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What I put on the carded coins or trade tokens, and how I organize my binder.

January 16, 2019 02:06PM avatar
Long, long ago, in the dark ages of metal detecting history, I kept my finds carded and in the order as I found them. I could look back over the year and follow what I had found, in the order it was found. I liked being able to look back over the back-side of the better/older finds where I could see the DATES they were found as well as the LOCATION where the finds were made.

Naturally, that way I could easily figure out some of the more productive locations I worked, and if I hunted them often, such as consecutive find-dates which hunted to better potential places to go in the future. It's always great to revisit sites that show a wonderful potential!
NOTE: In the '80s I was very active with three metal detecting clubs. That's when I learned to 're-name' favorite sites or assign
a Reference Number. Then I would only use my 'assigned name' or a Reference Number on the 2X2 card, and keep a 3-ring
punched paper in the binder to identify the actual location. I found out that 'sharing' the locations of my finds when they were
entered in Find-of-the-Month contests or an open display sometimes encouraged others to pay an unknown 'visit' to my sites.

Those who participate in our 'Welcome-to-Hunt Outings' know I use names for sites I like, but care not to share with the general public because I don't want to encourage others to know where I, or a selects group, like to hunt. In many of my Forum Posts here and elsewhere I also use names that folks won't find on a map. Some of those include:

'Lone Tree', 'Lonesome Arch', 'Rippville' and 'Lost' here in Oregon. 'Twin Flats', 'The Southern', 'Florin Fibbed', 'Insulator' and 'BLM Look-Out' are a few in Utah. Other times I gain access to some vacant lots or house demolition sites that can provide several days of hunting enjoyment, and I might just use an indication on the 2X2 care such as 'Lot V1' or 'Lot V-2' or 'Lot O1' and 'Lot O3' but need to refer to my Information Page in the binder to know that 'Lot V1' and 'Lot V2' are both Lots located in Vale, Oregon and it described the two different site locations. My Information Page also provides the specific location of 'Lot O1' in Ogden, Utah and 'Lot O3' as being located in Ontario, Oregon.

I currently have a mix of 2X2's in my binder from the past three years that have both 'specific' and 'undisclosed' locations on the ball of the 2X2.

Carding my Keepers:

• I clean them to my satisfaction for display.

• Put them in a 2X2 card holder.

• I use a fine-point pen, with quick drying black ink so it doesn't smear, and I print as neatly as possible.

• For COINS: On the front of the 2X2 I only put the Date and Mint of a coin in the top-left corner.

• For TRADE TOKENS: On the upper portion of the 2X2 front I print the Name of the Token and location, if it isn't a 'maverick.' On the lower portion of the front of the 2X2 I print the Value of the Token, such as: Good For 5¢ In Trade (using GF 5¢ IT to keep it brief). Or other info like: GF One Drink of Cigar, GF One Pint, etc., etc.

• For both Coins and Trade Tokens or other carded and displayed items, I put the following on the reverse side of the 2X2:
Lower Left I describe the Detector and search coil used. In the Lower Right I put the Date of the Find, and under that I put a description of the Location either being specific or with a made-up description to leave other folks guessing.

Storing and Binding the Carded Finds:

ALL of the Pennies are cleaned, carded, information and dates put on the 2X2 cards, then they are placed in the 2X2 plastic holder in the binder, all in the order as found. No gaps, just all 1¢ coins in the order found.

ALL OTHER FINDS are not out in the binder until the year ends. I keep the already cleaned, carded and info labeled finds in a small box or a drawer here by my desk, so they are in separate categories. All of the smaller-value coins are grouped in order of denomination through the US 'Nickel'-named 5¢ piece. Then, all of the silver coins are in their own group of 'Silver' and are simply put in the row in the order as-found. I do not separate the denominations, just put them in as-found by the date-found. To qualify as a genuine US 'Silver' coil I accept all of them that are 89+%, such as the earlier Half-Dimes, and all of the typical 90% silver coins.

At the end of the detecting season when you're finished for the year and have all of the 1¢ coins carded and in the binder, in the order of the date of the find and not by the 'type' of coin, then you are ready to continue by adding those other stored and organized 'keepers'.

After the 1¢ coins you can add the 2½¢ cons, the nickel-type 3¢ pieces, then the 'Copper-Nickel' and 'Copper-Nickel' 5¢ pieces. Those are followed by All of the Silver Predominant coins, such as small Silver 3¢ coins, Half-Dimes, Dimes, Twenty Cent pieces, Quarters, Halves and Dollars. Not separated by 'denomination' but instead all together in the binder as silver coin finds in the order they were found throughout the year. That was you can easily refer to the back of the carded Pennies, Nickels or Silver coins and see if there is a pattern by date and/or location where you were more productive.

Once all Coins have been filled into the binder I then add the Trade Tokens, again, keeping them in the order found. It also makes it easy after years-end to look back and count how many Pennies or Silver coins were recovered without having to go page-by-page through the entire binder to find them and count them.

Just some thoughts and information on how I treat found keepers and organize them at the end of a year. Naturally, everyone gets to figure out what works for them, but over time you might also change things up.

A fresh snow overnight and this morning so like many others, my binder and I are hoping for an early Spring arrival.


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What I put on the carded coins or trade tokens, and how I organize my binder.

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