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Back to you, Joel, after a review and some tinkering.

July 18, 2021 07:59AM avatar
Well great question Monte. Ive had really good luck with all of the frequencies. If I had to go on which freqs ive made the best finds with to pick one it would be the 17.5 or we can just call it 18 cause I cant remember exactly what it is.

As you know, I have mainly used the 5X9½ DD HF coil the most and only had the 9" X-35 a short time. I never played with it a lot to evaluate and find preferred settings (which is why I have questioned it in this thread). and I haven't used the higher frequencies with the HF coil in the sites I usually hunted. I do have my two saved 'programs' or 'modes' and the primary difference in them is the operating Frequency used. Both work well for general hunting s well as taking on some very dense Iron contaminated places. Those two frequencies are 14.4 kHz and 31.3 kHz.

When I say this im also talking about all my time with the deus also going way back. For me the 18 seems to be the strongest and best for just general hunting in all types of conditions. I have not tested this with air tests or setup tests to prove this. This just from my time and experience in my sites. The 18 kHz seem to be the strongest.

The bulk of the coins and other keepers I found when Coin Hunting typical city locations from '71 through '76 was mostly with conventional TR's and then TR-Disc. models, and the majority of that ran at, or very close to, 100 kHz. After they started shifting to the lower VLF range and coupled TR-Discrimination modes with a Very Low Frequency All Metal mode, I used a lot that worked from 1.75 to 4.??, 5.5 and then 6.592 which in time morphed to 6.59 and then called 6.6 kHz, but during that period I was still mostly using TR's and TR-Disc. units closer to 100 kHz.

That changed about '77 when I switched to mainly using 15 kHz VLF / TR-Disc. models mainly and not the lower-frequency motion-based VLF-Disc. motion-based, very fast-sweep models. By 1981 I was still favoring the VLF / TR-Disc. 15 kHz models and added a 50 kHz Garrett TR-Disc. to my outfit for a lot of quick-and-simple Coin Hunting. They worked great, and that was also a wonderful era when coins were a-plenty.thumbs up

Then, as most know, it was July of '83 when Tesoro brought out their slow-motion sweep Quick-Response / Fast-Recovery Inca and times changed a lot!! From then, when I took on the Tesoro line, to the present day, the bulk of all my thousands of coins have been made using models that operated from 10 kHz to 15 kHz. Tesoro's were mainly 10 kHz to 12 kHz plus their Golden Sabre Plus at 15 kHz, and that fit in with the main operating range I had been using.

A noted detector design engineer, George Payne, once wrote up a very good article on why he chose 12.5 kHz as the operating frequency for the Discovery Electronics detectors, and that was because he determined it to be an optimal frequency to handle lower -conductive gold jewelry, mid-conductive US 5¢ coins, and the higher-conductive Copper, Clad and Silver coins. That 12.5 kHz is mid-point in the 10 kHz to 15 kHz range I have favored for so long, and it continues to provide very functional performance.

My Apex devices feature the SMF function at undisclosed frequencies, but they also allow selectable Single-Frequency selection of 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz and 20 kHz. Quite often, as you might guess, I opt for either 10 kHz or 15 kHz in several sites I like to hunt. My two Tesoro's operate at 10 kHz, and my Nokta / Makro Simplex + is at a near 'ideal' 12 kHz. With my XP ORX I have 14.4 kHz as my primary-use mode's operating Frequency and overall it works very well. By 'overall' I am referring to using my '5 User Coin' program for all-around detecting, for both Coin Hunting and Relic Hunting applications.

There are times and places where I like to us a little higher selection in the VLF range (1 kHz to 30 kHz) such as my Nokta FORS Relic which operates at19 kHz. I especially grab it in some of the more Iron-challenged ghost towns and similar places I like to work. And with my ORX I am still close to the VLF range, technically just nudging into the LF range, using 31.3 kHz in my '6 User Coin' program. Again, while generally workable for many tasks, it is still a 'specialty-use' Frequency choice.

IF ya watch a lot of Xp videos a lot of users swear by the the higher freq for iron hunting. The 26-31 kHz. My opinion on those freq is that they seem to sensitive for me and im digging to much bird shot at 4" deep and chasing bird shot round and round in a hole lol. IF your jewelry hunting it would be the way to go for sure.

