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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is!

December 14, 2018 08:55PM
Hi All,

Going to make a first attempt at posting some pictures so may be a bit dodgy.

The Headphones I purchased this past year were for a couple of specific applications.
I went far afield for them.
Malcolm Potter who is a detectorist in the UK, (Minelab Mal), hand builds phones for Minelab machines; they are a cut above off the shelf mass produced phones and that is reflected in the price. Mal on his headphones

1st} I bought a set of his Super-blues which have multiple cords for different applications, short cords with right angle connectors for use with wireless modules on CTX3030 and Equinox 800, with both 1/4" and1/8th "plugs, plus a longer direct plug for the stock headphone jack on the CTX3030 for land use. These phones are really muffled against outside noise, (note the thickness of the ear cups, great in beach, windy, or high noise environments. N.B. these phones also have the capacity to be run up to very loud volumes, if one is hearing impaired they will punch through, they are comfortable and as he says "built by a detectorist for detectorists" crisp audio and great reproduction of the tones the Minelab machines generate.

2nd} Mal's SurfFones, again hand built individually to order and these are a waterproof connector design dedicated to shallow water hunting with the CTX3030, they are not diving rated but can take a dunking if one falls in the water, and they can stand up to any amount of downpour in the rain, my set are equipped with a direct waterproof connector to mate with the CTX3030 control box when the rear module is removed. Gore-Tex membranes are sealed in the insides of the ear cups, and again these are LOUD & capable of deafening you if turned up to max unless you are near deaf already, great audio reproduction as well.

3rd} Tony Eisenhower's waterproof headphones for the Equinox 800, same manufacturer, (MSA), of the headband and ear cup structure as Mal's phones but not as thick, (less external noise sound proof). these phones are also loud, (even on the somewhat anemic Equinox audio circuit), they use fully submersible, piezoelectric speakers, and waterproof connector to mate to the Equinox control box.

Excerpt from my communications with Tony:

The headphones are modified MSA left/right ear muffs with 2” piezos mounted to custom sound boards.
The connector is custom made from an Amphenol 4-pin plug and a 3.5mm audio plug.
Everything is potted in epoxy so the connector as well as the headphones are waterproof at depth.

I don't have all the specifications for the phones but I can put anyone interested in touch with these fine gentlemen if they wish to inquire in more depth.
open | download - Mals SupeBlues with exchengeable cords for various applications (1008 x 567).jpg (130.9 KB)
open | download - Mals superblues headphone cups (1008 x 567).jpg (114.3 KB)
open | download - Mals Superblues controls (1008 x 567).jpg (81.1 KB)
open | download - Mals splash and rain proof wading SurfFones these are dedicated to CTX3030 (600 x 337).jpg (41.4 KB)
open | download - inside detail of Mals SurfFones Goretex ealed inner liner (1008 x 567).jpg (107.9 KB)
open | download - Tony Eisenhowers waterproof submersible headphones for Equinox (1008 x 567).jpg (118.6 KB)
open | download - Waterproof connector to Equinox control box (1008 x 567).jpg (124.1 KB)
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Headphone Purchase

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

Monte 330 December 12, 2018 05:46AM

Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is! Attachments

Druid 419 December 14, 2018 08:55PM

Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is!

Timbertodd 247 December 15, 2018 03:17PM

Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Re: Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply. N/T

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Re: Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply.

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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Headphones ... Ear Cups ... Volume Controls ... ???

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Headphone Purchase

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Re: Headphone Purchase

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