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SvenS, regarding your Nokta-Makro Forum post, and detector repair questions..

October 24, 2018 07:06AM avatar
Monte, Drew sent me a care package of 3 Compass units to tinker with this winter. Should be interesting to play with the oldsters if I can get them working.
I'm curious which models Drew sent you to check out? Are they in good condition and working at all? It's fun to use a good old TR, or some TR-Disc. models, just to see what they could do that most of our 'modern' detectors can't.

I've been adding-to and thinning-out several detectors this year, in both my Regular-Use Outfit and my Specialty-Use units that are mainly for demonstrations and seminars. My 13 detector Regular-Use Outfit is pretty much covered with duplicates of four models in that set-up that I keep in my vehicle for my daily travels in case I chance upon a site to hunt.

It's my Specialty-Use group that I have been trying to settle on in order to have a fewer number of devices to have to load up when I travel to do my day-long seminars. Some of these detectors I have had on-hand for years and a few I picked up this year as I have found some choice specimens of models that still look very good to terrific, and all but one of those 7 detectors works as-new.

Of those 7 I've decided to thin out 3 of them that look great and work even better. Those are a '70s era Compass Yukon 99B TR w/stock 8" DD coil. A Garrett Money Hunter TR-Disc. w/stock 7" coplanar 'mini-coil' that the gal purchased new in '77. And a really choice condition Teknetics CoinComputer Mark I Ltd. w/stock 7ΒΌ" Concentric coil.

Three that I am hanging on to are a good-looking and proper-working Garrett Hunter BFO w/smaller dual coil that dates to about the latter '60s. My trusty late '70s Compass Coin Hustler TR w/6" DD coil. And a Garrett Master Hunter TR-Disc. with both standard DD coils. I think it dates to '75-'77 but I'll need to refer to your website to check out any old Garrett catalogs to confirm. All those I am going to sell or trade, and the three here that I am hanging onto, work as if they were new in a dealer's showroom. thumbs up

My 7th older model is a favorite like I used a lot in '80 to '82 for much of my quick grab-and-go urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting. Matter of fact, even though dealing in and using Garrett detectors at the time, I used it more and found more with it than I did my trusty GroundHug. It's taken me several years to find a reasonably clean specimen of this 50 kHz lower-end favorite, the Garrett American S2 TR-Disc. It does work, almost, if I hold in the push-button retune switch in the handle.

The only real glitch it has (well, other than a crack in the top of the search coil that I'll have to fill and mend) is that once I hold in the push-button to adjust the Tuner for a functional Threshold hum ... when it works ... is when I release the push-button and it immediately blares loudly and is then non-functional. So what it needs is someone smart enough to correct that glitch so I can push-and-release the button switch and have a restored Threshold audio to search. Would that be something simple enough to fit in a get-it mended repair you might do?

I'm sure that once wintry weather arrives you won't be out working those beaches or other local places so having drew fix-'em projects might keep you occupied.


Oh, here's a modern detector question for you: On the soon-to-be released Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi, which are your top 3 search modes, in order of most-used to least-used?

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SvenS, regarding your Nokta-Makro Forum post, and detector repair questions..

Monte 123 October 24, 2018 07:06AM

Re: SvenS, regarding your Nokta-Makro Forum post, and detector repair questions..

Druid 112 October 24, 2018 09:43AM

Drew, 'Thank You' for the information.

Monte 96 October 25, 2018 02:01AM

Re: Drew, 'Thank You' for the information.

Druid 75 October 28, 2018 02:36PM

Drew, sometimes it's just memories with the older models.

Monte 74 October 29, 2018 06:56AM

Re: Drew, sometimes it's just memories with the older models.

jmaryt 69 October 29, 2018 03:21PM

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