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Just a design issue, a physical problem I have, but an easy 'fix.'

February 25, 2020 05:01PM avatar
An easy 'fix' for the problem, .... not me. sad smiley

Monte-----This is something that I keep "wondering about".-----Correct me if I mis-understood what you said (probably a couple of times).-----Didn't you state that you have had a problem with the control housing coming off of your ORX (unexpectedly when you were hunting)?
Yes, it happened to me on 4 or 5 occasions, usually working one of several ghost town sites.

Have you always made sure that you align it properly and "snap" it on when you install it on the handle?
Of course! Getting old, yes, absent minded and careless? Nope.

If it isn't aligned right and pushed down properly to engage (you will hear/feel it "snap" on)---if that isn't done--it could come off in that case.
Quite correct, and I always left my control unit snapped in place on the rod ... unless it got nudged off.

Patsy & I have had four ORX's & never had problem one with them in that regard---they go on firmly & stay on beautifully as they are designed to.
Yes, but you and Patsy don't get around with a cane all the time, or have the mobility issues I have for the gitty-down and gitty-up required for target recovery. It also happens after a fall, but getting up after a trip-and-fall is not what causes the control unit issue.

If you want to take the housing off---just take hold of the handle & firmly push up on the bottom of the control housing with your thumb---it will "pop" right off with adequate thumb pressure.
I did keep the control housing 'Off' a couple of those times and slipped it in my shirt pocket, but then I can't see the display or easily make a change. And doing that gets to be cumbersome and awkward with a cane and difficulty standing and moving, especially on uneven ground.

Here is the problem that I HAD:

I pamper all my equipment so shortly after I got the ORX I also got a control unit cover to help protect it. That cover, however, makes the outside physical size of the control unit bigger, and that means at the bottom of the device where th cover fold over across the bottom and then one Velcroed strap on the left-and-right side get wrapped over the bottom and secure in the back. It keeps the control unit well protected. However, it also adds more material below the control unit, especially on both sides of the hand-grip.

Then, even though all is well while I am searching, when I get a target hit to recover, I don't set the device down until or unless I am going to kneel down to make a recovery. Some I can do by bending over and use the hand-digger in my left hand. That means I have shifted my cane to my right hand that is also gripping the detector, when I bend over to dry and dig a spot, my right hand knuckle, due to the grip change and holding a detector and a cane. contacts the bottom right side to center and makes an upward pressure on the control unit. That pops it off the rod from the otherwise snapped-in position.

A similar thing happed when I was hunting some sand and bark-chip tot-lots and volleyball courts. I'd locate a target ... toe-scuff to reveal the targets ... then move the cane to my right hand and the same thing occurred when I bent over to try and get the coin and my right knuckle dislodged the control unit. ...

The older Deus detectors had a magnetic affair to hold the unit on but XP has long since went to this newer style (long before the advent of the ORX).------If you are indeed having a problem as to it not locking on----contact XP & they will take care of it under their 5 year transferable warranty.------------Del
If there was a magnet that could help me stay erect that would be a good thing, but there isn't. I don't need to contact the factory, either.

The simple 'fix' was to get the arm=strap control device holder. I got two of them. I just used it for the first time yesterday and it is working quite well. The weight is off the rod, the display is closer to my bad eyes and easier to see, and I can get to the controls easier if I want to shift my saved mode or change the adjustments.

More comfortable and it eliminates the knuckle-nudge that caused my frustrations.


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Monte & the XP ORX

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Just a design issue, a physical problem I have, but an easy 'fix.'

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Re: Just a design issue, a physical problem I have, but an easy 'fix.'

D&P-OR 260 February 25, 2020 06:58PM

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