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A long anticipated ... "The End."

March 20, 2019 11:28AM avatar
By long anticipated I am referring to the troubles within after Jack retied and the two sons took it over. Troubles within, combined with not having a worthy engineer to help the company progress. Then add in a poor website presence without any good factory-direct involvement and leaking out potential model names long before anything was really conceived.

Add in the growth of the products with visual Target ID and audio Tone ID that Tesoro's didn't come close to competing with, the general industry decline in local dealers with an increase of big discounters (Tesoro was partly to blame for that) and then the real huge mistake when they announced they had cut a deal with Kellyco. When they did that I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before they went under.

To be honest, it took longer than I thought it would after they made Kellyco a dealer. Dealer numbers had been dwindling anyway, but I heard from Tesoro Dealers and Distributors after the Kellyco announcement who were getting out of dealing in Tesoro's. Were their products good? Darn tootin! I have my favorites through the years, and have another one of them due to arrive in the next day or two ... a Silver Sabre µMAX.

All I need to get now is a 6" Concentric coil for it and I'll be satisfied. The better Tesoro models worked well and were/are durable. They don't have failures afield like so many competitor's models do, and not only DID they work, but they WILL CONTINUE to work on into the future. I know that some folks had units in for repair and they were doing the repairs even after they had sent the production staff off on a job hunting mission. I was really hoping someone would have been in a position to buy the company, and if I had the $$$ on hand, I would have.

I think a rebirth could work if they only made 3 to 5 models, with the Mojave being the lower-end offering. Just find the best way to produce them with quality assembly, regardless of where that is done, keep the costs as low as possible then market those few models in an aggressive way. Offer a 2 Year Warranty, Transferrable, and plan it so the production costs would allow you to retail the few models at a more affordable MSRP to try and compete, but also try and dominate the non-display market.

Oh, I would also change the names. There'd still be my two top favorites like I own and use now, the Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX, but I'd have new names and ditch that blasted 'µ' / 'micro' symbol and using µMAX as a cute was to say microMAX because nothing has annoyed me more about anything in this industry as people not seeing the µ for what it is, thinking it is a 'u' and saying YOU-MAX.

I'd keep the Mojave and that name, but the other few models would have a name change, a price adjustment, and be marketed differently. The good news would be the basic product would still provide the same simplicity and the same proven performance, and that's what counts when considering a Tesoro model.

Anyway, you must have missed the initial announcement about Tesoro several months ago when the employees were sent home. The company being closed and finished (at least it looks like it now) isn't way too different that having a discontinued model from an existing company that can't really be repaired or replaced and they don't have parts of the cost would be ridicules.

My Tesoro's work fine, and since I pamper my gear they should last a long time and serve me well. Much like the Teknetics Omega 8000 which was discontinued years ago and isn't easily or affordably fixable. But the Omega 8000's I used from early 2010 well into 2015 worked well and it was my favorite urban Coin Hunting model. So, last fall I bought a choice condition Omega 8000 and have it equipped and working well for me when I am chasing coins from places around town. It and my favorite Tesoro's complement each other and the assortment of other preferred models in my Detector Outfit. Some dedicated especially for Relic Hunting, some for Coin Hunting, and a couple that are handy for doing a lot of stuff.

Sorry to see Tesoro gone, but that's the industry for you.


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Tesoro out of business?

glabelle 463 March 20, 2019 09:19AM

A long anticipated ... "The End."

Monte 293 March 20, 2019 11:28AM

Tesoro filing for Bankruptcy

UtahRich 325 March 20, 2019 09:22AM

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