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Re: An additional thought -

May 21, 2020 07:00AM avatar
Here's a little of the World According to Rich - Just my opinion here whatever that is worth. eye popping smiley

At least here on AHRPS it is worth a lot.

White's has also had some multi-frequency stuff out but I'm going out on a limb and saying that it hasn't had the impact on the sport to the degree of Minelab's offerings.

Correct ... Not even close.

So what's the difference between these 3 "multi-frequency makers? I'm going to be so bold as to say that just because somebody offers multi-frequency detection doesn't mean their detector suddenly jumps past all of the other technology out there, other multi-frequency included.

I've been saying that for as long as Simultaneous 'multi-frequency' has been around.

We can all HOPE that such and such a maker comes out with a detector that can do such and such. And for whatever reason, many seem to think that multi-frequency is the see all / end all / be all of detector technology. But it seems a bit bassackwards to me to hope that such and such a maker comes out with Simultaneous Multi-Frequency when we have NO IDEA whether their technology will be any good, let alone better than what is already out there.

I sometimes get annoyed by the statements some make that SMF is supposed to be the absolute best we could use ... anywhere ... and often prove them wrong. That said, I have owned BBS, FBS, and other Multi designs from Fisher and White's since the '90s, and today a Multi-IQ concept. But they have always been outnumbered by the Single-Frequency or Selectable-Frequency models I have in my Outfit.

I really like my Deus and think it does some amazing things, especially when I'm out in the ghost towns. PLUS, it is super light weight and makes hunting much more pleasant especially in difficult terrain.

I think of my XP ORX much the same way, with the lightweight and comfortable package being my favorite feature, the Pinpointer design to respond in my headphones, and the Selectable Frequency. I prefer my Tesoro's for tot-lots and similar places, my Minelab Vanquish 540 for some trashier urban Coin Hunting or working wide-open grassy parks or open plowed fields or rangeland. My Nokta / Makro CoRe and Relic don't get bumped for the nastiest of Iron trashed ghost towns type site, or their Simplex + for open grassy parks and other sites or times when I, or my detector, is likely to get wet.

But for me, my ORX isn't the #1 favorite pick for any applications, but I hang onto it because it is highly capable 'do-most-anything' detector model for many of my needs. I have only, and use only, the 5X9½ DD HF coil and it continues to impress me with how well my two custom saved programs perform ... comfortably.

And PERHAPS the reason that it shines in places my other detector(s) don't as well is because it is NOT multi-frequency.
Now there's something to think about.

Thank You! A nice way to explain the performance without technically explaining the performance benefits.thumbs up But that's also why I like the other models in my Detector Outfit.


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