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Detectors, Coils and Headphones.

February 23, 2019 09:59AM avatar
It can be interesting, at least to me, to hear about or read about people's likes and dislikes in this great sport. There are some Detectors that I know can work pretty well for the types of sites I enjoy hunting, but regardless of how they might perform, there can be things I just don't care for such as their audio tone. Maybe their response and recovery time. Perhaps how they don't handle iron as well as I would care for, or their weight, balance and 'feel' just don't appeal to me.

While I own a few 'do-it-all' multi-purpose detectors, I prefer to sort them into three categories. I have some that I dedicate their use for serious Relic Hunting in very dense debris environments. Others that are light and handy and can serve my urban Coin Hunting needs just fine. And a model or two that I like as a 'multi-purpose' unit with a small coil for modestly littered old sites as well as some of the local/daily Coin Hunting tasks.

Then there are search Coils on the far end of the rod, and those can lead to a lot of fun discussions. Some prefer round and others elliptical. One group only likes Concentric coils while another group prefers a Double-D design. I'm in a third category because I like both types. I've used Double-D coils since '71, and I have an ample number of years working behind a Concentric coil also, and with very good success.

What many don't realize is that both search coil types have their strong points and weak points, and quite often it isn't the search coil type that should get credit as much as the particular make and model detector and its circuitry design that might favor one type over another.

And we can't forget the discussions as to what size coil folks prefer since they can come in a small, medium, 'standard' or over-size categories. Quite often we will read or hear comments saying they want a bigger-size coil to get more depth, but what they are searching for and the type of site isn't likely to have any of those targets at the depths many folks imagine. Or they won't use a smaller coil because it won't get depth and won't cover as much ground per sweep.

Personally, my most used search coil sizes since late '71 and early '72 have been anything from about 4" to 7" in diameter at least 85% of the time and that's 47 years now. A mid-sized coil is then preferred in more open, low-target environments, and I very seldom use a 'standard' or over-size search coil except for select applications, such as Cache Hunting.

And we can't ignore a choice, or choices, of Headphones. I have tried wireless headphones since they first hit the market and up to the present. I have heard some that sounded acceptable to me, but most of the time they don't. I do like the handiness of not having the coiled cable get in the way when searching those really brushy, sage-covered old sites or when in an overgrowth environment in the woods, but I'm in the group that favors a good working set of corded headphones.

I own and use three different brands of headphones. The always-travelling White's Pro Star headphones use 50 Ohm speakers, and provide loud enough and clear enough audio with most make and model detectors I use. There are times when same makes of detectors have me grab my Killer B 'Hornet' headphones. They have 150 Ohm speakers, a 'limiter' switch, and can be used with any detector in my Outfit. Both of these headphones use the 'tank style' ear cup that covers the entire ear, don't pinch and cause discomfort, and they block out external noise.

My third set of headphones do require one 9V battery, and those are the Uniprobe. They are slightly heavier because they have a 9V battery and some added electronics, and there are two (2) coiled cables used. For those who didn't/don't know about the Uniprobe headphones, they also use the very comfortable 'tank style' ear cups, and the 9V battery is to power the PI Pinpointer. The extra coil cable is to power the Pinpointer which is thin and easily handled, gets very impressive depth-of-detection, and when you toggle from the detector to the pinpointer, you are listening to the Pinpointer in your headphones.thumbs up

Perhaps the main reason I prefer a good set of corded headphones and not any of the wireless headphones I have ever owned or tried, is due to my impaired hearing. According to military hearing exam testers every year back in '82 through '86, and the hearing doctor in 2010 after I had a fall and ruptured my right ear drum, and my regular doctors from '91 to now, I am deaf. That's one reason why some detectors just don't sound good to me, and the main reasons wireless headphones don't.

Most of the wireless headphones use a 32 Ohm speaker and that causes some of the problem. It's just that most wireless headphones have more of a 'muffled' sort of audio sound to me. Sort of like stuffing some cotton I each ear cup. And if I can't hear the targets singing out to me loud enough, I'm not having any fun.

I'm glad to 'hear' that wireless headphone work for you and I envy your hearing ability, but for me it's not an issues whether a detector company makes a wireless detector or not.

I'd like to talk more about metal detecting but until we get some significant changes in the weather and spring arrives, I'll have to just comment on other topics of interest.,


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Detectors, Coils and Headphones.

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