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My revised thoughts on both White's and Tesoro.

June 19, 2019 06:48PM avatar
Monte...Im glad you haven't given up on my two favorite American made brands, the MX-7 has become my go to detector in the iron ...

"I was going to sell my White's MX-7 package, but after side-by-side comparisons with the Racer 2, the MX-7 held the top spot. The Racer 2 just barely edged the MX-7 in one test scenario while the MX-7 bested the Racer 2 in another side-by-side test. I really like my custom powder coated MX-7 so I decided to take it off the For Sale block and fit it back into my General Purpose slot."
Well, things can change.thinking I did lot of thinking during the first half of this month as I have struggled to thin out some of my excess 'duplicate' models and 'back-up' models and 'loaner-units' I have had on-hand. Most are new or just very, very slightly used with the total run-time being between 30 minutes and an hour on all the models I am thinning out except two of them. Before leaving for the outing, which I did early on the 10th and missed your post here making this a tardy reply, I sorted through my Accessory Coil Tote and gathered together all of the extra rods and coils for those models I am letting go. I just can't hunt as often or for a lengthy durations like I used to, and when I do I need to use the lightest weight and best balanced models I can handle.

Yes, it is true that I found the White's MX-7 preferable over the Makro Racer 2 due to slightly better balance. Using a set of 8 to 10 Test Scenarios, and swapping two or three search coils on each model, they each have some strengths and are very close in field performance, so between them I did/do favor the MX-7 as a 'General Purpose' detector. That said, I also have put in ample time working the newer XP ORX and in trimming my Regular-Use Outfit I ony have room for one GP detector. For me, my health limitations, and considering how much use a detector might get, I am going to sell-off my entire 3-Coil, Custom Powder Coated MX-7 Outfit because the XP ORX is now filling that roll for me.

... and my non metered choice is my early Bandido.

"And then there is the 3rd category and that's for the easy-to-use but performance-based Non-Display General-Use group, and I'm sure most readers know that those two models are my Tesoro Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX. These models have served me very well for decades in ghost towns and other trashy environments, and are my first units grabbed for coins and jewelry in tot-lots, urban renovation work like sidewalk repair, etc."
Needless-to-say, my most favorite Tesoro's are also staying close to home. I have a very choice-condition Silver Sabre microMAX and very choice condition Bandido II microMAX, each with a 6" Concentric coil, that stay hanging on my den wall. I also have another set of these, in only choice-condition, that ride along with me and stay in my vehicle for daily travel. Again, each with their assigned 6" Concentric coil.

These two pair of Tesoro units are not going to be parted with as these models have proven their talents to me since their introduction in October of '97. That's almost 22 years of reliable service for both urban Coin Hunting and taking on some tough iron debris challenges in ghost town and homestead types of environments.

The MX-7 is a high gain unit with accurate Target ID and I run my Sensitivity lower than what is available. It usually settles down at a setting of 5, whereas I run full Sensitivity on the Bandido. Now, I must come clean with you all, I did something I was dead set against, I bought a foreign made detector. It is made in Turkey....the Fors Relic...more to come on that as I gain some experience with it. It does seem to give the Americans a run for the money...lol
Someone will get a choice deal on a full-package, custom powder-coated MX-7 with less than 1½ hours use and find out they then will have a very high-gain, powerful and deep-seeking detector than can also handle some iron, modern trash, and work very well virtually anywhere.

And if they also have a good Tesoro model, then it will fill a gap for them to own a light weight and handy non-display model, too.

Now to get serious for taking on a dense nail environment or those really ferrous junk littered old sites I enjoy hunting, you are going to find as time goes along that the Nokta FORS Relic is one of the very best contenders for serious Relic Hunting needs. I've been boldly saying that since January of 2016 and now, 3½ years later, I still rely a lot on my Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic when it comes to best handling of tough iron conditions, especially the Relic when it gets burdensome with a lot of that nasty iron stuff.

Just due to health concerns and a need to lighten things up for the bulk of my detecting time, I have made some serious cuts in my personal detector outfit. I now have 2 "travelling" Tesoro's and 2 on the den wall. I am trimming it to only 1 Teknetics model, an Omega 8000 w/7" Concentric and 4" Concentric for an urban TID model, 1 White's XLT w/6½" Concentric for more open areas in urban applications for 'cruising' with a TID model. I also have an XP ORX w/5X9½ DD to serve as my go-to General Purpose detector. and my 3 Nokta models for 'get-serious' Relic Hunting tasks dealing with dense ferrous debris. Those are my 2 CoRe w/'OOR' DD and a Relic w/5" DD.

I do have a couple of other makes and models for select applications but the above are my primary-use models that travel along with me most of the time. I do plan to add one more 'Simple' and 'Functional' model in the near future.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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Fisher: F-44, Nokta-Makro: FORS CoRe and FORS Relic, Teknetics: Omega 8000,
Tesoro: Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX, White's: XLT, XP: ORX
Killer B's 'Hornet' and White's 'Pro Star'
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