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► INFORMATIVE READ: Rich's results with an Equinox 800.

December 29, 2018 04:33AM avatar
Your review brought out other points of interest as well, but the primary test scenario was Checking the stacked silver coins, and using 5-Halves on top on 1-Dollar as a base example. I know that many times I will make a statement about how I test detectors and which one did better or fell short compared against others, but quite often I think people just sort of blow them off and never really take on a challenge to try it their self, using their detector(s).

Rich (Utah)
In separate 'stacks' I had 1 silver dollar, a dollar and a silver half, 2 silver dollars, 3 silver dollars, 4 silver dollars and 5+.
Rich, you went above and beyond in this testing.thumbs up

Naturally using 1 Silver Dollar and maybe even added to with 1 Silver Half or even 2 Silver Dollars (I've never found more than two together when NOT Cache Hunting) could be more typical of what a Hobbyist might possibly encounter. But when you add to that number of higher-conductive coins you start to replicate a possible Hidden Stash or deliberate Cache of hidden coins.

Rich (Utah)
I set my EQ800 up in my standard fashion. Park 1, 5 tones, -9 to 0 are discriminated, recovery is 6, iron bias is 2. Since I am in the house, I did a noise cancel.
Good information here that you first set up the Equinox 800 for your 'standard' or 'average' search mode and settings. It should call attention to many readers, I am sure, as you have settings they lack on their detectors, and that might leave them wondering how important they are and what their specific function would be for a day-to-day hunt. (Matter of fact, you have adjustments to tinker with that are not found on any of my 9 different detector models from 5 different brands.)

As for ME, as you and most readers know by now, my approach and general thinking to detector selection, detector settings, and my approach to success afield is based on three things, or you could call them categories or topics. Those are:

To be 'Simple' as well as 'Functional' with an end result that is 'Performance-based.'

Today, since things in my home can change at any timegrinning smiley, I have 9 detector models included in my 13 Detector Outfit, having duplicates of a Nokta CoRe and Relic, an extra Teknetics Omega 8000, and two Tesoro Bandido II µMAX units. Only one of these 9 models, a Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi, has an extra array of search modes and adjustment features.

It is really not a complex detector to learn and understand, and all the other 8 models definitely fit in as being 'Simple' to use and set-up. They have a minimum of adjustment features that are all very 'Functional' to provide ample performance for different applications. And none of them would be in my Detector Outfit if they did not provide the very good to excellent in-the-field 'Performance' I expect out of a detector for Coin Hunting and/or Relic Hunting as well as for Specialty Hunting to include working Beaches or looking for a hidden Cache.

QUESTION: Which search coil, or coils, did you use on the EQ-800?

Rich (Utah)

$1 = Yes
$1.50 = Yes
$2 = Yes,
$3 = Yes, but the audio starts to clip.
$4 = No
$5 or more = No
$1 + 5 halves = No
You definitely laid out a complete mix of larger, higher-conductive coins to better learn what your equipment can and can't do. And I appreciate your response here as it shows the progression from a single Silver Dollar coin to different increases to reach my requested 5 Silver Halves stacked on a Silver Dollar.

Rich (Utah)
I had this same result with my Park 2 program. It is set for 50 tones, -9 to 0 are discriminated, recovery is 6, iron bias is 2. I did a noise cancel.
I have done this with all of my detectors using the saved set-ups at turn-on, both outside and indoors. My den, with computer and lights has a lot of EMI and there are nails or screws in the floor, My results are almost the same whether indoors or out.

My Sensitivity settings are very high to full Sensitivity level. My Discrimination is set to either barely accept iron nails or to just barely reject iron nails. I am using either 2-Tones, 3-Tones or 4-Tones depending upon the make & model used, except for the Tesoro's and White's Classic ID which are only a 1-Tone design. .

Rich (Utah)
My results for my Park 2 program were the same. Two silver dollars is detectable, but when I move to $3 there is some audio clipping to the signal. Four silver dollars is not detectable.
Exactly what I expected since I figured the settings you would use would be very similar to most of the settings I read about that others use.

Remember, too, that this particular Test Scenario I do is NOT to see how a detector would be set-up and work if you set out intentionally in search of a known or contracted Cache of silver coins. Instead, this is to see how a detector will perform, under 'normal' everyday search settings because, when Coin Hunting, Yard Hunting or Relic Hunting, we might always have the opportunity to chance-upon or luck-upon a smaller-size hidden Stash of coins (for bread or bill money, etc.) or a true Cache (a very secreted hiding of a moderate to large amount for true emergency purposes).

Rich (Utah)
If I knock over the pile, so that the coins are no longer vertically stacked, they become detectable. If I place the stack on edge, I can detect the silver dollars only from 1 direction, (the long way), with a back and forth sweep. If I sweep across the coins the short way, the audio clips and they are rejected. When on edge, the target ID reads low.
Knocking the stack over to be in a scattered orientation, partially touching but not creating a complete contact and vertical stack, will alter the effect on the EMF of any detector. But it also shows more about what might NOT happen in such an encounter.

