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Yes, and a few more boys and girls have joined the party of recent.

May 30, 2019 07:09AM avatar
--- Rich, you now have acquired an XP Deus.

--- Del & Patsy just got the ORX.

--- Cindy has an ORX on the way.

--- Roger has a Deus he just recently acquired.

--- and some guy named Monte should have his new ORX in today's mail delivery.

--- Next ???

The XP brand out of France has only had one model, the Deus, available here in the USA for several years, and now they've launched a 2nd, and more affordable, model here. We've seen a growing interest in the XP brand which is somewhat understandable because most of the USA detector makers have been very sluggish for quite a while and many avid or serious detectors have been looking for something newer and performance-based. I'll add my name to the group who have been looking for some advancements in features and performance, and for sure an interest in lighter-weight and batter-balanced detectors.

I used to own and use a few Minelab BBS Sovereigns and FBS Explorer models, but just couldn't tolerate the heavier weight and awkward balance so I let them go. In March of 2010 I added a Teknetics Omega 8000 to my arsenal and found it to be my favorite Urban Coin Hunting device for tot-lots, playgrounds, sports fields and the typical modern trash covered places for Coin & Jewelry Hunting. My arsenal also had three over very favorite models that I used for both open Relic Hunting areas or cluttered Relic sites, and those were the White's XLT and Tesoro's Bandido Ii microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX.

I was looking for anything of modern design that would make a better Relic Hunting detector to best handle the really dense iron contaminated sites to help find the partially-masked keepers. January 8th of 2015 my Regular-Use Detector Outfit welcomed a new model, from a foreign (to the USA) manufacturer and within a week I started thinning out most of my other detectors. That was the Nokta FORS CoRe which, flat-out, surpassed the in-the-field performance of all the other Target ID and Tone ID detectors I owned.

I took on a variety of tough iron nail contaminated locations with the CoRe side-by-side with the others models I had for serious work and it simply edged them all out. A month or so later I added the Makro Racer, and the following January of '16, the Nokta Relic and Makro Racer 2, then in a year and since then, the Impact, Multi Kruzer and finally the Anfibio 19 and Anfibio Multi. All along the way, from January of 2015 to the end of 2018, those and a couple of other models from Nokta / Makro continued to introduce new features and performance tweaks along with an impressive array of search coils to select from.

Along the way I easily settled on my two more favorite models for General Purpose performance for my needs, and those are the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic. All the other models are also very good performers, but I need the best balanced and best results in really nasty iron debris, and for those environments it is the Relic that gets grabbed the most, and for lower to modest levels of iron debris it's the CoRe. Those two units stay in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit and are joined with models to complement their performance for other , generally urban applications, to include the White's XLT, Teknetics T2+ and Omega 8000, Fisher F44 and, naturally, my always dependable Tesoro models as mentioned above.

A little over a year ago we saw the new Minelab introduction of the Equinox models. They kind of looked like a copy of the XP Deus package, which is a lighter-weight and better-balanced design, and the Equinox does bring some new performance to the table compared with the FBS models they have relied on. It does balance better, and they have a nice-looking 6" DD available for it. But even with that slick smaller-size coil, the sequential multi-frequency design, and available function adjustments it has, it still isn't able to match either my CoRe or Relic on a tough Iron Nail test. It does feel better and is relatively comfortable, but while performance afield is very good, it doesn't grab my attention since It doesn't challenge my better ferrous debris handling models.

While the XP Deus has established a following in this country, it has maintained a stronger following in the UK and other foreign, to-us, lands simply based on performance. And in the end, it is 'performance' that should be the real determining factor. I have spent the last few months watching the You Tube 'XP Skill School' videos that Gary hosts over there in the UK and, as a whole, they have to be some of the best videos when it comes to explaining the available settings and understanding how the XP detectors work.

The with the introduction of the simpler ORX that is based on the Deus DNA I figured it was time to give that affordable unit a go. it might not turn out to be the best model for my relic Hunting needs because I haven't see any video from all of those offered by people detecting over in Europe that has anything even close to the very dense iron contamination we can deal with in some of the ghost towns we hunt, but who knows. Perhaps the ORX will have an audio Disc. mode that seems to click? I'll find out, but just from folks on the AHRPS Forums, there is a recent growth in XP Detectors of recent.

All the best to all of you fellow XP Deus and ORX Owners as we'll all put in the time to learn and master our new equipment.


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Lots of new XP owners N/T

UtahRich 213 May 29, 2019 11:30PM

Yes, and a few more boys and girls have joined the party of recent.

Monte 182 May 30, 2019 07:09AM

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