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Link to the Compass Metal Detector Forum

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Compass Metal Detector Forum

We do get into other discussions that are not directly associated with the good ol' Compass product line, but I am sure you'll find help there.

Otherwise, you touched on the important points of using any of the early-era conventional TR or TR-Disc. models:

Purchased one 2 months ago to be used at a girl scout summer camp that closed down in the early 60's.
Girl Scout Camps, around sunbathing and swimming areas especially popular from earlier days through the '80s, and I also used to find 'girls schools' from those days when 'bobby pins' seemed much more popular than today. The same as hunting other areas where nails and various forms of 'wire iron' was present, those old high-frequency TR's and TR-Disc. detectors (that featured a selectable 'non-Disc. or 'standard' setting) really show their strong points compared with many of today's modern 'digital-based' models.

Cabins are dry rotted, 50 plus years of trash, overgrown with brush, countless fire pits and the worst encounter a person would not want, Bobby Pins, thousands of them.
If they closed down in the early '60s, and cabins are in disrepair and the site is now brushy, has the location been open/available to everyone's use to the present that could include more modern trash, or have they been more restricted so maybe have more old bottle caps and very little pull-tabs/pry-tabs and other modern higher-conductive trash?

Anyway, I think I have the hang of it, so to speak.

Have to go slow ... always retuning ... keep a constant height ... and other knobs I am still trying to figure out.
Yep, just maintain proper Tuning (a slight audio Threshold hum) and monitor the search coil to keep a uniform coil-to-ground relationship then work the coil in a slow-and-methodical presentation and those old TR's can do well in nail, wire / bobby pin types of sites.

But I have found that the slower I go I have pulled silver below the bobby pins and before I dig, I let my 2 friends check the signal with their detectors and each one gives a trash signal no matter what they do.
Curious what makes and models your friends were using and the search coil choices?

Any pointers on the use of the 77b.
Pointer #1 ... employ ample patience as you learn and master using it. The Compass TR models have a noted reputation, but those popular days of TR's and early TR-Disc. detectors was 40+ years. The only old Compass model I keep in my personal collection is the simple 1-knob Coin Hustler. I haul it out for occasional use, but mainly have it around for demonstration purposes in my seminars to show what we had and used to get to where we are today.

Best of success to you, especially working the Girls Scout Camp.


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Link to the Compass Metal Detector Forum

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