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Good post, but no 'xyz' needed on the AHRPS Forums.

October 13, 2019 08:24AM avatar
First to the 'xyz' reference:

There are some Forums out there that get on your case if you mention a different brand detector under a competitor's 'brand' Forum. Not here on AHRPS! No way! I have listed the different 'brands', even though now defunct like Tesoro Electronics, because these are and have been top-end brands that a lot of people use. I welcome everyone to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with any make or model they use, and we can all learn something if we happen to reference a different brand on any Forum.

Nobody gets scolded, a 'shame-on-you' e-mail or banned for doing so. Not on AHRPS. So go ahead an make mention of any make or model you or refer to because many readers learn from that. All of us need to always be learning. So, for readers wondering just what 'xyz' referred to, it was the Nokta FORS Relic.

Now, to your good post:

Dan, it's an enjoyable post because it is informative, or you could even say 'educational' for many readers.thumbs up

You've recently parted with some units you had and added at least four now to broaden your own Detector Outfit with both detectors and accessory search coils. You're going to need an Accessory Coil Tote like I use to keep extra coils organized!eye popping smiley

The Deus does have more adjustment features, and once learned you can achieve some workable settings for most search needs. For me, however, I prefer 'simplicity' as long as I still have a 'functional' amount of settings and, for me, the XP ORX was just the right blend. Simply derived from the Deus to provide almost matching depth-of-detection, I enjoy the excellent VCO audio across the full responsive range and very good performance with a few simple adjustments. Yes, for me, the ORX was the way to go.

I usually don't use standard to bigger-size search coils and the 5X9½ HF elliptical DD is what I consider a mid-size coil and it performed exactly how I wished it would. No use for my wants and needs for an 11" coil, but I am adding the round 9" X35 coil, hopefully by next weekend. I have been in touch with others about it and have followed the comments of recent ORX and Deus users here on AHRPS ('Kickindirt' and 'UtahRich' and 'Remfire' and 'D&P-OR' and others) so I'll be following your comments and thoughts about both the detectors and search coils as well.

You made this comment: "I'm also really enjoying the learning curve ...." and I sure wish I would hear more people say that. To realize that with any different make or model there IS going to be a learning curve to some degree, and also that they 'enjoy' learning more about how a detector model works or even why a detector feature or function makes thing behave the way they do. The more we learn and understand things, the better we might enjoy this great sport. Just my opinions because I always want to learn more.

And you concluded with this: "Still though, I want to rely on my ears more than anything else." thumbs up My feelings as well, and to this day I get more good information audibly than I do visually. All we had when I got started was audible target responses. It was 18+ more years until we had visual Target ID, and even then I didn't use that much until 11 years later. Then I had it on some models and used it occasionally. Audio response is where the real information is and it is important to learn it. Even more to learn how each individual model conveys the audio response based on the particular model or even the selected search mode.

There's only ONE time Visual ID means anything to me .... that's when I take a look at whatever it is I just recovered.smiling smiley

Enjoy your learning curve experiences, enjoy your XP's, just don't forget about and ignore the other choice detectors you own. Hunt while you can this fall and prepare to tuff out the coming wintry months.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Good post, but no 'xyz' needed on the AHRPS Forums.

Monte 193 October 13, 2019 08:24AM

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Dan'o 136 October 13, 2019 09:58AM

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Sometimes things just click...

UtahRich 163 October 13, 2019 06:23AM

I agree with you about 'audio' and 'lightness in hand.'

Monte 166 October 13, 2019 08:41AM

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