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Cindy, your comments are a bit vague.

March 13, 2019 02:49AM avatar
Here is my reality Rich. I run my machines wide open so I ask Monte, what's the best setting to run this thing wide open?
What models are you using?

What do YOU mean when you say your run your detectors "wide-open?"

If you decided to run them "wide-open" and THEN you asked me "What's the best setting to run this thing wide-open?" ... then what was my answer? I don't recall you ever telling me you ran a detector 'wide-open' without me asking just exactly what you meant and for what detector. I also don't recall ever telling you, or anyone else, to run a detector 'wide-open' without being specific as to the search mode and settings in order to describe what I would mean by 'wide-open.'

So you used my name and a suggestion that I told you to hunt that way, but I wouldn't. Not without being specific as to what I MEANT by 'wide-open.' To me, running a detector 'wide-open' would me operating at maximum Sensitivity, a proper slight audio Threshold adjustment for the All Metal mode, and when in All Metal adjusting for a spot-on proper Ground Balance. I don't think you use the All Metal mode or manually adjust for a proper Ground Balance.

So, let's refer to the motion-based Discriminate mode. Again, I would need to know what make and model detector was being referred to, and in a Discriminate mode a 'wide-open' operation, TO ME, would suggest operating at maximum Sensitivity and without any Discrimination. ALL metal targets, both ferrous and non-ferrous, would be accepted and produce a good, clean audio response in order to find-it-all. It would also need the following settings, if I was to search in a 'wide-open' method:

A peak-performance Ground Balance setting for that search mode. Again, I would have wanted to know what make and model detector was in use because not all detectors provide a manual adjustment for GB in the Discriminate mode. Some makes and models have a factory design 'preset' GB in the Discriminate mode which can impair performance with some desired targets we might be searching for, while other makes and models might actually have an automated or manually adjusted GB that is functional with the Discriminate mode.

Do you know what type of Ground Balance circuitry you have in the different models you use? If so, and if they are adjustable, do you ever make that adjustment in the motion-based Disc. mode? If so I'd really be surprised because the majority of hobbyists don't have a clue if their detector does or doesn't have adjustable or controllable GB in the Discriminate mode. Matter of fact, I am going to toss that question out this evening when I am the guest speaker at a club over in Bend Oregon. Typically only 10% of the folks in a group have the correct knowledge of how or what their detector design is. And Ground Balance adjustment, as many learn, can have a lot of effect on the performance of many detectors.

Also, if a detector has an adjustable Threshold control and it is a threshold-based Discriminate mode and not a silent-search design, adjusting for a peak-performance audio Threshold can be important for 'wide-open' operation.

I set it there and then go forward that's how I like to do it.
You set it where? If you asked for how I set a particular model up, is that what you mean? Or did you just mean you're running a detector 'wide-open' according you your interpretation of what 'wide-open' is and, if you would, describe the settings you use on the different makes and models you hunt with. I'm always wanting to learn more and am curious about how others adjust settings for different applications.

Like to dig almost everything I don't like to miss a Target so I generally always run wide open simple answer but that's how I go
If you "Like to dig almost everything" so you don't miss a target, then how are you deciding what not to dig? If you're hunting 'wide-open' you should be hearing everything present, ferrous and non-ferrous, and if you don't like to miss a target, then running 'wide-open' you're making an operator's decision to not recover a target that 'beeps' and I'm curious what method you're using to accomplish that?

Some people rely totally on the visual TID or VDI display response to make a Dig or No-Dig decision and others rely on the audio response to help 'classify' some targets they might not want, such as problem iron junk, bottle caps, etc.. Personally, I rely on the audio response interpretation and search techniques to help audibly classify a lot of ferrous from non-ferrous and never look at a display.

Anyway, I have enjoyed 'learning' ever since I got started so I read and listen and ask. A good example is I am always curious about how 'Kickindirt' handles his XP Deus because that's a model I haven't used much to try and learn. The same goes for others who have ample time in with models I am not familiar with from personal use, like Rich (Utah) using the Minelab Equinox 800, or the brothers over in the Willamette Valley who do well with their E-Trac and CTX-3030 devices.

I'm about to load up some of the detectors I'll be taking over to the club meeting this evening, and on my den wall are my 10 Regular-Use models from Fisher, Nokta, Teknetics, Tesoro and White's. Of that assortment, there is only ONE model with a saved or adjustable setting that I ever use with a 'wide-open' setting. And I only hunt with it set up that way on occasion because I can't fine-tune the Disc. range to just barely accept iron nails.

Curious minds what to know.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Cindy, your comments are a bit vague.

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