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j.t., let me try to explain the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices and smaller coils as I see them.

June 08, 2019 08:17AM avatar
keep reading and hearing about the relic ,and the fors core.
Sadly, Nokta-Makro Detection Technologies discontinued the FORS CoRe and FORS Relic units when they moved to bring out the waterproofed, lithium battery powered Kruzer series and then Anfibio series. For now, they have retained two General-Purpose models in their inventory which are the two land-based, non-waterproof 14 kHz Racer 2 and Selectable 3-Frequency Impact.

I can tell you that ALL of the Nokta or Makro or blended Nokta-Makro company GP detectors have a lot of strengths and all can serve anyone quite well for day-to-day Coin & Jewelry Hunting needs. The company has provided a very versatile set of search coils for all of these models, especially those in current production and listing on their website. Like any brand we are going to see certain models within their product line that, for whatever personal reasons we have, just seem to make a better 'fit' for us in our detector Outfit based on certain important performance needs we have, so we select what we feel suits us the best.

For example, let me mention two Teknetics models I used to use a lot, those being the T2 and Omega 8000. The T2 w/5" DD was the better unit for Relic Hunting the places I prefer to search with nails and other smaller-size and challenging ferrous debris. I never used anything but the 5" DD coil. The Omega 8000 I used more often, mostly with a round 8" Concentric coil or with its 5" DD, but it was, at the time, my main-use Coin & Jewelry Hunting model from Teknetics. For me, and the typical places I hunted, the Omega 8000 gave cleaner, tighter VDI read-outs than the T2's at the mid-depth and deeper reaches.

Fun detector and one I use now on occasion for urban Coin Hunting, but with a 7" Concentric coil, and I'll add a 4" Concentric to the outfit this coming week. I have used it for some Relic Hunting when I am working in the fringe areas of an older site where there is a minimum amount of iron debris and it is well spaced. Just like sometimes using the T2's if they have the Boost Process on select occasions or in modern trash playgrounds and sports fields in '3' Tone because the T2's lumped the US Nickels into the High-Tone audio range. At the time, the end of 2014, my main-use TID detectors were the Teknetics Omega 8000, T2's and White's MXT All-Pro and MX-5 to handle most of my Relic Hunting and Coin & Jewelry Hunting tasks.

On January 8th of 2015 I made some very determined changes in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit after the Nokta FORS CoRe arrived and got in my hands. Why? Because I always run any new detector I buy or trade for or borrow just to check out through a series of 'Test Scenarios' that I have relied on for quite some time, putting them up against my current , on-hand models to check out any strengths or weaknesses they have. In that case, and within 24 hours to maybe 4-5 days, I was way more than impressed and started listing most of my detector outfit I had at the time on different Buy / Sell / Trade sites.

Shortly after getting my FORS CoRe (the CoRe stands for Coin and Relic by the way) I was not only impressed with the CoRe's performance and packaging, but I also received an original 14 kHz Makro Racer for test and evaluation purposes, and it was also a good fit at the time. While I was enjoying a lot of detecting with the newer models, most especially the CoRe, I kept busy as I was thinning out an MXT All-Pro, two modified White's Classic series units, 2 Teknetics T2 Classics, a Fisher F75, a Minelab Explorer II, a couple of others and the last two to go were the MX-5 and finally my Omega 8000.

I held on to my CoRe and Racer for my Target ID needs, and that's mainly when Coin Hunting urban areas, and my two all-time favorite Tesoro's, a Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX. For Relic Hunting, the 15 kHz Nokta FORS CoRe excelled over anything else, to include the Makro Racer, even when both were using their smaller-size 'OOR' DD coils (that one measures 4.7X5.2 so it is just a slightly 'Out-Of-Round' shape).

How did it excel? Nails, the most frequently-encountered and very challenging iron trash targets are what I deal with the most in the majority of the ghost towns and other period related old sites I usually search out west. The dense amounts of iron debris causes a tough challenge, and I came across a very tough test and have used it to test other detectors against.

NOTHING I had at the time could match that particular iron nail challenge to match the Nokta CoRe. Not even their original Racer using the same small DD coil can do it. By January of 2016 I also had the 56 kHz Makro Gold Racer w/5" DD coil, and in January I got the prototype that became the FORS Relic that operated at 19 kHz, potentially a bit better for unmasking small 'keepers' in a dense iron contaminated site, and the soon-to-be introduced 14 kHz Makro Racer 2. Both models feature Iron Audio Volume control, Tone Break and a 'Deep' or 'Boost' mode. All useful for different search needs, especially the Iron Audio Volume control for working in the nail and other heavy ferrous littered Relic Hunting sites.

Even better yet, the new Relic balances very comfortably, matching the CoRe, and with its 5" round DD coil the performance afield is very impressive. It unmasks quite well, I can hunt with a minimum iron trash volume level, and best of all, the Relic also proved it has the ability to take on my one non-ferrous target and one nail test scenario I've been using quite a while, and hit 4-out-of-4 times on the two sweep routes, just like the CoRe.

what the bleep is so great about these two!//..really?
For ME that would be their comfort, their 'simplicity' with few, if any, annoying excess function adjustments, and their depth-of-detection and especially their bility to take on that iron nail test and out-perform any make or model I have compared it against using their smaller-size search coil. Note that I said any make or model I have seen try and match their challenge using three different Discriminate setting.

..are they 'superior" coin hunting detectors?
I'm not sure how 'superior' would be described, but I have found them to just about match or better most of the general-purpose detectors for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting using a comparable size search coil. Most urban sites have more modern trash, and don't come close to the amount of dense nail or ferrous debris I deal with at most of my Relic Hunting places.

..one assumes so because of their great ability to "see'" relics in ghost towns?..IF this is so one would believe thy would the "best" for coin hunting?..no?..curious!
I don't like to make 'assumptions', but I can state they do quite well and can easily handle most urban site challenges. There are a lot of detectors I enjoy using that can 'see' relics in many ghost towns, but the CoRe and Relic provide me an edge to better unmask desired finds in the nastiest of iron in parts of ghost towns more than commonly-used Coin Hunting detectors.

ok! del! one would tend to think with so much 'dense" ferrous "crap" in ghost towns, this would portend well for "urban trash pits!"..just sayin!
Yes, if the urban trash is mostly ferrous discards then they might have an 'edge' for unmasking abilities. Del, Patsy, Gregg, Rich (Utah), Roger and several others on these AHRPS Forum ... and I ... all own and use a CoRe and/or Relic even if we have other detectors in our personal Outfit. Too bad you won't be at our WTHO in Wells, Nevada this next Friday when I'll set out some test samples for attendees to check out their Relic Hunting detector and coil choices to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. The CoRe and Relic devices will show their strengths in a test or two, to be sure.

No such thing as a 'perfect' detector and my two proven Relic Hunting models will be complements by my two General Purpose detector models, a White's MX-7 and XP ORX, and my favorite two non-display detectors, the Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX. There are several very good detectors on the market today to satisfy the needs of most avid hobbyists and detectorists, but in my opinion having a Nokta CoRe and/or Relic in your Outfit can give you an edge in performance when some challenges get tough.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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j.t., let me try to explain the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices and smaller coils as I see them.

Monte 377 June 08, 2019 08:17AM

Re: j.t., let me try to explain the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices and smaller coils as I see them.

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Quick answers as I am busy getting ready to head for the WTHO in Nevada.

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Kickindirt 217 June 08, 2019 06:23PM

Yes, or the Relic, all based on the level of iron contamination.

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Re: j.t., let me try to explain the Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic devices and smaller coils as I see them.

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No need to wait ... but it might very well be sold during our Outing this coming week.

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