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"I think I am just about set for now and on into the future."thinking

March 24, 2020 12:36PM avatar
That's how I concluded my posted reply on the 6th back to UtahRich. But note the use of the word - 'about' - which meant I still had some thinking to do. All of this recent 'stay at home' request has provided me a bit more time to work through my Detector Outfit to make sure I have what works for my needs, and eliminate some detectors that can work quite well, but might be matched by something else I have.

Plus things have changed since March 6th. I have trimmed my excess detectors down to only two left to go. Really choice favorite models or duplicates are gone, such as my T2+ package to D&P-OR,, pristine Bandido II microMAX to 'diggindeep' and equally pristine Silver Sabre microMAX to OregonGregg. That last one was in exchange for me to get my 2nd 'Edge Red' FORS CoRe back in my outfit. I had a special place and assignment for it, and that was to keep the open-frame 5X9½ DD mounted full-time. That mid-size coil is an excellent complement to the 'OOR' DD on my other CoRe and 5" DD on my Relic.

Hummm ... that then made TWO detectors in my Outfit with a 5X9½ DD coil, and I had two other detectors to give some serious thought to that would also sport a mid-sized search coil. I contacted Joel, better known on the Forums as 'Kickindirt' and ordered a brand new Nokta Impact w/5" DD and 7" Concentric coils. I wanted it to keep the 7" Concentric mounted full-time to serve as another mid-size coil. Then last Friday I got my Minelab Vanquish 540 w/5X8 DD back from their service department, and now I had 4 detectors with a mid-size coil mounted.

Then the virus called for us to try and stay put, indoors or at home, and that encouraged me to get out hunting over the weekend and then use the indoor time, as well, to do some re-evaluating. I have my smaller-coil Relic Hunting Team covered with the CoRe w/'OOR', relic w/5" DD and Bandido II µMAX w/6" Concentric. For more open areas, like a plowed field, open rangeland, or an urban grassy parks or sports field, I have my larger-size coil needs handled by the Vanquish 540 w/9X12 and Simplex+ w/11" DD coils.

With my Silver Sabre microMAX w/6" Concentric for tot-lots and similar urban quick-hit needs, all that was left was to adjust my Outfit for models with a mid-size coil mounted for both urban Coin Hunting that also fill the need as a 'Cross-Over' unit for some Relic Hunting in ghost towns or fringe areas and as a 'Scouting Unit'. I have 4 models so equipped but I only need to have 2 or 3. Here's where I make the adjustments to take care of the 'about' part of my detector selections. It was simple.

The Nokta CoRe w/5X9½"" is staying because it is a match for my other CoRe should it be needed, and in some side-by-side comparisons, it edged out the ORX with a same-size 5X9½ DD. Then, after the Vanquish 540 was returned, I worked with it more this past three days, in very littered sites, to get a better feel of the Low Iron Bias option and performance with the 5X8 DD. I picked up on some performance differences, even a bit of a weakness in some ferrous trash, but also some strong points. And since it matched my other V-540, it made sense to keep it on-hand as well.

That left one detector / coil to consider, and there wasn't any need to evaluate one against the other. I know the Impact's good and bad points from the prototype I had, and appreciated the fact it provides me the selectable frequency option for a little custom setting, but it mainly lets me use that 7" Concentric coil which is to my advantage for a lot of urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting ... and none of the other models I have from Minelab, Nokta or XP offer a Concentric coil.

So, now I have the final reply which differs from what UtahRich guessed in his response: Rich has known me for a long time an I am certain he knew certain detectors were going to stay in my care, and his post read:


I expect you'll end up with a Tesoro Bandido II µMax, Silver Sabre µMax, CoRe, Relic and ORX for your hunting needs.

I'm thinking the Vanquish, though a nice detector, will be next on your list to say goodbye. winking smiley


I'm sure he didn't foresee the other acquisitions I would make, and needed to remember that due to health and mobility limitations I need to start working more casual Coin Hunting back into my detecting efforts. And with the rest of my current detector group now aligned well for my current and future detecting needs, the 'about' adjustment looks like it will likely be me selling off an excellent, and hardly used since new, XP ORX package.

As of this moment, the last detector I have that I'll possibly part with is the ORX, and the real problem I have is that it is so light weight and works so well, that I have replaced 'about' with 'it will likely be' if I get to the point of needing $$$ or compelled to thin my detector herd just one more time.

No, it's not listed yet, and with less than 2 hours use since buying it new, that pampered detector package looks great hanging on my den wall. Only time will tell, and while close on your guess, Rich, I kind of surprised you with the moves I made. Now I'm stuck at 10 detectors in my Outfit as long as I hang onto the ORX, and since I don't want to exceed 10 detectors ... if I can help it ... I only need good, huntable weather to get out and enjoy this sport.


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My XP ORX adjustment. --- IONTEC ---Now I'm happy.

Monte 476 March 06, 2020 10:48AM

IONTEC - Another One bites the Dust . . . . . . eye popping smiley

UtahRich 286 March 06, 2020 01:55PM

Wellll, not quite, Rich, as I'm making other 'adjustments.' . . . eye popping smiley

Monte 307 March 06, 2020 04:10PM

"I think I am just about set for now and on into the future."thinking

Monte 297 March 24, 2020 12:36PM

Re: My XP ORX adjustment. --- IONTEC ---Now I'm happy.

D&P-OR 309 March 06, 2020 01:03PM

Re: My XP ORX adjustment. --- IONTEC ---Now I'm happy.

diggindeep 253 March 06, 2020 02:17PM

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