ferrous response from the high-tone non-ferrous response. The problem is that some detector models do not offer a 2-Tone option .. eye popping smiley .. so they use another multi-tone choice but that can get a little busy due to the degrading of the non-ferrous target due to the iron nail. It's kind of surprising to me how some of the higher-mid-range to more expensive detectors offered in the last several years don't offer such a Tone mode.

Anyway it does make a challenging iron nail 'test' for a fair detector-to-detector comparison.

The 9" round is pretty deep little coil. Prob the best combo of separation and depth of any 9" coil u will find. Really is no bad decision here.
Depth can be good, at times, but 'depth' on smaller, coin-sized targets is an interesting and often over-exaggerated, or depth that is claimed. In most cases any coin that is located an honest 6" or more I consider to be a truly 'deep' coin, and seldom ... very seldom ... do we encounter a coin down to 9" or more. And in any trashy area 'depth' is realistically not achievable due to shallower good-target masking.

Just a matter of which one you think will fit you best.
I am still interested in checking out an ORX and, most probably their smallest available 5X9 DD coil. This is one area I wish XP or other detector makers would consider smaller-size accessory search coils. The Nokta-Makro folks deserve a lot of credit in this aspect as they offer an excellent set of search coils, from smaller to medium to standard and larger-size.

And they have been quick to recognize a consumer desire as well as a performance requirement if something is lacking. The Nokta Impact is one excellent example. When introduced the Impacts Pro package came with a 'standard' 7X11 DD and the other smaller-size coil was a new-for-them small elliptical 4X7½ DD. Kind of along the lines of the popular aftermarket NEL 'Snake' size coil. The Impact was just at the initial introduction stage and I was honored to have an Impact 'test' evaluation unit.

I did a simple comparison test with a detecting buddy, Oregon Gregg who knows what it's like to hunt in dense iron, using a wide range of models I had in my arsenal at the time and some models and aftermarket coils that Oregon Gregg had. The NBPT is generally done using an Indian Head or modern Zinc US 1¢ coin, but in this tougher test I used a much thinner and smaller diameter 1836 Capped Bust Half-Dime. In the centered #1 position among the four different size iron nails it makes a very tough challenge. Very tough to the point that only ONE detector and coil combination provided 8-out-of-8 hits. The Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD coil.

The FORS Relic w/5" DD and Makro Racer 2 w/NEL Snake coil produced 7-out-of-8. The new Impact w/4X7½ DD only gave 4-out-of-8 hits! That was posted on AHRPS and within a matter of a few short hours I had a phone call from Dilek in Turkey. I explained the causes for the impaired performance being the internal coil winding size and shape as well as the position of the nails as well as the very small size coin, and continued by adding they needed an 'OOR' or 5" size coil for the Impact to see if the circuitry design and better coil would improve the performance.

I was told they would get busy working on a smaller coil for me to evaluate on that same specific test. I also pleaded, as I had since I got the CoRe two years before, to consider making a smaller-size Concentric coil. Well, in no time at all they had two 5" DD coils designed and had to ensure they worked on all three selectable frequencies. Engineering kept one and the other Dilek sent me to evaluate. I did the same test and got nearly the same results, except this time the Impact w/5" coil didn't suffer like the Pro Pack 4X7½, but matched their own Relic w/5" DD getting a good 7-out-of-8 hits on that dinky Capped Bust Half-Dime.

I reported back via e-mail and in a phone call that their new 5" coil worked quite well, and was told they would star production. I was also told that the engineers were working on a 7" Concentric coil and just had to get the tuning right for calibration with all three frequencies. Soon they were offering both new coils. I have never seen any manufacturer be as attentive to consumer needs, and I sure wish the folks at XP would work on a smaller--size coil for the ORX and Deus. As good as the 9" or 5X9 coils might be, their coil selection is still lacking a smaller size and efficient search coil.

So, for now, you are correct that the 5X9 DD is likely the only coil that would be of interest to me with an ORX.


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thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

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Re: thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

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I fixed your post, now I'll add my replies.

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