Frequencies, Gold Jewelry and Location. All three of these can make interesting discussion topics, but I'll throw my quick thoughts in here. I found gold jewelry with some of the lower-frequency detectors I've used, especially the 6.59 kHz XLT and modified Classic ID and IDX Pro modes because those I did use quite a bit. However, when I set out to intentionally hunt for gold jewelry, I preferred to, and generally was using, my 10 kHz to 15 kHz models, and I did very well. The 10-12 kHz Tesoro units really produced a high percentage of my gold jewelry, especially from 1977 through 2013.. It was not unusual for me to pop ±20 gold rings and additional gold chains, pendants, etc., a year just during my day-to-day Coin Hunting efforts.

Why? Was it the Frequency? No, it wasn't, but the 10 kHz to 15 kHz did work well and in my favor. The reason was mainly 'Location'. During most of that span I was living in the greater Portland Oregon metro area and that meant there was a high percentage of people and a lot of parks and playgrounds and sports fields with a lot of activity in them to help generate good-target loss. Good gold and silver jewelry just came with the territory and that satisfied me just fine.

With today's detector offerings and the chosen single-frequency designs, I am fine with my 10-15 kHz choices, but still like the 10 kHz to 19 or 20 kHz Frequencies for general-purpose, day-to-day hunting.

I usually jump back and forth between the 12 and 18 kHz are my favorite.

I hope to get out with the X-35 coil in the next couple of days and wok with the available frequency range and select three or four sites to do some Frequency-comparisons. I'm sure there might be one or two I'll like, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are in or close to the 10-15 kHz range. I'll include my littered place and also drop down near the RR line where I have encountered a lot of odd-shaped Iron junk, typical of such locations.

On the ORX I like to run coin deep and change reactivity to 3 and use 12 or 18 kHz. Disc depending on site conditions. I try and keep disc as low and I can stand. Ill start at 5.5 and move it up if need to. I never go over 10.

I never cared for Coin Fast. My two Custom programs are based on Coin Deep, but I keep my Reactivity at '2' because I found '3' impaired performance in many locations, and even '2.5'gave me some 'iffy' behavior. Part of that was choppy audio responses and in some locations I experienced a bit of depth loss, especially at '3'. In both programs I have my Disc. set at '7' and never run it higher or lower, especially in my '6 User Coin' program where I have Iron Volume 'Off'.

I'll know by Wednesday what I do or don't like about the X-35, as well as some frequency choices as I will be working a place or two with rusty cans and can lids to check some ORX response behavior for a fellow on another Forum. I'll report back on what I decide.


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I've come to realize I do not like the ORX ..

Monte 569 June 25, 2021 09:06PM

Re: I've come to realize ..

OregonGregg 437 July 01, 2021 08:43PM

Funny, but you forgot the rest of my post.

Monte 379 July 02, 2021 03:58AM

Re: Funny, but you forgot the rest of my post.

D&P-OR 511 July 02, 2021 06:15PM

Back to you, Del.

Monte 646 July 03, 2021 03:06AM

Re: letting go and regretting

Kickindirt 377 July 03, 2021 07:39AM

Joel, sort out those 'regrets'.

Monte 361 July 03, 2021 08:55AM

Re: letting go and regretting

OregonGregg 362 July 03, 2021 07:51AM

Ha ha ha N/T

Kickindirt 367 July 02, 2021 12:47AM

Another thing that is ☆different☆ leads me to ask for your help.

Monte 503 June 28, 2021 10:53AM

Re: Another thing that is ☆different☆ leads me to ask for your help.

Kickindirt 352 July 12, 2021 12:13PM

Back to you, Joel, after a review and some tinkering.

Monte 356 July 18, 2021 07:59AM

DEUS & ORX USERS of the X35 Coil .... I am waiting.thinkingthinking

Monte 376 July 05, 2021 11:11AM

Re: Another thing that is ☆different☆ leads me to ask for your help.

DirtDigger 368 June 28, 2021 05:42PM

What do I mean by ☆different☆ ??

Monte 375 June 26, 2021 08:04AM

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