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Re: Question on coil sweep speed for Kickindirt

February 03, 2022 05:25AM avatar
Watching this video was really interesting. The sweep speed and "bouncing around - here and there" coverage is not what I've ever done with any of the machines I use or have used. Is this the normal sweep for the Deus 2?

Targets being recovered are shallow on this video, and not much that isn't recent drops is that shallow around here.
I'm interested to see how well D-2 unmasks compared to EQ in side-by-side comparison. What's the learning curve on the tones with the Deus?

For the deus1 and deus2 you can sweep that fast and still be very effective and not miss much. Especially running at a recovery speed of 3 or higher. Also keep in mind this dude has heavy/lots of experience using deus1. Many of the audio/tone setting from deus1 have transferred over to deus2. So for this guy is like he already knows the machine in a lot of ways. Also can slow down and machine will still perform normal. Don't have to swing that fast to make it perform if that what your asking. They are very forgiving on the sweep speed, prob more then any other machine that Ive ever used. Pretty big difference in unmasking vs EQ. Is a lot of vids already showing separation/target depth VS EQ. As far as learning curve goes honestly hard to say for me ive been using them for so long. I would say its normal to learning any other new machines. I also can say the audio in my opinion is way better as far as giving you information of targets in ground before digging. You can easily hear the depth/size of targets in the audio. So I think that will make it easier. Or you can change it so even deep targets sound like they are on the surface if ya wanted to. Keep watching his videos he switches up the tone selections vs program a lot and gives a good idea of how tones cane be changed setup to suit hunting style needs.

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Great audio of the Deus2

Kickindirt 461 February 01, 2022 11:42PM

Re: Question on coil sweep speed for Kickindirt

Sodbuster 447 February 02, 2022 08:28PM

A lot of the videos out there do get interesting.thinkingeye popping smiley

Monte 318 February 03, 2022 12:27PM

Red Bull

OregonGregg 324 February 03, 2022 09:54AM

Re: Red Bull

Kickindirt 314 February 03, 2022 02:09PM

No Bull, just some opinions.

Monte 328 February 04, 2022 06:02PM

Re: No Bull, just some opinions.

Mon Valley Searcher 420 March 06, 2022 06:55AM

Re: Question on coil sweep speed for Kickindirt

Kickindirt 461 February 03, 2022 05:25AM

Nice looking IHC Kickindirt - great way to kick off the new D2 N/T

UtahRich 338 February 11, 2022 12:46AM

Thanks Kickindirt for the information. Glad I watched the video.thumbs up N/T

Sodbuster 271 February 03, 2022 03:56PM


UtahRich 300 February 02, 2022 01:12AM

Re: Deus2

Kickindirt 425 February 02, 2022 01:21AM

Re: Great audio of the Deus2

Remfire 306 February 02, 2022 01:09AM

Re: Great audio of the Deus2

Kickindirt 303 February 02, 2022 01:19AM

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