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Deus and ORX comments, and some DeepTech comments as well.

July 25, 2020 01:50AM avatar

I appreciated the phone call late yesterday evening, and I also appreciate your informative post. I am more partial to the ORX mainly because it is 'Simple' yet 'Functional.' The Deus has a lot of added adjustment functions, and some of them provide a lot more adjustment range than the ORX. But as with many competitive makes and models on the market today or in the past 25 years or so, all too often I have found so many of them to be 'over-adjusted' to the point that they don't work well.

Part of that was due to the product's design that allowed too much adjustment travel on either end, or more often the user's lack of knowledge and understanding of just what the benefits are of the adjustment, and also not understanding how exceeding the adjustment range can make a device less-functional to sometimes un-functional.

That's one of the reasons I appreciate a detector that has been well engineered by designers who understand the pros-and-cons of different features and realize a good-performing model, such as the ORX, can make it a much more desired detector than the more-featured Deus for many average or typical Hobbyists. The extra adjustments, and adjustment ranges, of the Deus are a better offering for the more dedicated, Avid Detectorist who will put in the time and effort to learn and master it.

I know that my favorite general-purpose coil for the ORX is the 5X9½ DD HF coil, and my 5 User Coin program operates well at 14.4 kHz, the default turn-on frequency for the ORX w/5X9½ HF coil. But agree with what you found as you worked with your Deus in more abundant iron, such as nails and the like. That is, increasing the operating Frequency to the next level and not to an extremely high setting. For working in a more iron-contaminated site with an abundant amount of iron nails and similar wire-iron such as cut fencing, I opt for my settings in 6 User Coin which is the same as program settings as '5' except: I turn Iron / Low-Tone Volume 'Off' and I saved the operating Frequency at 31.3 kHz and that works pretty well when it comes to handling a lot of ferrous debris.

Even though we're on he XP Forum, I will comment on your DeepTech Vista 'X' comments. I really like the 5.7 DD coil for trashier old sites like you just hunted,, but I am not into metric type measurements. When I set that coil on my ruler, with the very thin coil cover attached, it comes closer to 5¾" and I like that description better, so pardon me if I use it.. I found the Vista 'X' to provide impressive depth-of-detection in less trashy areas with that 5" coil than I did my favorite Tesoro's w/6' Concentric, as well as several other detectors I used with a ± 6" Coil, be it Concentric or Double-D deign.

And the audio response, as you described, of the 'X' is very impressive.thumbs up It is very quick, and the 'X' also has a very quick response-and-recovery rate to help isolate a non-ferrous target in dense ferrous environments, too. Almost gave me the impression it can respond and re-set as quickly as an XP Deus or ORX in comparable conditions, and that's a good thing.

I noticed your settings were also very similar to what are on the Vista 'X' I have here now, and those I used before purchasing one. Like the two XP models we can buy here in the USA, the Vista 'X' offers a lot of performance for those who spend a little time learning it.

I'll have to meet up with you some day, if you don't mind, and we'll hunt that site together.


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Deus at an old Stage Stop

Dan'o 340 July 24, 2020 11:15PM

Deus and ORX comments, and some DeepTech comments as well.

Monte 253 July 25, 2020 01:50AM

There is a beauty in simplicity - thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 212 July 26, 2020 04:37PM

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