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Hit a local (old) school, great day!

January 21, 2019 08:48PM
The sun came out and I went to a local school for a few hours today, well it used to be a school in the 1940s and now is county office buildings. The yard has been renovated a few times, but I was hoping to find some items along the curb strips or older areas I picked up my Dad and we headed to the spot.

I figured it would be very trashy but was not bad at all. I used the Anfibio and started with my 5" coil, but found the 7" was fine along the curb strips and the 11" worked well in the open yards. I ran 3 tone, 14 kHz, gain 89, disrim 3, and iron audio at 1 with both coils. There was some fill in a few spots, I found old brass sprinkler heads about 2-3 inches under the top soil.

I found several dollars in clad and copper and a few zinc pennies but nothing too old, I did get a 1974 nickle as well as I dug some clean mid-conductors hoping for old nickles. I switched to the 11" coil after the curb strips and found several boy-scout neckerchief clasps. One is cast, one brass and the other possibly a weeblo or cubscout? I have a feeling the brass one is older but have no idea how to age these. I also found a huge diamond ring. Well maybe not a diamond but it is a big huge hideous ring! grinning smiley

I found a very trashy area (iron and foil) and went back to the 7" coil. I was getting a little iron falsing (it was very wet) but found slowing my sweep speed really settled down the falsing. My T2 doesn't like a really slow sweep speed, the Anfibio seems to handle it well, and discriminates a lot better with it, I need to play in my garden and see if it affects the depth like it does on my T2. I got a lot more copper pennies, some dimes, part of an old toy car, a key and the better finds were a very old buckle and a small horse head pin/earring. I hoped the horse head was silver as it rang up high, but as it was likely painted I find it unlikely. The buckle was bent up but ornate and likely victorian. An older guy came across the street and was reminiscing his days of detecting here, he said he had an old Fisher. He said the trashy area used to be an old playground when he was a kid. I can tell there are a lot of targets mixed in the nails and trash here, I hope to go back and work it with my 7" and 5" coil more, every walk through the area turned something up.

My Dad found a lot of clad and a cub scout hat pin. He was using his Teknetics Eurotek Pro. Next time we go I may let him use my T2 and see if his finds increase, although the Eurotek does well on coins and has the iron volume setting.

I must say it was nice to have such a great hunt, most my park hunts have been fair to disappointing lately, no lack of finds but nothing of great interest. My favorite find were definitely the buckle and the boy scout clasps (my first boy scout stuff!)

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Hit a local (old) school, great day!

Fish N Chips 183 January 21, 2019 08:48PM

Re: Hit a local (old) school, great day!

Fish N Chips 126 January 21, 2019 09:44PM

Hit a local (old) school, great day!

UtahRich 120 January 21, 2019 11:45PM

Re: Hit a local (old) school, great day!

Fish N Chips 101 January 24, 2019 05:06PM

Re: Hit a local (old) school, great day!

NWCindy 113 January 24, 2019 08:00PM

What do Webelos Scouts Eat?

UtahRich 120 January 24, 2019 06:25PM

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