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Re: T2 and the small 5" coil

February 22, 2019 04:07AM

One reason I will not buy another FTP is cause they keep making em without wireless.

Agree wireless is mostly must.

But FTP is worth buying and we can easily overcome wireless drawback.
Here one possible way:

My solution worth 34 euro - earphone inclusive (Bangood and Lidl action surplus sales).

My CZ3d already for a long time ask for wireless earphone solution.

Bangood action sale offered 25€ complet Transmitter and Receiver, intended to musicians for playing remote speakers/amplifiers. Litium chargeable battery inside both parts. Fully charged RX and TX are capable for about 8 hours of work. Charging perform over splited USB cable. Extra short delay of about 12ms. HiFi 24bit/48kHz signal sampling. Reach of signal is about 30m.

Dinamic 60 Ohms (at least 60E dinamic impedance is recommended for prospecting headset) headsets are from Lidl action surplus sales for 8 euro only. No volume regulation (volume regulation is definitely desirable to avoid surgery).

All needed components:

Transmitter - TX, suit direct to CZ3d 6.3mm phone jack (TX can be fixed to MD shaft too and connected to phone jack over prolonging adapter cable):

There are different ways for wiring parts together and connect all to Receiver part. Two of those are without "surgical" intervention.

First one using 3.5mm adapter:

Second is vice versa:

My decision was to adapt Headset to both: neck mount (full source volume) and to ear mount (damped source volume at fixed level) by insertin slide swich to headset cable.

Here some photo of this surgery steps (used switching damping R at common headset line is of 3.3k):

After some epoxy fixation:

Finished wireless solution (after two additional layers of adhesive tape and epoxy around switch) connected to Receiver:

How this solution works?
Perfectly. No delay, no inteferences and with high fidelity of genuine CZ3d sound.

First, part of 6,3mm adapter is epoxy fixed to headset frame and then receiver 6.3mm connector plugged in:

Headphones can be (around) neckmount too, to not disturb surounding (potentially dangerous, snakes) voices.
It is loud more than enough, to not need to wear headphones to cover the ears.

By using sport head phones (I am also buying Koss one at Massdrop for 20 USD), receiver can be attached to neck tape (plugged to 6,3mm adapter - as on draving below)

It is newest WI-FI thecnology inside.

According specifications lad is 12 ms (miliseconds). This practically mean no perceptive delay.

The same with interference. Applied mobile phone technology succesfully filter out possible interferences.

All, that come out, is pure undistorted MD signal sound.

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T2 and the small 5" coil Attachments

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Re: T2 and the small 5" coil

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Detectors, Coils and Headphones.

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Re: T2 and the small 5" coil

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Re: T2 and the small 5" coil

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Re: T2 and the small 5" coil

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