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No detector Outfit is complete ... in my opinoin ... without a smaller-size search coil.

February 25, 2019 08:04AM avatar
Naturally we have to think about what we consider to be a "smaller-size" search coil. Today, most of the "smaller-size" search coils are also going to be "smaller-than-stock" or "smaller-than-standard" search coils. In early '65 I assembled my first Metal/Mineral Locator that had me wind an 8" diameter search coil. Those I made the first few years didn't have a search coil larger than 8" diameter and were all a single-coil BFO.

When I started using my first factory-produced detector in the summer of '68, a White's Ghost Towner BFO, it came standard with a 6" wooden search coil. That's when I first started using a smaller-size search coil. It was the 'standard' coil for that model, but smaller than the 8" coils I had been using. In May of '71 I bought a brand new White's Goldmaster 63TR with about a 6½" coil, and by years-end I had also added a Garrett model with a smaller coil. In '71 and '72 I acquired a few more detectors and the standard coils ranged from 6" to an 11" for the Fisher Orion 121. By then, most detectors came 'standard' with an 8" or 8½" search coil and I occasionally used all my detectors with various 'standard' search coils, but most often I enjoyed the balance and feel of those with smaller and lighter-weight search coils, and enjoyed even more the in-the-field performance (mainly urban sites for Coins and Jewelry) with smaller-size coils.

Some models I used the most from those early 1970's days and on through to the summer of '83 included the Compass Coin Hustler that came with a fixed 6" DD coil or other Compass TR's that I mounted a 6" DD coil to. Some Compass TR's, like my 99B, came with a slightly larger round DD coil that some thought was an 8" size, but it measured 7½" diameter, and a 6½" coil on White's TR's. In early '77 through mid-'83 I was primarily using various Garrett TR-Disc. and VLF/TR-Disc. models that had a 'standard' size coil that measured just short of 7¼". Then the Good Mountain VIP Deluxe that also had a 7" coil standard.

This was when most brands were moving to a 'standard' size coil of 8" to 8½" diameter, so that made my search coil choices, either an optional or standard size, under 8" diameter. In July of '83 I took on the Tesoro detector line when they introduced the VLF/VLF-Disc. Inca that month. It had a standard coil of 8" to 8½", but my VLF/TR-Disc. Mayan came standard with the 7" coil, which I preferred, so I swapped it over to the Inca. In October of that year they brought out the original Silver Sabre that also had the 7" standard coil and it was my 'quick-grab' back-up model. I used Tesoro's 7" Concentric coils almost exclusively since then ... until they introduced the thin-profile 6" Concentric coil a number of years ago, and at that time I switched all of my Tesoro models over to the 6" Concentric.

Today my two favorite Tesoro's only have a 6" coil mounted and no optional coils for them in my Accessory Coil Tote because that detector and coil combination does what I need it to do when they are put to work. White's also offered several detectors that I enjoyed since the latter '80s, like the 5900 Di Pro, XLT, the Classic III SL, Classic ID and IDX Pro, 6000 Pro XL renamed just XL Pro, the MXT and MXT Pro, M6 and MX-5 until the current MX-7 came out. All of those models came 'standard' with an 8", 9" or 950 Concentric coil, but with each and every model, I kept a 6½" Concentric coil mounted and in use for 95% to 100% of their use afield. There were times, however, when I mounted the 4½" Concentric on an XLT or mainly a Classic series model when working in very heavy trash, or an aftermarket 5½" Concentric.

With the couple of Fisher F75's I had I used the 5" DD almost exclusively, and the same goes for the many Teknetic's T2 series of models, to include my current new T2+. I do plan to get a 5X10 or 6X10 DD, whatever it measures, as I consider that a mid-size search coil and would prefer it to the 'standard' 11" BiAxial (aka Double-D). I still prefer to use search coils that are smaller-than-standard on all of the detectors in my arsenal, to include what I consider a 'small' coil or a 'medium-size' coil. for a few good reasons.

They are usually going to be lighter-weight and better balanced which I need to keep me enjoying this sport, plus coils in these two size groups provide me with very ample in-the-field results for the sites I usually search. Places that tend to be very littered, often very brushy or have challenging terrain. Aldo, the smaller-size search coils we have today, combined with the modern, high-performance detectors we keep them mounted to, provide much better depth-of-detection than the earlier smaller-size coils we had on those models that worked well, but not necessarily as deep.

Today, I have 10 units in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit, and not one of them uses a 'standard' size search coil. As soon as a Nokta FORS CoRe got in my hands in early January of 2015, the standard 7X11 DD was used a bit simply for side-by-side evaluations, but other than that and perhaps a total of 2 hours hunting a sandy beach or a grassy park, the small Out-Of-Round ('OOR') 4.7X5.2 DD coil stays mounted full-time, and a year later the Nokta FORS Relic keeps a smaller-size 5" DD attached full-time. I have a 2nd CoRe and 2nd Relic that keep a mid-sized 5X9½ DD open-frame mounted for any low-to-moderate trashy area. My new T2+ has the 5" DD mounted full-time, and Tek. Omega 8000 that uses either a mid-sized 7" Concentric or smaller-size coil, such as a 5" DD or 4" Concentric. I have 2 Fisher F44's and keep one equipped with a mid-sized 7" Concentric and the other is at-the-ready with a smaller 5" DD. And finally, a Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX that only use a 6" Concentric.

Obviously, I have long been and still am a devoted fan of smaller-than-stock search coils for the bulk of my hunting needs. Yes, I do have a 'standard' coil for some of these models, and one large-size coil for the FORS CoRe, should I happen to want or need them for some special applications such as Cache Hunting, but I seldom break them out of the tote.

When I bought a T2 and the Quest Pro (T2 clone), tried different coils and seemed like the 5"dd was the winner coil for them, wasn't real happy using the larger coils, something seemed missing. Then picked up a Goldbug Pro with the small 5" coil, found that work work excellent pulling Canadian clad coins out of depths to about 5" in trashy areas.
Yes, similar experiences in that I didn't like the 11" BiAxial coil and the T2's behavior compared to performance with the 5" DD. I also used a 5X10 elliptical DD or mostly a 5" DD on the Teknetics G2 and Fisher's Gold Bug Pro and F19 models for best performance.

With all this talk about the 5" coil over the past year, kind of have the urge to pick up a 5"DD coil for the Anfibio, to satisfy my curiosity, even tho I already have the 7".
The 7" Concentric coil on an Impact, Racer 2, Kruzer or Multi-Kruzer or any of the new Anfibio series works especially well. I did buy a 5" DD for the Anfibio Multi and in a very, very trashy environment it can give an edge in performance over the 7" Concentric, but it needs to be very trashy. For me, with my Detector Outfit, I mainly enjoyed the 7" Concentric coil on these listed models because in the very dense, iron challenged sites I hunt, none of those models with an 'OOR' or 5" DD coil can match or out-perform the in-the-field performance I get from my already equipped Nokta CoRe or Relic devices with those smaller-size coils.

Just my personal experiences from spending the bulk of my hunting time in ghost towns and similar places that have an over-abundance of nails, other ferrous debris, and man's worst enemy .... rusty tin.

It's almost time for breakfast so I think I'll take myself out to somewhere for an enjoyable meal and celebrate the wonderous magic of the 5" DD and other smaller--size coils in its class.thumbs up


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No detector Outfit is complete ... in my opinoin ... without a smaller-size search coil.

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