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Relevance of "All Metal" mode? It depends on the terminology and design and use.

October 25, 2022 02:22PM avatar
I decided to check how relevant the "All Metal" mode is?

it's always good to learn what a mode can and can't do on our detectors, as long as we understand the mode design and the site conditions wh3re we might use it. thumbs up

What does he give?

The first question some might have is just what is the 'All Metal' mode described by DeepTech? To ME, after all the decades i have been at this a 'true' All Metal mode dates back to the mid-'70s when we got our first VLF detectors with Ground Balancing, before they had a TR-Disc. circuitry added. It was important to adjust a proper Threshold, then GB and and hunt in a true, threshold-based All Metal mode. Most required manual retuning as there was no auto-tune, and this was a few years before VLF motion discrimination that came out in '78 so no motion was required and we got fantastic depth ... especially on high-conductive targets due to the very low frequencies.

Today we don't have the same options from many manufacturers. Tesoro offered a couple of options by design. For example, on the Inca or original Bandido you had a Threshold-based All Metal mode that featured a slow autotune when you hunted in All Metal or just used it for Pinpointing. In those modes you could manually use a pushbutton or toggle to Re-tune. The Bandido II µMAX has a Threshold-based All Metal Mode with an extra toggle to select a 'static' All Metal mode that you can toggle to manually re-tune, or select a fast auto-tune function.

Some detectors lack a true Threshold-based All Metal mode, such as White's M6 or Garrett's Apex, but they do offer a 'Zero' Discriminate mode that lets them accept and respond to All Metals, ferrous and non-ferrous, so they are a all metal accept Disc. mode, but many manufacturers refer to that as All Metal. It's not the same because it is still a motion-based Disc. mode with the Disc. mode filters involved.

Is it possible that the detector in this mode sees the coins a little deeper?

It is possible, IF it is a true, Threshold-based, non-Discriminating mode and/or tuned and operated to benefit from it.

I filmed a short video with an experiment on this topic, direct link to the video (English subtitles).

Your video was good, and the English subtitles was terrific and better English that I hear from a lot of folks in this country. I get a little concerned, however, seeing you in camo over in your next of the world right now.

I am very interested in the opinion of other users of these detectors regarding the specified search mode.

I DO use a good, 'true', Threshold-based All Metal mode for several things:

• Pinpointing a located target, especially with little or no coil motion is required.

• Sizing and shaping a located target.

• With the right detector,, getting a little better depth over a Disc. mode. That typically means I have the Threshold audio adjusted for a slight audio in All Metal and for sure a proper, functional Ground Balance.

• One benefit of a 'true' All Metal mode is that you can use little or no sweep speed and in a more open area you can hear a target if the coil is swept close to it and not directly over as required by a motion-based Discriminate mode.

A lot of performance is governed by the adjustments a user has and the manufacturer's use of terms. A motion-based All Metal Accept Disc. mode is that and no a 'true' Threshold-based non-Discriminating mode. Now, some All Metal modes do use Auto-Tune so some coil moveme3nt is necessary, but in your video you were sweeping as briskly as in Disc. mode. If you adjusted for a slight audible Threshold tone and worked the coil slower, would the All Metal mode have performed any better? Or is it more of a zero-Disc. unction?

With the Vista-X units I had before, I mainly relied on the All Metal mode to assist with Pinpointing.


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Relevance of "All metal" mode

Diggerman 560 October 23, 2022 01:02PM

Relevance of "All Metal" mode? It depends on the terminology and design and use.

Monte 281 October 25, 2022 02:22PM

Re: Relevance of "All Metal" mode? It depends on the terminology and design and use.

kac 356 October 27, 2022 10:55AM

Re: Relevance of "All Metal" mode? It depends on the terminology and design and use.

Diggerman 283 October 26, 2022 05:44AM

A few more comments on All Metal and detector designs.

Monte 336 October 26, 2022 02:16PM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

kac 277 October 24, 2022 11:30AM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

Diggerman 267 October 24, 2022 02:12PM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

kac 270 October 24, 2022 05:45PM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

Diggerman 316 October 25, 2022 02:14AM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

kac 427 October 25, 2022 12:51PM

Re: Relevance of "All metal" mode

Diggerman 337 October 25, 2022 02:32PM

My primary set of detectors is 8.

Monte 264 October 25, 2022 09:01PM

Re: My primary set of detectors is 8.

kac 281 October 25, 2022 10:51PM

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