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**AUDIO.** Perhaps the #1 reason why my favaorite detectors are just that.

July 07, 2019 11:53AM avatar
For a month now, since acquiring the XP ORX and learning it, I have appreciated the unit's performance afield primarily due to the very descriptive Audio response. You beat me to bringing this topic up which I was gong to do today. I was too tired when I got back home last night to do much of anything but sleep, but I have been concentrating on using my Primary-Carry devises the past two weeks as I think-through why it is I have enjoyed them in the past and right up to today, combined with the newer models that are in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit.

Some have more adjustments than others. Some have useful features, like the Iron Audio Volume control on the Nokta FORS Relic and Fisher F44, or others that have default Audio Tone ID settings or some that have selectable or assignable Audio Tone ID. They can have different physical configurations, and for personal mobility limitations and age, strength and handling reasons, make a belter 'fit' in my personal arsenal. Some rely on Concentric coils and others a Double-D. Most have Visual Target ID, and there is a definite mix in their Ferrous and Non-Ferrous break Points. But like ALL detectors, they produce an audio response via built-in speaker and/or headphones.

That said, one thing why MY favorite detectors are just that is because they have a very pleasing, easy-to-hear, functional, and sometimes very descriptive AUDIO response. The military announced that I was deaf back in 1982 when I tried to get a civilian job at Hill A.F.B. in Utah, and did so each year to 1987. I could only get a part-time veteran summer hire job and not a full-time job due to lack of good hearing.

Thirty-plus years later it sure hasn't improved any, so the bulk of the time I prefer to wear headphones. That's especially true if hunting in an urban environment with a lot of surrounding noise, or to keep from annoying ... or attracting .. people nearby. If hunting an old site with others nearby, headphones are also preferred. Even hunting alone I might wear headphones, but there are times I enjoy using a detector w/o headphones and simply rely on the detector's built-in speaker. To do either, headphones or speaker, I have to hear the audio response, and that means it needs to be loud enough to hear, can clear enough for me to decipher the tell-tale AUDIO response and relative information in that response.

Not all detectors sound good, and that can be by their design as well as determined by the detector user and their hearing ability, as well as personal likes and dislikes of different sounds produced. The same goes for picking and choosing, or liking and not-liking, different headphone audio behavior.

The one most appreciated audio function I really like about the XP ORX is the same audio function that irritated me most about the old Fisher CZ series. With the ORX, and using a lower Discriminate setting to just put most common Iron Nails and other lower-conductive ferrous debris into a Low-Tone Audio range (I use a Disc./Tone Break setting of '7' to '9' on my ORX) it leaves me with a very functional default 3-Tone audio ID in the Coin Hunting modes. As a rule, I like to use some models with 1-Tone (my Tesoro's), and those that are selectable I like either a 2-Tone or 3-Tone response option (like my Nokta CoRe and Relic devices).

I only like two or three models that other a 3-Tone or 4-Tone option (my Teknetics Omega 8000 and Fisher F44) but those are dedicated just for urban Coin Hunting application as they are not very good for serious Relic Hunting in dense iron contaminated sites. And of all the different brands I have tried, even some that I like very well, there is only one model from anyone, that provides a multi-tone audio that has worked quite well for me over the years (my White's XLT) and is the only multi-tone unit I care for.

So, while I really like my #5 User Coin mode's 3-Tone Audio, that is only part of what I like about it. What is the one design function that I feel XP offers that makes the ORX a superior performance design? It is having a terrific MODULATED Audio response. That is one thing that annoyed me with the CZ's and a few other makes and models I have had, they had a terrible modulated audio response. Too often they would peak very quickly. They would do that with a too-fast VCO audio response, and also not have a good or functional audio modulation, either.

Too many detectors do not have a modulated audio that works well as they produce a very strong target response from not only shallow or sub-surface targets, but might have a more saturated response from targets at 50% depth to even about 90% depth, and then the audio hit would diminish beyond that depth as the remaining signal strength would modulate. Their modulated response could be too quick, or with only a limited range after audio saturation, the modulated audio might be close to nothing discernible and useful.

So, when it comes to the XP models, I only have the ORX and the 'coin' programs are a default 3-Tone which is a favorite of mine for most urban sites. And most of all, the ORX has what I feel is perhaps the best Modulated Audio I have ever owned and used. Never had a model with a better modulated response than the ORX. And to top that off, the ORX also provides impressive depth-of-detection that is hearable even when at the weaker limits of the modulated response.thumbs up


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XP Audio - Deus / ORX - Best Audio you've used to date?

UtahRich 276 July 06, 2019 08:40PM

**AUDIO.** Perhaps the #1 reason why my favaorite detectors are just that.

Monte 191 July 07, 2019 11:53AM

Re: **AUDIO.** Perhaps the #1 reason why my favaorite detectors are just that.

jmaryt 172 July 07, 2019 04:08PM

j.t., a little more description of the ORX audio response.

Monte 198 July 07, 2019 06:02PM

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