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the learning curve -

June 02, 2019 11:01AM avatar
Glad your batteries are doing well and running long, that is good to hear. Is it easy for you to go from one machine to another ie: say you use the XP for the next several months then one day ya grab the 800 or CoRe and use them. That was another factor in my decision to go with the MMK, Even then I gotta stop and think what machine I am using and remember its nuances etc etc and that is using a machine that is in the same family of machines.

The Racer 2 has a ferrous non-ferrous breakpoint of 10, the Red Racer & Core at 40, Relic at 20 and now the MMK at 15. So instead of trying to learn every different VDI I just learn where a nickel falls in on each machine and go from there. But I catch myself, I'll switch machines and forget to re-adjust my numbers so to speak. So I was curious you have 3 totally different machines ( XP, Nox & CoRe) do you find it easy moving from one than back to another?

Good question.

Answer: Just the world according to me. I believe that Familiarity with a machine comes with repeated use in the field, hunting. Knowing how a particular detector responds to deep coins of various types or tokens or good targets in trash or even a coin amongst nails and tin comes from putting myself in those places and doing it. Experimenting with targets in the house or backyard can help with finding an appropriate detector, coil and setup for the job but then I have to put it to the real world test of taking that tool out into the real world. Can i use that detector successfully to "get the work done?"

Each of my detectors are unique from each other which may help me in remembering how each operates. I know my 800 well enough from repeated use to know where targets hit and the mode I want to start off using at most locations. My MXT would be next, followed by the CoRe and then the Deus.

As for target ID's on machines I haven't used for a while, I find it easiest to toss a few coins on the ground and see where they hit on the Target ID. Monte handles so many detectors doing evaluations he had some coils labeled with easy ID references. Monte has a greater capacity for keeping all that stuff straight in his mind than I do. If I have a question in my mind, I have all of my manuals in PDF format on my cell phone for easy brush up.


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