Rich (Utah)
What Can I do about this?
Great question, but I am going to reserve this answer until after we have read more replies from others about what they used, the setting chosen and he results they achieved. Let's hold off on this for a week, and get to it on January 5th, 2019.

Rich (Utah)
I did find an option on the EQ800 to adjust that allows 100% acceptance with my discrimination set normally. It is my Recovery Speed. I have my recovery speed currently set to 6, Maximum is 8. Minimum is 1. Six allows my 800 to get very good depth & still separate well. It is a good regular hunt setting. If I lower my Recovery Speed to 3, I get a perfect tone on a tall stack of silver $'s with a slightly skewed Target ID. It reads in the Square Tab area of my meter. If I lower my Recover Speed to 2, I get great audio and the Target ID increases to the low penny range. If I lower it to 1, the lowest setting, great tone and the Target ID increases to the Quarter range. It I increase the setting from 3 to 4, I can no longer detect 4 or more silver $'s.
Once again, a very informative reply.

It also brings up some questions. For example, to the average reader the term 'Recovery Speed' suggests it is referring to other terms used in the industry, such as 'Auto-Tune' or 'SAT' (Self-Adjusting Threshold). As you described your currently-used setting for a 'regular hunt setting.' At that 'regular-hunt setting' the Equinox 800 fails to detect 4 or more stacked Silver Dollars.

For me, that wouldn't cut it for a saved program set-up, or even be anything I would use afield. No worry on my part, however, because I don't own or use the EQ-800.smiling bouncing smiley But it does make me wonder about what the 'Recovery Speed' is really doing or how it is tied into the circuitry and if, perhaps, it is doing more than simply functioning as a S.A.T. function would on other makes and models.

Note, if you will, that not all detectors offer a 'Recovery Speed' or 'Auto-Tune' or 'S.A.T.' type adjustment function. Of my 9 different detector models, I do have a S.A.T. adjustment on my White's MX-7 but that's only in the All Metal, Prospecting and Relic modes. My Tesoro Bandido II µMAX units have a Fast Auto-Tune selection but only for the Threshold-based All Metal mode. On my Nokta Relic's I have an iMask adjustment, but that's just for the Discriminate modes to help deal with ground mineralization 'noise' from bad ground or hot rock related issues.

Rich (Utah)
Another option I have on the EQ800 is to remove all discrimination. It is accomplished using the Horseshoe or "U" button immediately left of the pinpoint button. If I select this option, any number of silver $'s are detected in any direction. HOWEVER - As I move from $2 to $3, the signal starts to roll over to the other side of my Target ID and now shows up in both the high "coin" and the 'iron' segment of my display. It seemed to stick to the -6 to -5 area of my Target ID regardless of how many $$$ were stacked. going to 4 coins pushes everything into this iron range.
This brings up another point of discussion because not all detectors allow the option to adjust for 'no' Discrimination. Some do by just accepting the full conductive range to include ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and other detector designs incorporate such a function by eliminating the double or triple derivative and functioning only as a one-filter or All Metal Accept behavior without the extra filtering.

Rich (Utah)

At least with my EQ800, this characteristic seems to be related to the Recovery Speed of the Machine. I can deal with it 3 ways. First, lower my recovery speed to 3 or less. Second, use the "all metal" Horseshoe option. Third, make a change to my current discrimination to include -6 to -5.
A great post w/Summary is always great to read.thumbs up

1.. Adjust recovery Speed or whatever auto-tuning or other circuitry behavior compensation we have might help us out.

2.. Selecting an All Metal accept mode of function will almost always help.

3.. Changing the Discrimination such that it might also accept some challenging targets can sometimes help us out.

However, do we really know what some of the adjustment changes are doing, or maybe understand why we need to make these adjustments?

4.. Yes, there is a 4th function that we might, or might not, have full control over that can make a difference in performance on this challenging Test Scenario. We'll get to that next Saturday, January 5th of the new year, after we have given Forum readers the opportunity to check out this 'test' with their detector(s) and contribute their results.grinning smiley


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► INFORMATIVE READ: Rich's results with an Equinox 800.

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Drew, sorry, but no I haven't used a PI on this test scenario.

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Hombre 337 December 28, 2018 08:25PM

Stack 5 Silver Halves on 1 big Silver Dollar and your Outfit would:

Monte 301 December 28, 2018 08:58PM

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Druid 307 December 29, 2018 06:21PM

You will soon find out.smiling bouncing smiley

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5 should work but 6 is what I use to match 6 coins in the Half & Dollar stack.

Monte 251 December 26, 2018 06:59AM

Re: confused smiley Have you tested your detector(s) for Silver Coin Cache detection?

D&P-OR 312 December 23, 2018 11:09AM

Yes, they didn't. ... or ... No, they did.

Monte 320 December 23, 2018 04:32PM

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