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Re: Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply.

December 16, 2018 04:30PM
You may depend upon it,
Mal is a true gentleman to deal with, and has a good heart towards helping his fellow detectorists.
Tony Eisenhower is cut from the same cloth and he expedited a set of his phones for me so my fellow Canadian Clive J. Clynick could test them in the ocean in Dominican Republic on a hunting trip this fall.
I append Clive's comments here:

Oh and for those that don't know Clive he has written a number of great little books on various aspects of detecting, any of you that want contact information for any of these three guys please feel free to PM me if you have any difficulty finding them online.

Reviewing Tony Eisenhower's Headphones for the Equinox

A buddy of mine—Drew in British Columbia Canada was kind enough to let me try a set of Tony Eisenhower Headphones for the Equinox for a couple of weeks. Out of the box I could see that these were a very well thought out high quality set of phones. The plug itself was really good quality and featured a “pigtail” type strain relief going up the cable—something I’ve never seen on this size / style of plug. There was also an added “Velcro” strain relief on the cord to attach to the detector wand. This prevents any accidental yanks from reaching the plug. With this in place the cable was the perfect length. Having just rewired one of these for the fifth time on a set of aftermarket phones and struggling to strip and solder the tiny leads—this bit of detail was a good sign. This hardware was rock solid.
The phones feature an arch array that’s geared for right handers but they fit almost as well “backwards.” From looking at the assembly it would only take a minute to reverse them, to left handed.

It was when I turned them on that the quality became apparent. They had a nice, clean “muted but loud” sound that was pleasant and as I began to run though the various types of Equinox audio—nice in all ranges. When I went to “50 Tones some of these really stood out—the mid gold range. I also found that the response range was so much better than the stock phones that they seemed to actually give the detector more depth in my tests. One of the first things I do with a new machine is to learn to hear the “faint ones” and with Tony’s phones seemed to really enhance the EQ’s faint range. I made a note to do some more testing before venturing onto the beach with them.

In the water the signal was audible underwater although the low tones could have been louder this is more to do with the machine. In corresponding with Tony I asked him what kind of speakers he used and was told:

“Mine are 800 ohm, 2” piezos mounted to custom phenolic boards and potted in self levelling silicone to make them fully waterproof.”

I genuinely had the sense that these changed the audio characteristics of the Equinox dramatically—letting it reach deeper.

Tony added his trademark line “…I like ‘em” So do I.

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Headphone Purchase

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Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is! Attachments

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info? Nope, here it is!

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Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Re: Drew, an excellent post and photos about Headphones.thumbs up

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Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply. N/T

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Re: Great answer. Let us know of Mal's reply.

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Re: Drew, do you mind sharing the info?

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Headphones ... Ear Cups ... Volume Controls ... ???

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Headphone Purchase

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