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Re: The Deus and Deus 2 are often referred to.

February 22, 2023 11:34AM
I only had the Orx with 9"HF. I liked the headphones and simplicity of the Orx. Didn't feel the need to bring a cosmetic mirror to look at the side of my head to change settings. Performance wise it was stable at the beach and handled the black sand but comparing it to the Gold Racer the Gold Racer has better separation, more proportional audio to target size. Orx I could never get the recovery speed right to match target size.
Park hunting and when encountering steel bottle caps the Orx was a big fail. Rusty deep caps wouldn't even respond and none at any depth would give me an iron tone at all.

One time I got an odd signal, knew it was trash and dug it just to see. It was the end of a tinned can on edge. Wondering why it didn't have an iron response off the tip of the coil I put the can down flat and the Orx was completely blind to it!
After testing more,I discovered that small rusty bits especially sheet metal would mask out targets on the Orx.
Machine was mediocre for beaches, blind to small and thin iron and target id's not so great. It was the only machine I ever really regretted buying and really regretted selling my Gold Racer.

I later got another Gold Racer and absolutely love that machine. Zippy, can handle black sand, hot rocks and even coal/coke heaps. Impressive depth for a small narrow coil (10" dime).

I had brought this issue up with XP and their suggestion was to drop my ground balance down to the 40-60 range to compensate rather than update the machine itself. Running the machine that out of balance it performed horribly and would false on me. It also didn't solve the masking issue. I lost trust with XP and would have to try a machine in hand first before buying.

As for the Gold Racer vs Orx (both pretty much obsolete in the new smf world) The Gold Racer is a much better performer with greater sensitivity to small targets, better depth and better wider ability to handle different terrain. And yes it can detect the enemy IRON!
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The Deus and Deus 2 are often referred to.

Monte 78 February 21, 2023 12:40AM

Re: The Deus and Deus 2 are often referred to.

kac 59 February 22, 2023 11:34AM

Well, my field experiences differed.

Monte 47 February 22, 2023 12:40PM

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