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My thoughts on Magazines, Books, Forums and Videos related to the metal detecting hobby.

March 25, 2019 08:35AM avatar
Joel, yes, I heard about the History Channel series, but I'll hold off my thoughts until after I've watched a couple of them. This is a UK based operation so it might be better than some of what we have had to put up with here in the US with the goofy behavior of the two more notable guys and the crazy antics.

So many videos, either on TV or the vast array of click-and-watch stuff on the Internet, tend to leave me rather unimpressed. No, not all of them, but the bad seem to out-weigh the better ones. Too many lean toward one brand and some of the demonstrated performance isn't all that impressive, and there are other makes and models that easily best the demonstrated performance. Quite a few are 'brand loyal' which can be OK, but some certainly aren't in the best interests of the promoted brand.

So many are also 'staged' and not genuine in-the-field searches, and it kind of follows the path lead by so many magazine stories we used to have around. Quite a few had articles about old-time stage robberies, train robberies, outlaw attacks on packers with mule-carrying gold strings, that could easily get some excitement brewing. That is, of course, until you started researching some of the tall-tales only to find that many of them were fictional, or had a hefty dash of bologna added to an otherwise blah story just to dress it up.

It was astounding the amounts of loot some of those desperadoes supposedly got away with, and when claimed to be a large dollar amount of gold coins, simple math would tally-up an amount (weight) they wouldn't likely grab and run with. And then there were the new detector model reviews and 'tests' of many different metal detector brands from bargain prices to top-dollar that also left a lot to be desired. Many makes and models from all the USA manufacturers, as well as offerings from abroad, yet the 'testing' and evaluating reports were done by only a small handful or writers.

Most were offered up for reporting, and most articles were mildly to heavily edited before they had the company's 'OK' to put it to print. To the average, uneducated (meaning detector savvy) reader so many of them came across as high-tech, great-performing 'do-all' detectors that were glitch-free. Now, I am not going to offer-up names because some of the printed material wasn't all that bad, and a few writers had to keep their job so they would tread lightly on a few things so as not to be aggressively edited. But a lot of the magazine reports, to a more avid detector user, sure left a lot of the negative stuff out while over-emphasizing what was promoted as being very favorable.

I enjoyed some of the magazines for the selected articles that weren't trumped up and had worthwhile content. Some were just good, interesting reading and some had useful historic information. And then there were the manufacturer's ads to show us their product line and the new model releases they were bringing out. Those were also informative ... IF you were good at reading between the lines so as to get the factual details and specifications and ignore some of the marketing hype they threw our way.

Books and Forums were, and are, a little different. A good book, penned by an experienced and knowledgeable detector user, can share some useful information about differences in performance between various makes and models, especially if it is not brand-biased and includes most available detectors consumers tend to use. Including current and discontinued models that are popular choices.

I have bought and sold or given away a lot of books that fell short of being informative, useful, or even just a good read. But I also have a good assortment of useful books I keep on the bookshelves in my living room that are very informative, even if there were more period-specific and long before the modern digital world of detectors we have today. I'll provide a list of many of those favorites in an upcoming post.

As for Metal Detector/Detecting Forums, I read and participate in very few of them these days. There are quite a few of them just a mouse-click away, but they have too many different Forums and you can easily get lost trying to figure out just where you posted what. Recently, I have started to e-mail a few people about their content and language or clean up some posts that I read or am referred to here on the AHRPS Forums, but we don't have moderators assigned to frequently delete posts or send them to a different Forum when, in fact, they really fit where they were.

Also, we see some forums that are very $$$ or sponsor-based and some brands get eliminated just because a manufacturer doesn't pay to support their product. Some limit the frequency you can post on their Classified Forum, and some get TOO brand-loyal at times, also, based upon the site owners detector preference or that of a Forum Moderator.

Forums, like Books, Magazines and Videos are all part of what we, the consumers and hobbyists, rely on to try and get information to help us learn and understand out equipment, maybe pick up on some search site suggestions to help us find new places to go, and naturally for entertainment purposes. Therefore I take each one as it comes and will read or watch some and make my own decision as to whether it is really of value to be or just annoying fluff. I don't just pass-off on any of them until I give them a glance on my own to decide if they get my 'OK' for me or not.

I have found that the magazines from the UK were more appealing, generally, than those that have come and gone from here in the USA. Of them, W&E Treasures was the one I preferred, although I did pick-and-chose articles I accepted or rejected. When the metal detecting industry here in North America was young and fast-growing and up until the industry pretty much peaked in '83 to '90 and about that time and since then I felt there was some decline in the quality of the magazines.

Just my thoughts and opinions, but I'd encourage everyone to at least check out individual videos or the video posters, and the same for TV programs before jumping to a group conclusion about all or any of them.

Now, off to detecting.


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My thoughts on Magazines, Books, Forums and Videos related to the metal detecting hobby.

Monte 250 March 25, 2019 08:35AM

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