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The ± 5" Search Coils can really be beneficial.

January 10, 2019 01:26PM avatar
I have long enjoyed using a good working smaller-size search coil. Actually it's a good working detector AND a smaller size search coil because the detector's circuitry design plays a major role in the end results.

Today, I have half of my detector's outfitted with a smaller-than-7" diameter coil. I have three Tesoro's that each sport a round 6" Concentric, a modified White's Classic ID with a 5½" Concentric. Then the FORS Relic with a round 5" DD (that measures closer to 5¼"), a slightly 'Out-Of-Round' aka 'OOR' DD (that the manufacturer described as 4.7X5.2), and a so-called 5" that is really a sub-5" round DD on a Teknetics Omega 8000.

Of them, the ±5" DD on the Omega 8K works OK for most urban and more open rural locations, but didn't do all that well in a dense nail or other iron debris site. The Tesoro's w/6" coils work quite well, and the Classic ID w/5½" matches, or possibly slightly betters the Tesoro in the worst environments. King of them in very serious performance are the Nokta CoRe and Relic.

I also used a Nokta-Makro 5" DD on an Racer 2, Impact and Multi-Kruzer with comparable performance against competitor's models. I plan to acquire a 5" DD for my Anfibio Multi.

I don't mind the sub-5" DD on my Omega because that's more of a dedicated 'fun' urban Coin Hunting model and not one of my serious 'working' detectors for dedicated Relic Hunting sites that are very challenging. I have used that very coil on a Teknetics G2, Fisher Gold Bug Pro, two Euro-Tek Pros, and four Fisher F-19s to compare performance using my Nail Board Performance Test as well as two other iron test scenarios I do, and all of them flunked. I used a Fisher F75 w/5" DD and it did slightly better, and I owned three original Teknetics T2's, four T2 'Classics' and one T2 SE Ltd. and used their 5" DD coils on all of those models. They also out-performed the Omega 8K, G2, Euro-Tek Pro, Gold Bug Pro and F-19's in those tests.

Matter of fact, the T2 w/5" DD used to be my primary-use detector and coil for the really nasty iron contaminated ghost towns, homesteads and other similar places I like to hunt. The T2 was too unstable in TID and even Tone ID at times when I used any coil for it larger than the 5" DD so I only kept that coil mounted ... always. It stayed in my detector outfit even when I was using a White's MXT Pro and MX-5 with their 6½" Concentric coils, which work well, but the Tek. T2 w/5" had a slight edge.

It stayed that way until January of 2015, then January of '16, when I got a Nokta FORS CoRe then FORS Relic, and both of those models, using their smaller ±5" DD coils, easily out-performed everything I owned or tried. They worked so well that after I got the FORS CoRe I started selling off all my other detectors except the Tesoro's. Today, my two get-serious Relic and old-site hunting units are my CoRe and Relic devices. The Anfibio is close with the 7" Concentric, and when I get the 5" DD there's no doubt in my mind it will be the second most used coil for most old sites I hunt with the Anfibio Multi.

The T2 w/5" was never as stable and able to handle a lot of the challenging ferrous junk as the CoRe and Relic. There is also no doubt, in my mind that as the year progresses and we get more huntable weather, you're going to easily get to know the Anfibio Multi better, and either side-line most of your other units or simply let them go.


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A Couple Parks with the Anfibio

Fish N Chips 171 January 07, 2019 08:15PM

You had a good time getting out, is seems, ...

Monte 131 January 08, 2019 09:29AM

Re: You had a good time getting out, is seems, ...

Fish N Chips 107 January 08, 2019 11:54AM

The ± 5" Search Coils can really be beneficial.

Monte 114 January 10, 2019 01:26PM

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