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My thoughts on Commercial Van Outfitting? ... Keeping it Simple.

November 26, 2018 05:56PM avatar
Hi Monte

Interesting consideration.

Can you provide any link (photo) to get better idea, what exactly do you have in mind?

If, and I said 'IF' I had the $$$ then I would invest in a small motor home in the 18' to 20' length, then modify the inside as desired. This more 'budget oriented' shopper will do fine if I can come up with a Commercial Van, such as a Ford Econoline or Chevy Express type van, that is clean and has lower miles. Then I would have a shop install the plastic inside headliner and sideliner and insulate it.

All I need is room to haul me, Rikki, my detectors and gear and camping/eating gear and I'd be set. If I couldn't find a functional bed I would have my oldest son build one for me and I'd be good-to-go. The bed is the important part to take care of because my mobility stinks and I need to have a more comfortable bed than I used to use.

Back in '67/'68 I had a '57' VW Bus that was bare bones behind the front bench seat. No side or head liner, and nothing on the floor, either. We used to use it for delivering organs from my Dad's music store. it I had a wood-framed canvas cot that fit along the left side and was strapped in place. On top was my sleeping bag and on top of that I had a military wool blanket. (Matter-of-fact, I still have the wool blanket in the closet here in my Den.) I used to lay my rifles, shotguns and/or metal detectors on top of the cot.

Under the cot I had cardboard boxes, but wowuld use my plastic totes today. Those had clothing, food & cooking gear, lantern, stove & fuel, recovery tools and other things I wanted at the time, such as ammo, flashlights, extra batteries, etc., and I also had a smaller and handy ice chest. That gave me ample room to get inside out of the wet weather and stay warm and dry in colder weather. Get some sleep and be ready for another day of adventure.

Today I would make sure it was a little better finished on the inside, plus add a 110 AC heater. I used to travel about in that and camp a lot, but today I know some of my journeys would include spending a night at an RV Park to make use of their facilities and AC power.

Just something that is 'Simple,' 'Functional, and provides the 'Performance and Provisions' to meet my needs to get away from home for several days of enjoyment.


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