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A few of Monte's single frequency thoughts.

May 01, 2019 09:13AM avatar
Gregg, to your post I'll add this:

I have owned about 6 of the Fisher CZ "multi-frequency" units, 10 or 12 of the Minelab BBS and FBS multi-frequency models, and from White's 4 of the DFX, 2 of their Spectra Vision models and 1 VX3. I have hunted against them in desert regions, urban grassy park and yard environments, and on coastal salt water beaches to the saltiest beaches you can find here in the USA. I was using single-frequency models operating at 6.59 kHz, 10 or 12 kHz, 14 kHz and 15 kHz and usually matched or bettered their performance in side-by-side comparisons.

Am I saying they didn't work? Of course not. I'm just saying those simultaneous multi-frequency detectors didn't provide them any significant performance advantage over what some single-frequency detectors were capable of. Without-a-doubt there are some good multi-frequency detectors on the market, and while I did OK at times with some of those I owned, I have accumulated over 54 years of avid metal detecting experience and have enjoyed my best successes when working a detector at a single frequency.

That said, I'll add that I do have some favorite multi-frequency detectors when it comes to performance I have enjoyed afield, but they are the selectable multi-frequency devices which are, essentially single-frequency detectors that allow the operator to pick-and-choose from their available operating frequencies. Those include the Nokta-Makro Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi, and one I prefer due to the battery system being the Nokta Impact. All three of these models offer a user selection from three available frequencies, and for the most part the default 14 kHz has proven to be the most versatile general-purpose operating frequency with them.

Back in the early era of having a LOT of coins and other good targets to find with minimal modern trash in urban locations. for a decade from '68 thru '78 the tens of thousands of coins found each year was with BFO's or especially the TR's and TR-Disc. models operating at ±100 kHz.

From '78 through mid-'83 my primary-use detectors worked in the VLF range of 5.5 kHz, 6.59 kHz and especially those at 15 kHz, and one LF range model at 50 kHz. All were TR-Disc or VLF/TR-Disc only motion-based and I spent a very limited amount of time with a fast-sweep, 4-filter type motion-based 6.59 kHz unit.

The majority of the very productive places rewarded me during that period with the VLF 15 kHz and LF 50 kHz detectors as I always carried one of each model with me, and both were TR-Disc. models. I relied on those TR-Disc. models until mid-'83 when I made a significant change in my working detector battery. July of that year is when I switched to slow-motion sweep, quick-response and fast-recovery VLF-Disc. models (motion-based 2-filter types) that operated at 10 kHz and 12 kHz.

This year, in mid-July, it will make 36 years that my most reliable and best-producing detectors have-been, and still are, VLF-Disc. designs that operate at 10 kHz, 12 kHz, 13 kHz, 15 kHz and also 19 kHz. I have enjoyed five models that worked at 6.59 kHz for mainly urban coin hunting, as well as in the past 9 years two models that operate at 7.81 kHz and 7.69 kHz.

Today my Regular-Use Detector Outfit has models that have proven their selves in urban Coin Hunting applications to taking on tough, iron contaminated old-use locations where I deal with dense brush, more than enough debris and structure ruins with terrible ferrous junk. They are all 'single-frequency' detectors that are 'Simple' to use, and while they have some adjustable features they are all very 'Functional'. They are quick to access and adjust as well as not being confusing or calling for counter-adjustments of one or more other features, and the results of these 'Simple' and 'Functional' detector designs is that they are all 'Performance-based' and provide exceptional results afield.

My current Detector Outfit includes the following:

The 7.69 kHz Fisher F44 and 7.81 kHz Teknetics Omega 8000 which are mainly TID and Tone ID equipped models for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting,

The 10 kHz Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX units that are 'general purpose' devices I grab for select applications.

A 13 kHz Teknetics T2+, 15 kHz Nokta FORS CoRe and 19 kHz FORS Relic, all of which can serve me well as 'general-purpose' detectors for urban Coin producing sites, but especially for more Relic Hunting type applications because they provide exceptional in-the-field performance..

I am partial to selectable Frequency models more than the supposed simultaneous-frequency designs (which are more sequential-frequency models) and I do plan to acquire a new multi-frequency model that operates at a different frequency and see how it works for me. Then I'll decide if it will be a workable fit in my Regular-Use Outfit or not.


PS: I am still waiting to see any modern model, be it single-frequency, selectable single-frequency or sequential multi-frequency design, that can match the 12-out-of-12 performance that only the CoRe and relic can easily achieve on the Button-Front and Nail comparison test. I need to check out the FBS models, although I don't think they'll do well as even the Equinox can only get 6-out-of-12.

PS-PS: I can't forget to remind you that the V3i is at its best when operated by a White's Loyalist who fancies up the detector housing and search coil with custom-labeled blue tape. On the recent detecting jaunt 'zincoln' did achieve his bucket-list goal, at least for finding the Barber Quarter. He just kind of got lucky and went above and beyond in his choice coin recoveries, as well as they dope-smokin' monkey piece.thumbs up


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Edited / Corrected Post and some single frequency thoughts.

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A few of Monte's single frequency thoughts.

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Thoughts and Opinions -

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