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What Does your Recovery Tool Belt Look like ?

January 10, 2019 08:47PM avatar
Here is a photo of my Recovery Tool Belt I typically use when I am out detecting the yards of old homes, parks, schools, and Monte's Favorite places. My tool selection has been adjusted some here and there over the years. I try to keep things compact and light weight and lean to efficiency.

From Left to Right -

Knee Pad - I typically use just a single knee pad when I'm out hunting, preferring to kneel down on my right knee while I recover targets. I rarely kneel on both knees at the same time. I've ruined the knees in enough of my pants over the last however many decades that I deem it important to bring this along. I have the other pad along as backup in the black gym bag that I use to store detecting necessities. I used to carry them in a heavy duty day pack, but found that I have easier access to items in the gym bag.

Spray bottle - Got this at the local Wal-Mart for like .89 cents. I use it for cleaning the dirt off of coins, especially silver coins that are easily scratched by rubbing away dirt to ID the coin and/or date.

Magnifying Glass - this is a little 10x magnifying glass so I can read the dates/details of coins and tokens after I clean off the dirt. Eyesight isn't what it used to be. eye popping smiley

Lesche Digger - I've used many different types of diggers over the years and really like this model. It has been sturdy and does a nice job of cutting a plug in a beautifully manicured lawn or digging beneath the sage brush where I can't reach with my Sampson Shovel (not shown)

For a lotta years I used a wide, heavy bladed hunting knife. The blade was about 2" wide and 5" long. It would cut a beautiful plug in grass and had just the right leverage. But the over the years I've found the holes needing to be deeper and I will often carry the digger in my hand as I move to the next target and I thought a knife might appear intimidating to somebody walking by in a park. So I transitioned over the Lesche gardening / digger which has a greater overall reach and better leverage when ground becomes dry and difficult.

CoinPopper - This is a 12" long 'S' shaped coin probe with a little flattened spoon type end. It was sold out of the treasure magazines back in the mid-80's. It used to have a wooden knob for a handle, but it broke off a couple decades ago and I replaced it with a custom nylon grip our shop machinist made for me at my last job. This is used for almost all shallow target retrieval in lawns down to about 3 1/2" inches. If I can detect the target from the surface with my pinpointer, I will use the probe to locate and remove it. If it is beyond the reach of the pinpointer and I'm in grass, I will cut a plug. If I'm hunting out in the dirt, I will typically just use the digger.

Pinpointer - This is my current Pinpointer, a Garrett Pro-Pointer AT. I've had it a couple years now and in general have found that it does a nice job for me. Just be careful when you turn it on that you're not to close to any metal as it will 'detune' itself. Batteries seem to last forever. It is light, easy to see, can pick up a coin at about 3.5" on the highest sensitivity setting. (3 settings, low, med, high). I have 3 other pinpointers. The backup to this is my Pistol Probe. As a side note, if the pistol probe was in a smaller package like the Garrett, it would be my preference. I like the pushbutton to turn it on. Release the button, it is off. In favor of the Garrett is Water resistance.

Finds Pouch - This is a very old finds pouch that I've been using for years. It has two open squared pockets, each with a mesh bottom. There is also a zip close pocket on the front. I've been using the right pocket for trash, the left for keepers. The zip pocket is used to hold the spray bottle and magnifying glass. Not shown is the Rx bottle I bring along to hold better coins and such. Clad goes in the pockets; old coins and such in the Rx bottle which goes in the zip pocket.

I originally thought the mesh bottom was a great idea, but over the years I've noticed the dust and dirt sifts out through the mess bottom down the front of my pants. If I set my bag down in the house, it leaves a trail of dirt as well. I'm looking for just the right replacement. I have several coin/trash aprons, nail aprons, and finds pouches from most of the detector manufactures and have looked at carpenter tool belts, trap shooting rigs and a host of other possibilities and haven't found anything that quite suits my eye. Going to keep looking.

Ground Cloth - I am currently using a large western styles hankie. Over the years, I've used tarp material and canvas material as well. Even a very large frisbee for a while. I am a firm proponent of using a ground cloth if you are hunting in lawns. It keeps dirt you remove during recovery from staining the surrounding grass and leaving an unsightly dirty brown mark and helps in getting all the dirt back in the hole.

Lesche Sampson Shovel - Not shown. I don't use the Sampson for most of my urban coinhunting. I do depend on it when out in fields or old ghost towns and the like where I am hunting in bare dirt. I have a taller version that works well as a support when traversing inclines.

I'm interested to see what everybody is using for the target recovery and perhaps finding an item that will work better than what I have.

Hope those of you frozen out of hunting are finding some good leads for this next season.

Rich (Utah)

XP Deus
MI6 Pinpointer
Minelab EQ800
White's MXT All Pro
Nokia FORS CoRe
Garrett ProPointer AT

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I go for the minimalist lookthumbs up

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The Minimalist look

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