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I guess that 'twin' of yours is a

December 16, 2018 04:26AM avatar
slow thinker and maybe a bit dense in the learning department.

As I sat there discussing how the XLT functions, keeping the 'student' within maybe a 15 foot radius, he used the XLT w/8" Concentric coil and found three US Nickels, a 1940 and two 'War Nickels' with partial silver content, and they all gave a very clean response and were each at about an 8" - 8½" depth.

Using my 'Bushwhack' program and getting beautiful hits on deeper coins with a well-balanced XLT .... and would you believe it eye popping smiley ... he still doesn't own an XLT. Yep, must have been a twin or some sort of acting double because certainly Gregg isn't slow in the learning department.

Here, share a Diet Dr. Pepper Float with me and let's make that guy feel better.smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float
(You can use regular Dr. Pepper of you're not diabetic, but no beverage from Bob's.winking smiley)


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Dick Stout 515 December 14, 2018 03:47PM

Re: Monte

Timbertodd 330 December 15, 2018 07:17PM

A nice write up

OregonGregg 303 December 15, 2018 01:11PM

A nice write up for sure.

UtahRich 238 December 17, 2018 10:56PM

I guess that 'twin' of yours is a

Monte 344 December 16, 2018 04:26AM

I remember that day in that little park

OregonGregg 299 December 16, 2018 07:54AM

Re: I remember that day in that little park

Dick Stout 357 December 18, 2018 04:14PM

Re: I remember that day in that little park

OregonGregg 231 December 18, 2018 07:45PM

'Thank You', Dick, for your quick attention and update.

Monte 295 December 18, 2018 07:17PM

Re: 'Thank You', Dick, for your quick attention and update.

Dick Stout 238 December 19, 2018 05:19AM

Re: 'Thank You', Dick, for your quick attention and update.

OregonGregg 234 December 18, 2018 07:56PM

Re: A nice write up

Hombre 347 December 15, 2018 01:31PM

Re: A nice write up

OregonGregg 306 December 16, 2018 07:56AM

Hey Greg, been doing good on my end & hope the same on your end.

Hombre 342 December 17, 2018 05:27PM

'Thank You' ... Busy with family matters and slow to respond.

Monte 352 December 15, 2018 03:09AM

Re: Monte

Hombre 361 December 14, 2018 08:49PM

Changing times with many Forums.

Monte 407 December 15, 2018 03:58AM

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