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Calabash (UT) ?? What?

February 24, 2019 01:52PM avatar
Boy Rich, it appears that during winter, you have plenty of time to do some thinking..........maybe overthinking things. I understand that wives & girlfriends can be high maintenance and such...........why in the world would you want the same for your detector?

My wife typically points out that I didn't think. I believe this is the first time anybody has ever pointed out that I've OVERTHOUGHT.

Thank you very much ! grinning smiley Compliment accepted.

After spending the $1000+ in cost only to realize you can't have a small coil and will have to end up using the superior machine you already have....The Fors CoRe. But I guess if ya wanna go plunk around parks it prob will do the job. Then after several years when the batteries no longer want to hold a complete charge.....I guess you can send it all back and have it refurbished with some new batteries. Looks like one machine that takes the "fun" outta the hobby.

If this happens, and I'm not saying it will or it won't, but if it does, I'm going to definitely be spending a lot of time in Nevada knocking on Kickindirts' door asking for help.

Wireless headphones, I have less than great hearing, so never yet come across a set that I could hear well or get the volume out of that I need.

Horse is already out of the barn and down the road on this for me.

Also if you do get the XP ORX or Deus, then it seems that it is a requirement that you also get a GoPro...so you will have that added expense.

You will also have to take the time and effort to change your screen name.......Calabash(UT) or something similar.

LOL - Calabash (UT) ?? Ouch. . . . . I think you owe me dinner at Bob's. smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float

As for keeping up with the younger generation, I'm a little on the grey side, What do I know about technical equipment? cool smiley

As for carrying around a GoPro - Not so much. I keep a camera handy for remarkable finds, but nobody wants to listen to me narrating while I metal detect. In addition, I am busy enough without having to devote hours to editing audio and video of each hunt.

Boy!!! looks like a lot of time, money and hassle. However, if you take the XP plunge, I will be looking forward to your evaluation/report. You will be up this way soon, we can take it out for a spin in several old iron/rusted tin sites we have.


p.s lol ok getting my flame suit on........getting ready for Kickindirt smiling smiley

Kickindirt has certainly been there, checked out the competition, and then gone back again. Another thing that brings additional OVERTHOUGHT on my part is all of the folks in Europe that are hunting sites with a millenia's worth of iron in them with the 9" coil and the new HF elliptical.

Anyway, more snow in the forecast for later tonight and tomorrow morning. Ugggh. sad smiley

Rich (Utah)


Pardon the user name Tweak - from Rich (Utah) to UtahRich.  Yes it is me. 

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Sorry, but "No, They Don't."

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UtahRich 126 February 24, 2019 10:00PM

The White's V3i doesn't fit, either.

Monte 115 February 24, 2019 11:35PM

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NWCindy 115 February 24, 2019 03:46PM

Calabash (UT) ?? What?

UtahRich 118 February 24, 2019 01:52PM

Re: Calabash (UT) ?? What?

OregonGregg 114 February 24, 2019 02:32PM

Re: Calabash (UT) ?? What?

Kickindirt 87 February 24, 2019 05:26PM

... i wont bash anyone elses favorite machines ...

Monte 117 February 25, 2019 12:05AM

Re: Calabash (UT) ?? What?

OregonGregg 130 February 24, 2019 06:19PM

Simplicity at its' finest . . . . .

UtahRich 131 February 24, 2019 02:45PM

Re: Holding Hands with the Devil -

Remfire 138 February 24, 2019 12:11PM

A detector too far . . . . .

UtahRich 122 February 24, 2019 01:11PM

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