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It's Christmas Shopping Season ... Are you ready to answer questions?

December 12, 2018 01:44PM avatar
They started about mid-November with phone calls and e-mails, and an occasional surprise question when I have a visitor like a couple of young men this past Sunday. Sometimes the inquisitor is someone with some experience with detectors and has a fair idea how they work or that some might be better suited to certain types of applications.

A few are shopping for a new detector for their self either as an upgrade or just a model to complement what they are using and those can be easier questions to deal with and discuss. The tough ones are from folks who are totally unfamiliar with metal detectors and are looking for gift ideas for the holiday, and that will require more questions from you before you can provide a helpful answer. Are they looking for a metal detector for an older teenager to an adult, or something in the 'beginner-level' for a youngster?

Don't scare them away from considering a gift to get into this great hobby by telling them how much the most expensive detectors are, or pointing out how some makes and models are very complex to adjust many settings, or that they are heavy and cumbersome. Not everyone is shopping for a CTX-3030, XP Deus, V3i, Anfibio Multi or some other top-end / top-dollar and very full-featured model.

Let's face it, if you're reading this then you are active enough in the hobby to at least visit forums to give and share information, and in many cases you have been involved in this great outdoor sport for a good number of years. If so, then you know that we just do not see that many people involved in metal detecting like we once did. That there used to be many metal detecting clubs and club sponsored hunts and outings, but there are fewer clubs and many of these don't offer things like in times past.

And you will also be aware that many, maybe most, of those you know who do get out detecting are old to older, and some who we might consider middle-age (Don't you hate to have to admit to being in that group?), and also the vast majority of them are males. Yes, some guys in their twenty's and thirty's, but where are the females in this hobby? And where are the younger people who could be enjoying detecting jaunts we like to make?

We, speaking here to guys, have wives, sisters, cousins, nieces and friends of the female gender who we could be encouraged to come along and join the fun. And let's not forget our kids and grand kids or younger nieces and nephews. There are so many in the younger generation who are 'shut-ins' and don't get out and exercise or just have some fun enjoying the outdoors.

I know many of the kids can understand computers or their way around the many features in cell phones that are a confusing pain for me to try and deal with, and all those electronic devices and games they play also leave me amazed. I think with a little coaching on the skills of metal detecting and the fun involved in finding stuff is the part we need to work more on. No doubt they can easily come to master an affordable and non-complex metal detector, and there are some decent models out there for them to consider .... or for us to encourage a shopper's consideration.

Oh, here's another suggestion to help anyone, young or old, gain more confidence about their detector, knowledge and skills in this sport. If you take someone out detecting once they are getting comfortable with their detector but think that maybe their 'lower-priced' or 'entry-level' detector isn't all that valuable (and yes, I consider some models to be a piece of junk), just offer a challenge to them. Suggest you both select a worthy potential site to hunt, but swap detectors for an hour, or perhaps a full day.

At the end of the session they will have a better understanding of how complex one of your units might be, or they will learn that some of the extra adjustment features and interesting and fun to use. They will see the difference in weight and balance and come away a bit better educated about detectors and metal detecting

And let's not forget that when we use their budget-flavored device we can also be learning from our experience. Some of us might just walk away appreciating what some simpler detector's can do and we can also learn a few things pertaining to in-the-field performance. And when we find keepers to show the detector owner, they will see that their detector is also capable of making good finds. That, alone, can help build their confidence and quite possibly help keep them involved in the metal detecting hobby.

There ARE affordable detectors that can work pretty darn well for anyone getting started in this hobby who are mostly going to be out for local Coin Hunting.

Just some thoughts,


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It's Christmas Shopping Season ... Are you ready to answer questions?

Monte 245 December 12, 2018 01:44PM

It's Christmas Shopping Season ...

TinCan 158 December 20, 2018 12:45AM

I wish you the best in your new adventures ...

Monte 153 December 20, 2018 09:17AM

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