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UPDATE: →→→ I WILL be at the Ogden Outing!

May 07, 2019 06:54PM avatar
I can't get in to see my Primary Care Doctor until next Monday or Tuesday, so contrary to their encouragement not to go, I am going to make the journey which will take me some travel time, but I'll be at Carl's Jr. at 180 12th St. in Ogden, Utah this Thursday morning for breakfast. I'll meet participants that morning or on following mornings .... same place between 6 AM when they open and 7 AM .... and gladly go over any of the area parks and other hunt sites we can hunt.

The Ogden area, which has 40 parks mentioned online, includes a couple of golf courses and a few others not huntable. However, there are other parks in the many adjacent towns as well. I have a couple of local friends there who are trying to scout out some renovation sites to hunt, also, and I'll get that info from them when I arrive, if they come across any. There are also a few non-park locations I am going to try and get access to.

One is a hillside, brushy and it wowuld be more of a relic type hunt if we can access it. There are certainly some incidental lost targets there, but back in the 1950's a friend 'hit' a plastic or ceramic piggy bank by burying it there when she was a kid. She couldn't remember the exact spot, but does remember that it had some coins in it when she buried it.

We'll see how many plan to be there for the Saturday evening dinner and I'll then locate a site for us to get together to dine and share our outing experiences and the better finds made. I'll be at Carl's Jr. Sunday Morning as well but might have to pull out afterward to make the journey back to the VA in Idaho if they schedule the doctor appointment for Monday. If the appointment is on Tuesday then I'll be around for some detecting on Sunday before I head towards home, with the doctor visit on the way.

I had hoped to have been in Ogden last Saturday, the 4th, but I had the health complications that had me at the hospital in Boise all day Friday and I've been trying to get better ever since. I was going to get more specific information when I arrived about the different parks, and I'll probably get that sometime on Thursday and have info for attendees on Friday.

I will share this information with you about some of my favorite Ogden Parks that have been my favorite places to still hunt, even though they are definitely not as productive as when I first started to detect them in the summer and fall of 1968. My older brother Ed & I used 1 rounded-off screwdriver each, and shared 1 metal detector. A White's Ghost Towner BFO w/6" wooden search coil. That was a few years before we had Discrimination, and about seven years before we had Ground Balanced hobby7 detectors, but coins were plentiful, and with the better equipment we have today, hunting these older parks can still reward us with silver and other early era coins. Trade Tokens are also findable and a good Utah Trade Token can easily pay for two or three meals, or more to cover your adventure.thumbs up

With some folks preferring to only make an Outing to ghost towns I didn't see the number of registrants for this Outing. Then a few, including me, cancelled their trip due to not liking to hunt parks, health reasons, and family related things, to include this being Mother's day Weekend. But a few already made plans to be there, and I'm going to irritate a doctor by attending anyway since I feel committed to full-fill the Outing plan.

But in the long run it might be a good thing because it is going to include one more WTHO this year. It will probably be in Ogden again, but most likely in September, but scheduled so as not to include a holiday weekend. I am also going to change the days of the Outing schedule for that 12th WTHO. This will make an even number of Outings, then in the future we'll just have two a year in the future.

I will announce the dates in the next couple of weeks, and I'm going to schedule a day-long Metal Detecting Seminar for a Saturday the weekend before the WTHO. That will also give me a couple of days to rest about before the Outing which will be held the following Wednesday thru Saturday instead of Thursday thru Sunday. Maybe we will also get a few of the local Seminar attendees interested in an Outing and they can join the group, and just might also have a few new and different sites to hunt they will share with the group.thinking

Okay, here is a little bit of info regarding a few of Monte's Favorite Ogden Parks that might be of interest for those making this week's Outing:

Lester Park: A 10 Acre park with the County Library on the west side and the Senior Center on the south side. But the Senior Center stands were we used to enjoy an amphitheater where I went as a youngster with my family on summers to watch bands perform. It was mostly 'real' music from the Big band type era performances and a little 'modern' music, and I was there in the early to mid '50s. There were a lot of families on blankets towards the center of Lester park, and the bulks of the older coinage I used to find was on the East (Mountain) side and out in all of the more open center area of the park.

