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Headphones ... Ear Cups ... Volume Controls ... ???

December 10, 2018 01:44PM avatar
Headphones: Unless I am just checking a detector out (such as doing a Bench Test) or demonstration performance to an individual or a group, I always wear headphones. I like them to be snug on my head so as not to flop around, yet comfortable to wear.

I also know that very few corded headphones I have checked out sound decent on most of today's detectors if they use 8 Ohm, 16 Ohm or 32 Ohm speakers. Often that results in a more muffled-sounding audio and not a clean or clear 'brilliant' audio response. However, while I prefer headphones that use 50 Ohm, 100 Ohm or 150 Ohm speakers, there are still differences in the particular speaker used, the other components in the headphone circuitry, and some very different headphone behavior based upon the particular make and model detector used.

Therefore, one set of headphones that sounds very good to terrific on two or three detectors I might have just doesn't work well or sound very pleasing with one or two different models, even of the same brand. Therefore, I own three different brands/models of headphones and learn, after using my detectors and trying different headphones, which set does not make a good match for the detector in use. Nothing's perfect.

Naturally, some headphones might work just fine with the one or more detectors you prefer to use and you might not feel a need for more than one decent set of headphones.

Ear Cups: Some headphones might sound OK and work just fine, but they have a smaller-size ear cup that fits too snuggly ON your ears and can become rather uncomfortable after a short time detecting. Some examples I have used that caused me discomfort would be the Calrad model 135's, White's burgundy-colored Royal GT's, Killer B's 'standard' or 'Wasp' (which used to be my favorite), or the Sun Ray Pro Gold (made for them by the Killer B folks and comparable to the 'Wasp').

Along with having headphones that don't flop but are also comfortable and don't pinch my ears, I prefer the 'tank style' Ear Cup' and have switched over to using only headphones with a slightly larger 'tank-style' cup that better fits OVER the ears so as not to put undue pressure on them.

The three (3) headphones I use ALL have 'tank-style' Ear Cups and similar and very comfortable headbands for overall comfort. They include:

White's Pro Star w/50 Ohm speakers

Killer B 'Hornet' headphones using 150 Ohm speakers

Detector Pro Uniprobe w/the in-line PI Pinpointer. I'm not certain what speakers are used.

Volume Controls: Both sides can have a slight mismatch in speaker performance due to marginal differences in the individual speaker or in the additional circuitry used, and there can be even more audio differences caused by the detectors and how they designed the circuitry and tie it in with the headphone jack. But the biggest difference we might notice is going to be our individual hearing ability or perhaps we could say our hearing impairment. That's been my concern to deal with for well over 40 years, and most of the time I have my speaker Volume wide-open for the loudest audio I can hear. Some folks might need it louder on one side than on the other, so having a quality-built headphone equipped with separate speaker Volume per side,

The ???? Part: Make sure the headphone cable is not too short, and I prefer a quality-size coiled-cable to keep a longer length shorter and not in the way. Be sure to treat your headphones with all the care you should be showing to your detector. They are electronic devices and are fragile equipment compared to metal shovels, hand diggers, screwdrivers and other equipment we might use.


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Headphone Purchase

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Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is! Attachments

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is!

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Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Re: Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply. N/T

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Re: Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply.

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

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Headphones ... Ear Cups ... Volume Controls ... ???

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Headphone Purchase

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