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Picking up the evaluation in Part Two: The XP ORX.

June 09, 2019 09:37AM avatar
Good morning! I had some family things yesterday, along with a couple more tests to do, and I was just too tired late last night to complete my first evaluation report that covers Part One and Part Two. Those two parts of my review were touching on some favorable things about the new ORX from XP Metal Detectors, and since there's no perfect detector made I thought I'd touch on some of the more annoying things I encountered when I open up a brand new box and check a detector out.

I also took some of that 'break time' to dig through my Accessory Coil Tote for extra coils for some of the many detectors I am selling. I've been adjusting my detector outfit this spring-to-summer simply because of age and mobility restrictions I've had to face. I think it falls in the category of "dealing with reality", and I've thinned out a couple of individual models but mostly duplicates of models. Naturally, I can't help but double check the performance I get from different models so I've been comparing each one of them as I either box them up or bundle them for sale. Most of these are, as I said, a 'back-up' unit and they have anywhere from 0 minutes of run-time afield to an hour's use or so, and they look near perfect.

I'm doing this so I can take some of them along with me for the WTHO this week just in case someone wants a killer deal on a good detector, it will save me shipping costs, should someone like a detector that can work for Relic Hunting ghost towns or just to grab an urban Coin Hunting device, or to have a 'loaner unit' in their own outfit. I know I always like to have one or two 'loaners' as I have used them to gain access onto private property as I invite the owner to "join the search."

Additionally, it has given me more opportunity to compare the new XP ORX against other makes and models and coils that are on the market to get a better feel for this device. In doing this sorting-out and thinning-out it also made me make another change in my personal Regular-Use Detector Outfit as I was going to sell one of the models I like, but have now changed my mind and shifted things back around and am keeping it as one of my General Purpose models. One that can Relic Hunt pretty well yet also fit in for a lot of urban Coin Hunting, too.

Now, to continue, let me describe the Primary-Use Detectors in my Outfit that travel with me on Outings or other adventures to parts unknown. I have three basic categories that detectors can fit in to cover all my hunting needs. They are my dedicated Relic Hunting models that I have found to provide me some of the best performance at unmasking good targets from dense iron trash. Today, that niche is covered with my excellent-performance Nokta FORS Relic and FORS CoRe. These multi-purpose devices can also hold their own for Coin Hunting tasks, but for my purposes these two are my dedicated Relic Hunting models for nasty nail and other iron contaminated places.

Next up is my General Purpose category, and for this I like to have one or two models that have served me well as a "grab-and-go" unit for many Relic type site needs as well as Coin & Jewelry Hunting I'd do in yards, parks, playgrounds and sports fields. I guess you could call them a 'Jack of All Trades but Master of None' type unit. My CoRe and Relic are 'Masters' of the tougher ferrous challenged sites, and my two Non-Display units can tackle some of the 'simpler' tasks a little better as well.

In this General Purpose category I had reacquired a Racer 2, again, having had several of them, but sold it back to Gregg the next day simply due to the weight-and-balance which just doesn't quite do it for me. It has a top-heavy feel for me even with the 5" and 7" coils in use. My back, neck, shoulder and the loss of strength and mobility from former health issues and then the fall I had in April of last year resulted in a a permanent loss of strength and mobility in my right arm and shoulder. I'm almost back to reacquiring almost 80% of that strength and mobility back, but I'm about at the end of that progression, and the Racer 2 just didn't make the cut.

I was going to sell my White's MX-7 package, but after side-by-side comparisons with the Racer 2, the MX-7 held the top spot of the two. The Racer 2 just barely edged the MX-7 in one test scenario while the MX-7 bested the Racer 2 in another side-by-side test. I really like my custom powder coated MX-7 so I decided to take it off the For Sale block and fit it back into my General Purpose slot. I'll just sell by 'back-up' MX-7.

And then there is the 3rd category and that's for the easy-to-use but performance-based Non-Display General-Use group, and I'm sure most readers know that those two models are my Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX. These models have served me very well for two decades in ghost towns and other trashy environments, and are my first units grabbed for coins and jewelry in tot-lots, urban renovation work like sidewalk repair, etc.

So the big question now gets to how might an ORX fit in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit .... if it even does at all? Is there ample performance or any favorable points about it that encourage me to hang onto it, or is it joining my group of detectors that are to be sold?

The Part Three will have the final conclusion about what I really think of XP's ORX and that will be presented after I return from the 11th Welcome-to-Hunt Outing to search a half-dozen or more ghost towns. It's this next Thursday thru Sunday out of Wells, Nevada and I should be back home on Monday, June 17th, to post my final report.

What I can tell you now is it most likely will be a 'keeper' for me, and here's why.

I need well balanced and light-weight detectors, and the ORX most definitely is with the 5X9½ DD HF coil I'm using.

I want simplicity because there really shouldn't be an excess of adjustment functions to achieve a certain level of versatile performance, and the ORX fits that category well.

I like a selectable frequency detector, and the ORX allows that option.

I prefer models with an easily viewable VDI numeric display, and the ORX certainly provides that.

Yes, there are a few things that I am not too excited about in the design department, but I have visited a former CCC camp and a WWII Japanese Internment Camp, two partially vacant lots where homes were demolished, and a couple of other sites, but the ghost town outing will be my final pick of areas to get to know the ORX better, and compare the audio responses and visual numeric display results when compared against other proven detectors and I'll know for sure what to do with the ORX by a week from now. As of today, it is in my General Purpose group with my MX-7, and I can say that so far, I like the ORX and enjoy its company. Now, I'll take it on 'vacation', so to speak, and see if I want it to be a permanent guest in my metal detector group.

Back with you a week from tomorrow on the 17th!


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Metal Detector Evaluation Part One and Part Two: The new XP ORX.

Monte 903 June 08, 2019 11:19AM

Re: Metal Detector Evaluation Part One and Part Two: The new XP ORX.

GeoW 214 June 09, 2019 12:38PM

Picking up the evaluation in Part Two: The XP ORX.

Monte 706 June 09, 2019 09:37AM

White's and Tesorothumbs up

Hombre 304 June 10, 2019 12:58PM

My revised thoughts on both White's and Tesoro.

Monte 627 June 19, 2019 05:48PM

Re: Metal Detector Evaluation Part One and Part Two: The new XP ORX.

D&P-OR 260 June 09, 2019 08:11AM

No decent stand makes it more prone to falling over than I am ... and that's not a good thing.

Monte 297 June 09, 2019 09:41AM

Re: Metal Detector Evaluation Part One and Part Two: The new XP ORX.

Kickindirt 271 June 09, 2019 07:18AM

Re: Metal Detector Evaluation Part One and Part Two: The new XP ORX.

Digstrashtomuch 272 June 10, 2019 04:42AM

Good reading. thumbs up N/T

UtahRich 185 June 08, 2019 11:31PM

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