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My two saved programs for the XP ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil.

July 17, 2020 04:57AM avatar
I guess I ought to explain, briefly, why I favor the ORX over the Deus, and it's quite easy. I checked out a Deus a couple of times and their owners had them set up in "Full Tones." I didn't Full Tones.

Also, I didn't like their detector's performance in places I have concentrated on for 37 years now, and those would be ghost towns, pioneer and military encampment sites, old RR siding and depot sites, stage stops, homesteads and other old-use places where Iron nails were one f the biggest offenders and were there in quantity. The settings they had come up with often didn't seem to work very well when I checked them out in a dense iron nail contaminated site. Generally, thy lacked the performance I got from a few different brans of models I already owned and used. Sometimes, as many learn, some detectors have too many adjustment features / functions and it can be too easy to misadjust them for many detecting opportunities.

Then, along came the ORX and it provided similar depth of detection and general in-the-field performance as the Deus, but it was 'Simple,' and or many decades now, I like 'simple.' I also like a detector that is 'Functional' such that the adjustment features are easily adjusted and work well .... and do not require some counter-adjustment of other functions they have. That also means they have a useful or functional range of adjustment without being too broad or allowing too many individual adjustments within their range.

And because of this, the ORX is not as confusing and offers just two custom program 'modes' instead of numerous picks.

I'm also posting these settings because I have fund them to work OK for me in several challenging ferrous debris sites, and the fact that most forum followers, here and elsewhere, know I hunt in a lot of iron challenged sites and have e-mailed or sent me a text asking for the settings I use in Iron. So, here are the settings I use in the two ORX User Program slots, and those are 5 User Coin and 6 User Coin.

The ORX has 4 factory Default programs. You can change the settings when in use, but when you turn the device 'Off' they start back up in the default program and without your changed settings. Only '5' and '6' modes can be saved as the user wants them. Also note that my search coil preference is for the 5X9½ DD HF coil. I consider this as a 'mid-size' search coil and most of my detecting, in urban Coin Hunting or remote Relic Hunting locations is handled with a smaller-size and mid-size search coil.

I try to keep every detector I use at-the-ready with a preferred search coil mounted and ready to grab-and-hunt. and only periodically hunt a wide-open grassy park or an open plowed field or range land, and for that I have two detectors ready with a standard (I consider to be a 'larger-size') search coil mounted. Those would be a Simplex + w/round 11" DD coil and a Vanquish 540 w/9X12 DD coil. Okay, now to the XP ORX and my settings:

For my 'turn-on' General Use '5' User Coin program, I start out with the default '4' Coin Deep program. Yes, I used the '3' Coin Fast program but didn't care for the default settings, especially the Reactivity default setting being too high, and in an assortment of locations I compared the two and favored '4' over '3'.

Also remember that the ORX is up to a 3-Tone search mode, depending upon the Discrimination level adjustment which can alter the audio- Tone Break-Point. That's fine with me because I like some detectors, my two favorite Tesoro's, with a Single-Tone, and my Nokta / Makro CoRe, Relic and Simplex + have both 2-Tone and 3-Tone audio. In my Detector Outfit I only use two models that work with more than 3-Tones. Those are my 5-Tone Minelab Vanquish 540 and my White's XLT which is the only detector I like with a full Tone-ID performance.

I then made the following custom changes:

☺ The default Frequency at turn-on with this HF coil is 14.4 kHz and that works just fine so I left it unchanged.

☺ I adjusted the Discrimination level to '7' which works well for me to be very close to an Iron nail break-point. A Disc. setting of '9' might be better, but '7' worked well in most places I hunt.

☺ The Sensitivity is adjusted to '99' and generally works just fine. I only reduce Sensitivity, also called gain on some makes and models, if there is an issue with EMI during operation with the coil at a proper operating height. That's how at set all my detectors. At or very near maximum Sensitivity.

☺ I adjust the Reactivity level to '2' and never any higher than that setting, and I found that to work well in just about any applications I use this device.

☺ Finally, I have the Iron Audio (which really ought to be called Low-Tone audio based on the Disc. setting) to be turned 'ON'.

For both urban and rural hunting, this has worked just fine for me all a lot of varied target conductivity ranges. I have never liked to use a high Discrimination level setting, preferring to hear Iron nails most of the time, and also be able to hear and unmask desired targets that are too closely positioned to offending Ion nails and such. My program '5' does well for day-to-day hunting in most site conditions.

However, when I get into a lot of densely-positioned nails or other wire-iron type debris, to the point that the ferrous target are likely to mask some desired coins or tokens, and other desired smaller artifacts, I switch to my saved program '6' which has only two, yes just 2 changes from program '5' and they are these:

☺ I increase the operating Frequency to 31.3 kHz.

☺ I turn Iron Volume 'OFF'

*** Remember to SAVE the new program settings before moving on.

Try setting up program '5' and hunt with it for a while to be comfortable with the performance, and hunt into some areas where iron nails are more abundant. Then, once comfortable with program '5' settings, simply change to program '6' and re-hunt the nail infested area. There might not be anything you missed, but, on the other hand, you might be surprised at the results in such a site environment.

So, that's it. Like them or change them.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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My two saved programs for the XP ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil.

Monte 331 July 17, 2020 04:57AM

Re: My two saved programs for the XP ORX w/5X9½ DD HF coil.

Tom Slick 247 July 19, 2020 02:00PM

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