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j.t., a little more description of the ORX audio response.

July 07, 2019 08:02PM avatar
As I described, the ORX has what I consider to be perhaps the best modulated audio of any detector I've used in decades. Also, like I said, some detectors are more of a saturated audio to a certain percentage of the depth and then they change over to more of a modulated audio for the remainder of their potential depth.

With this model there is not a remarkable amount of audio saturation even on shallower depth targets. Instead, it is an excellent modulated audio that provides a stronger response closer to the coil, and then a very discernible audio modulation that progressively decreases in strength as the coil to target distance increases.

It is a very smooth and more uniformly progressive reduction in modulation as depth increases however, this device still provides very ample depth of detection and at those deeper depths it still has a very discernible audio Target response. Using this XP model allows the operator to easily hear and interpret audio performance better than me trying to explain it

The difference that is apparent however is in the audio tone or quality of the audio. By that I mean when you compare the audio tone response it is not as, let me think of a term, .... clean and processed such as what you get from a Tesoro, White's XL Pro, or several other detectors. Some people may have a hard time understanding the audio or adapting to the audio of this XP device because it is, and again I struggle for the right definition, ... more of a raw or raspy sort of audio.

Using the device a field for a while and listening to the audio to learn it, it will be more understandable than what I'm trying to say. In the coin mode you have 3 Audio tones but it does not really respond with a very clear crisp tone like you might hear from many models used today such as, in my case, I hear from my Nokta CoRe or Relic or Teknetics Omega 8K or Fisher F44. Those models use a processed audio in their 3 or 4 Tone modes

But the two Nokta models Rely on a more modulated and vco enhanced two tone in the other modes. With this XP model, even though it is a 3 tone coin hunting mode, the tones, even though selected, are still influenced by both the modulated enhancement and are just different than the other models due to how the audio is processed. I believe part of that is associated with the response and recovery time during the sweep, or sweep speed used, because the ORX is about the fastest model in my arsenal when it comes to quickness of response and Recovery. And that's all in the circuitry and is functionally excellent for most applications.

Therefore, the XP model I own and enjoy has a very useful and great performing modulated audio. And I also enjoy that performance with my two Tesoro models and two Nokta models.


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XP Audio - Deus / ORX - Best Audio you've used to date?

UtahRich 387 July 06, 2019 10:40PM

**AUDIO.** Perhaps the #1 reason why my favaorite detectors are just that.

Monte 257 July 07, 2019 01:53PM

Re: **AUDIO.** Perhaps the #1 reason why my favaorite detectors are just that.

jmaryt 245 July 07, 2019 06:08PM

j.t., a little more description of the ORX audio response.

Monte 264 July 07, 2019 08:02PM

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