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Re: thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

April 27, 2019 10:27PM
An open-frame 9" coil can be reasonably light weight, if so designed, and can make a good general-purpose coil .... but it isn't ideal for me. One reason is due to my age and health/mobility issues they can make a detector too nose-heavy.
Well the 9" they centered it and is well balanced. The 9x5 they actually moved it towards back. But its so lightweight it would be impossible to unbalance it.

I'm curious how the ORX, or the Deus, handle my Nail Board Performance Test
Ive done a couple vids of the LF and HF 9" coil on the nailboard test with my extremely oversized rusty square nails. It passes with ease. The one direction that it does struggle slightly if you just turn even a couple degree in pulls it right in.

It is only one brass button- front the same diameter as a US 1¢ coin but very thin metal and, as stated, it lacks the button back. I also use one 3¼" rusty iron nail. I lay the nail on op of the button-front, centered, then sweep left-and-right across the sample lengthwise and then cross-wise while makes for a possible 4 hits.
Monte post some pics of this button. Id like to try and recreate this test. Sounds fun. Seems like a easy test for the Xp. I say that for one reason. The deus is the best button finder ive ever used. It will even pick out those buttons that are mostly iron and rusty with the slightest bit of ferrous metal content. Reminds me of a time when i was hunting Cobre. I started out using the racer2 with the nel snake. Hunted a few hours along side the road in a small area that had lots of glass that i thought would of had some potential finds. Didnt hardly have any good signals with the R2. Went and grabbed the deus and went back over the same area. Was like a new site. I was able to pull like 5 or 6 old buttons out of the same area. That was with the standard 9" coil.

One was the multi-component built-in rechargeable lithium batteries.
Deus had been out for years and these batteries have held up to the test of time. This is a non issue with these machines. Its not even a question its FACT.

they didn't/don't offer a smaller-size search coil.
I know its hard to realize or visualize but Xp doesnt need to. The Hf 9x5 is already better in separation and depth when compared to most machines with sniper coils equipped. Monte if you can give the Xp deus or ORX a fair shake with the 9x5 coil on you will hear and see a noticeable difference when hunting in thick iron. Actually the difference will be so noticeable that you will start swinging with one machine and then put it away and grab the Xp. Of course you will have to get to know the Xp a bit before. Well actually you have a pretty well tuned ear it prob wont take you near as long as most. Im a big fan of all machines and what i say doesnt take away how good others are. We all know some others still do well in the iron too. Alls im saying is once you have you ear tuned to the Xps audio its easy to forget about the other machines. I say quit torturing your self and get one Monte.

Man i just pumped myself up about swinging the Xp in the iron, im definitely going swing in the iron soon. These Xp machines just simply love unlocking finds. Heres a good example. At one of the group hunts last year. I took Ryans MMK with 5" DD that had your personal settings saved in it. Gridded off a 8ft x 8ft area. MMK pulled a nice sheep ear tag. Then i grabbed Ryans Xp deus with 9x5 Hf coil. Set it to my fav settings. Hit that same 8ft x 8ft area. Guess what the Xp found in the same area. A 1854 seated dime. Could i have missed it with the MMK sure. But i actually gridded it more 3 ways with the MMK and only one direction with the Xp. Could of still missed it tho. Hell idk could just mean that im better with the deus. I will say i really liked the MMK audio. Was like running my old Racer2 with cleaner better audio. Seemed a tad faster too.

This post is way to long over and OUT!!


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What Next ?

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Kickindirt 172 April 24, 2019 07:36PM

And if I had an XP ORX and only 1 search coil ....

Monte 192 April 24, 2019 07:41PM

Re: And if I had an XP ORX and only 1 search coil ....

Kickindirt 187 April 24, 2019 09:22PM

thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

Monte 236 April 27, 2019 10:50AM

Re: thinking And lack of a desired search coil can make a difference.thinking

Kickindirt 162 April 27, 2019 10:27PM

I fixed your post, now I'll add my replies.

Monte 196 April 28, 2019 03:06PM

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