Liberty Park: Another 10 Acre Park where I found my 1st Indian Head cent in the NE corner. We also used to find 'V' Nickels and quite a few Buffalo Nickels along the tree line from the center to the NE corner of the park. Renovation work just a couple of years ago tore out and widened all of the sidewalk and a LOT of locals were there for many days ... weeks ... and I showed up tardy one day from Oregon.. I only had two days to be in town but managed to pull three Silver Dimes, a couple of Buffalo Nickels and a small handful of Wheat-backs and two Indian Heads. That park still had a good number of coins through the years just hunting the center areas of the park. Away from the more active areas and out where you just hunt slowly and methodically in search of those slightly deeper missed targets.

Lorin Farr Park: A nice park that I have found silver and trade tokens at, and other interesting smaller keepers, but due to the amount of older ring-pull tabs, many hobbyists tend to keep away from those areas. I hunt them and patiently go after any keepers in the trashier places, and finding the little out-of-the-way areas. Besides, a fellow named Richard, who lived in Ogden at one time, was there on the East side, and noted some sidewalk and corner work going on across the street on the east. He hunted that and found my all-time Bucket Lister, a nice silver 20¢ Piece! So I enjoy hunting this place which is one of the older gathering locations for early Ogdenites going back to the 1850's until the Depression Era when Ogden started seeing more developed or dedicated City parks.

Marquardt Park: An out-of-the-way park today that was one of my favorite places when I was a youngster. There is only a small parking lot and a short walk into the out-of-site, due to trees, park area. I like that area because it seems go see fewer metal detecting hobbyists, and it's also the last park in town where I found two Walking Liberty Halves.

Monroe Park: Another long-time park of 10 acres size, and it was a routine location for the travelling circus/carnival to set up long ago. Long before I was around, to be sure! The circus/carnival set up on the west half of the park back in earlier times before it was a dedicated park in the 1920's, if I recall from when I used to take notes on Ogden sites. There are ball fields, old tennis courted they converted to Pickle Ball Courts a few years ago, and some picnic bowery's. Still, a lot of large open grassy areas in the center of the 10 acre site that have held older coins for those who are patient enough to work the=m methodically with ample overlapping to do a better job of site coverage

Location of Ogden's Parks. There are many other parks in a lot of neighboring Cities & Towns. Also, in Ogden and the towns along the Wasatch Front we often find a lot of sidewalk tear-ups and repair, renovation work and ???? that present us with some good detecting opportunities as well.

A Wrap-Up:

1: I will be there at carl's Jr. Thursday morning unless something unfortunate occurs.

2: I encourage attendees to bring a couple of detectors, and search coils for working large, open grassy sites as well as something smaller for any tot-lots or renovation projects we might chance upon.

3: I'd like to remind everyone to avoid carrying a shovel type tool into any public parks. Try to use a rounded-off screwdriver or other tool for most target recoveries, and if you use a Lesche-type hand digger tool, be certain to make clean recoveries with as little digging and disturbance as possible .... then fill the holes and leave the site clean and tidy.

4: Try to spread out so as not to have too many people searching one park location which can draw too much attention.

5: Remember to add a 12th WTHO later in the year and plan now for that Outing. It will likely be based in Ogden or another nearby town and, mainly urban Coin Hunting, but it will include opportunities to hunt a ghost town site or two or other early-era place that will be out-of-town. Info to follow.

I wish all participants the best of success in advance, remind you to drive carefully, and I'll be there. I might not get out for much detecting, but I look forward to seeing the results everyone has from their efforts afield .... or apark.


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See You Guys Friday !

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Look out Ogden !!!!

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Clean up on aisle 4 -

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UPDATE: →→→ I WILL be at the Ogden Outing!

Monte 120 May 07, 2019 06:54PM


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I've been planning on it. However ...

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UPDATE: ► I WILL BE THERE!◄ ... See above post. N/T

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Re: I've been planning on it. However ...

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Re: I've been planning on it. However ...

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Re: I've been planning on it. However ...

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Not going after all due to bad knee N/T

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I had to cancel N/T

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Wanted to, but won't be able to make it. N/T

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