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Deus at an old Stage Stop

July 24, 2020 11:15PM
I headed out this morning before day break to hunt and old stage stop on the Idaho / Oregon border off of 95 in Idaho. I took the Deus with the 9.5X5 HF coil.
My settings ended up being;
Sens 95
Disc 7.4
Iron audio 1 with headphones 2 without
Reactivity 3 in iron or 4 in dense tin
Silencer 1 which seamed to help, very slightly, in the tin/iron mix
Tone Pitch
Audio 3
TX power 1
GB was 87
No notch - although I was tempted due to the hot rocks
XZ screen on

What I found was that in 31khz, anytime (99%) the pitch sounded off there was a non ferous target in the hole. The XZ screen could be all over the place, due to tin or iron, but as long as I got the pitch tone, there was non ferous there.
Did I dig a lot of shell casings, bullets and some rivets, yes but the key here is that they were non ferous.
Out of 4+ hours of hunting this way I only dug 2 nails where there was no other target in the hole. One had a large round head - like a roofing nail and the other was just below the surface and was a perfectly folded over horseshoe nail.
I tried other frequencies but 31khz worked the best.

No coins or tokens but with the old rifle and pistol casings, buckles, decorative copper and brass/bronze thingies and clothing rivets, there's got to be at least one somewhere. Yes, I used 'thingies' - I don't know what to call them.
I was mistaken - I did find a clad dime in such bad condition, I can't get a date off of it.

I will also state here that the Vista X has some SWEET audio! Once a target was detected and I started to isolate it, there was almost no question as to ferous or not. It has such a clear, clean and crisp tone which almost caught me off quard and then put a smile on my face.
That was with the nails just rejected at 21 on the primary disc with the threshold on 45 and gain around 2 o'clock, Iron or low volume was just barely audible and the main volume was around 10 O'clock. If I would have turned the volume all the way up Monte may have heard it at his place in Vale. I also had the 5" coil on it.
The grip needs a lot of work to make it comfortable for me. I'm going to start at the top near the housing and taper to around 2" or so near the bottom on the finger side. This will straighten it up quite a bit and make it so my wrist is not being bent towards the ground.

I know, where's the pictures? It's in a bag in the truck and I just don't want to get dressed just to get it.

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Deus at an old Stage Stop

Dan'o 339 July 24, 2020 11:15PM

Deus and ORX comments, and some DeepTech comments as well.

Monte 253 July 25, 2020 01:50AM

There is a beauty in simplicity - thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 212 July 26, 2020 04:37PM

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