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Re: ORX dedicated WS5S ?

January 07, 2021 05:54PM


Thanks for explanation.

It is still not fully clear for me if "LITE" combination like WS4 and ORX/Deus 9x5" Elliptic HF coil
(without ORX Remote control) is possible or not?

WM6 thats a big no on a lite version ORX. XP did not put a controller in the ORX headphones. They are just plain simple wireless headphones. Can only run the lite version with the DEUS. You can take your puck off the ORX and buy or make your own full size headphones.

Heres what I would do if ya like the lite setup so much. just buy shirts with a nice pocket and put the remote in your shirt pocket and use wireless headphone. If ya don't have wireless headphones can simply plug in some wired earbuds and off you run.

Thanks Joel

As I understand ORX 9x5" Elliptic HF coil and Deus 9x5" Elliptic HF coil are the same coils without any difference?

If there is no problem with software version, those ORX/Deus 9x5" Elliptic HF coil should work with WS4
wireless earphone as complete detector, without any remote unit.

I have tested and successfully used such "LITE" Deus coil and WS3 combination 7 years ago.

I do not need remote unit, cause I combine such lite version with my hiking stocks to get usable detector.

At search destination I am mounting coil on hiking stocks and go for hunting.

Probably photos can explain more than words:

I will answer your question WM6 .... yes WS4 are compatible with HF coils as well as with X35 coils ... So with WS4 and the new 5.21 software you can control practically all Deus / Orx HF,X35 and LFcoils ...

Since I already had WS 4 and 9 "and 11LF coils ..... I chose ORX with a White 9.5" Ellipse HF coil as an alternative ... I later bought a used ORX with 9 "HF coils and an MI6 pinpointer in a very good price ...

The Orx Rc panel also provides a certain advantage when handling the detector and also when detecting ... - such as the earth phase, the level of mineralization ... as well as the Pinpoint detector ..., another advantage is the cooperation of the RC unit with the pinpointer MI6 ... with I will increase the possible sensitivity of Pinpoiner MI6 ...

However, WS4 hearing aids also enable cooperation with the MI6 pinpointer

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