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Results: The 10th WTHO in Ogden, Utah.

May 15, 2019 11:31AM avatar
Other than a very windy Thursday & Friday, especially in Ogden or close to the mountain canyons and a stout East Wind, the weather was just about ideal. Park hunting in Ogden was also great because most of the city parks are well maintained, watered, green and target recovery was seldom a problem due to easy-digging lawns.

There was ample sunshine for those who enjoyed it, and most of the older parks have big, shady trees to keep you cooler and out of direct sunlight, if that was your preference. Lance H., from Colorado, was the first to arrive and while I was scouting for any renovation, and trying to get my crashing blood sugars up into a safe range, he wanted to hunt Lorin Farr Park. The problem is it was still early in the day and it hadn't been mowed and the uncut grass was an easy 6" tall to 8" tall.

One of the park groundkeepers was walking around bagging trash and told Lance they were soon going to mow it. Soon the guy on the riding mower arrived and informed Lance that he was about to mow it but had just come from 9th St. Park which he had just finished mowing. We headed over there for a while. I mentione that because it's a good indication that the city park maintenance crew didn't have a problem with folks being there to enjoy the hobby.

Central Oregon's George L. also was there Thursday to join us for a little bit of detecting as he wanted to check out how well one of his knees was going to hold up. He's trying to mend it to prepare for the 11th WTHO next month to work some Nevada Ghost Towns. It seemed to be coming along fine and we look forward to George making that Outing in Wells, NV June 13th thru 16th.

In total, WTHO Participants included:

Lance H. and Bryan L. from Colorado
Monte B. and George L. from Oregon
Rob B., Isaac G., Ralph G. and Rich H. from Utah

A smaller size turnout, but even some folks who live in and close to Ogden were not able to make it due to work, out of state travel for business, and that it was Mother's Day Weekend and they had other commitments. Gregg had already selected the dates to host the 11th WTHO in Wells, Nevada which happenes to be Father's Day Weekend, but in the future we are going to try and avoid any Outings on a holiday weekend to eliminate any Outing distractions.

I wasn't supposed to make the journey, according to two doctors, but I felt a bit improved so I did it anyway. I shouldn't have as I was having a lot of complications from my diabetes and had to deal with seven episodes of crashing blood sugars during Wednesday through Saturday. I'll continue to mend and rest up and work on the medication and insulin adjustments to be in better condition by next month's Outing. Anyway, with the holiday weekend and things others had planned, we swapped the Saturday evening Dinner for a later afternoon Lunch, then took care of our needs and travels.

On Friday we met up at Carl's Jr. and traveled to a nearby town and met up with Isaac G. and followed him to a construction site he had permission to hunt. This corner set of lots had homes removed that dated from about 1880 to 1930 and folks spread out to hunt. My first two finds were 'jacks' ... you know, the little game pieces. Then modern zinc cent and later a Wheatie. Ralph G. showed up and I enjoyed a good visit with him, and he called our attention to the evidence others had visited this dug-up and staked site.

Only Isaac & I were hunting that corner area as everyone else had spread out, and Ralph pointed out several reasonably fresh did holes from recoveries probably made the night before. We told hi that it wasn't from our group and both Isaac, using his pick, and me with either my Lesche Digger or the side of my foot were filling them in. Ralph strolled around to see the others and how they were doing, and remind them to not leave open dig holes.

We only hunted the area until about 4:00 is in the afternoon or so, and a few older coins were found, but nothing spectacular. I only know of 1 silver dime and 1 Indian Head cent. I don't remember if there were any older nickels found. A few interesting artifacts were recovered and I'll welcome attendee's posts and comments about their finds. I did more visiting and walking around to see how others were doing and look the site over to make sure our recovery efforts were 'tidy.'

I did see three dig-holes I kicked back in, but they didn't look fresh and were likely from a day or two before. On any outing, be it in a city or town or private yard/area, or off to an out-of-the-way ghost town, we should always make sure we leave the area looking good. That includes removing trash and not just tossing it aside.

There were several parks I was hoping to hunt in Ogden, but on Saturday we all hung out at Lorin Farr Park, which is one of my five favorite parks in my home town. There are a lot of coins there, mostly modern type, to include clad dimes and copper memorial cents and nickels in the surface to 6" range ... and a couple even deeper. The oldest I fund there was a Wheat-back Cent, but of the group there were some older Pennies, Nickels and Dimes recovered. Again, I'll give those who were there an opportunity to share their stories and finds.

Several of us also did some side-by-side detector and search coil comparisons, and that added to the fun of what we can learn on an Outing. Some models are at their best as urban Coin Hunting devices, while other detectors show off their abilities when taken afield to an iron trash filled ghost town or homestead or other challenging place where serious Relic Hunting models have an 'edge.' I also noticed that most of those there tend to favor hunting the older sites more than urban environments, and also most folks own and use two or more detectors. Some of us even more than what we had when we left home.. thumbs upsmiling smiley

Due to the holiday and other factors, I am going to plan one more WTHO this year, a 12th WTHO that will also be oriented more for Urban Coin Hunting. It might be in Ogden Utah or a different town, but I am also hoping to have some additional places for us to visit. It will include a full 4-days of Outing time. More than likely it will be back to the Ogden area as there are quite a few parks around and I am sure we will have a bigger turn-out and also hit enough different parks that we will find more older dated coins and small artifacts.

I also plan to schedule it so as NOT to include a holiday weekend. Most likely it will, be in August or September and I'll let everyone know as soon as it gets scheduled.


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Results: The 10th WTHO in Ogden, Utah.

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WTHO Ogden

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