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Re: George, here are a few example of what 'SIMPLE' might be.

June 26, 2019 02:37PM
IMHO, "simple" is an obsolete criteria today. What is “simple” anymore?No, I am positive 'SIMPLE' is not obsolete today. Not really. Now, there are some PEOPLE in this great outdoor sport who we might consider to be SIMPLE because they want the simplest of detectors. Often preferring a 'turn-on-and-go' detector with a preset Ground Balance. Why, they are not willing to read up and learn what that is, its importance, and how to gain a better-performing detector set-up.

There are SIMPLE PEOPLE who do not use a detector often enough to really understand it and learn what the adjustment features are, when to use them, what they can ... or can't ... do, or even understand common descriptive terms like Iron Audio, Quick-Response, Unmasking, Sweep Speed, Ground Mineral Signal and what issues come with it, etc., etc., etc. You know what I mean. The folks who never read a User Manual at all, or only bits and pieces and never question what doesn't make sense to them.

As for metal detectors, there are those we might call more 'complex' to learn and master which kind of makes those designs NOT SIMPLE, whereas a well designed detector with logical adjustment settings that are Functional and make the detector easier-to-use I would consider to be 'SIMPLE.'

Here are some examples that I think can make a detector 'SIMPLE' to an Avid Detectorist:

Minelab made the statement that the Equinox obsoletes all single frequency detectors. I think that it mostly does!I would say that marketing statement isn't totally correct, but in some ways it doe cover some but not all detectors on the market, and as a detector model, I think the Equinox design is SIMPLE

Learning to operate it is not difficult at all.There's an example of SIMPLE

The modes and settings are pretty intuitive. That sounds SIMPLE

Enough so that I feel I can put the detector down for 6 months, pick it up, and go hunting right away – unlike some other detectors I’ve had with non-intuitive settings and multiple sub menus.That sounds SIMPLE as well, but only if the detector owner has learned their equipment well enough to really know it, AND if they can go without detecting for 6 months. But that's a PERSON who might be closer to Simple than the detector is.

If you are willing to buy 5 different detectors for 5 different hunting scenerios such that you don’t have to change a few settings on one detector, that’s individual preference.Yes, but a person can buy 5 DIFFERENT detectors that have improved strengths for DIFFERENT site challenges and might not have anything to do with trying to avoid search coil changes. I know folks can get around in a small size, compact car for most of their daily commutes. However, some who can afford it might also buy a pick-up for its abilities, maybe a 4 wheel drive for other tasks. A motor home rather than a vehicle and travel trailer.

Or some like a fast car and also a slower and roomier car. Those are individual choices and have nothing to with Simple so far as what they want to own and use.

If, like me, you want a minimum number of detectors and one that can do most everything very well, then you need a modern detector with variable parameters, and the capability of performing a variety of hunting types.SIMPLE, yes, for some people. I frequently trim and adjust my detector group, and in doing so I still try to make sure my detectors, each that I own and use, fit the category of SIMPLE. It's just that I like to own more than one detector, even though most of them have more universal applications.

For those who only can afford one detector, for whatever reason, there are quite a few on the market that can provide the adjustment features and make a good General Purpose pick. The EQ-800 is just one of them.

Monte, you didn’t mention that with just 1 (one) tweak to one hunt mode, we discovered the Nox 800 passed all of your important tests, like the nail board, and the nail over the brass button. Therefore is is a very good ghost town machine as well.You did just that, and I did the same thing with the XP ORX, and in both cases with two different brand detectors, the adjustment features were Functional, and access to the adjustments was very Quick and SIMPLE.

I am simply pointing out that *I* believe, ‘simple’ doesn’t cut it anymore, and that you can own one detector that can do it all – just with a little learning curve, .... I admit, it took me a while to get used to "menus" - its that old dog & kicking and screaming thing smiling smileyCorrect, which in this case fits the category of SIMPLE since function changes are easy-to-do, and the result (if we make the right changes for the site requirements) will be a more universal performing detector to handle many tasks.

So you, yourself , pointed out that even the EQ-800 might be SIMPLE for many people, if they are more interested in knowing how these things work and how to give yourself an edge in performance ... Simply.

Just keep in mind there is no 'perfect' detector and some models will have an edge over some other detectors for different wants and needs.


Great points Monte.

I think the EQ800 is a very simple turn on and go detector, if you want it to be. Even Minelab's own quick-start guide makes it simple:

Quick Start - 4 easy steps to get started:

1. Turn on
2. Select a detect mode
3. Noise cancel
4. Begin detecting

Steps #1 and #4 are no brainers, steps #2 & #3 are completed in 30 seconds. You didn't even have to mess around with ground balancing (which is also simple), as the EQ samples the ground and self adjusts the ground balance, but I would suggest it for areas that have challenging ground conditions to get the maximum performance from it.

Now you can make the Equinox complicated if you wish by playing around with the advanced features, but even these are well documented in Minelab's manual, lots of YouTube videos showing various optional setting adjustments, and we even have some books from long time detector authors to help move the ball along if you're still stuck (although all of that information is available gratis on the web).

Is the Equinox perfect, not by a long shot. Is it the best detector on the planet, no. Each search mode was designed for specific search conditions and types of targets, and I feel that the Equinox, while perhaps not the absolute best over some other top performers, is good enough to keep up with them if you put the time in to learn the machine and offers enough versatility that for 99% of it's owners it will get the job done, and do a great job while detecting side by side with your buddies that have to have those "best of class" single purpose VLF detectors.

I see it as another tool in the detecting tool box. If I'm at a heavily iron infested site, I'm grabbing my Multi Kruzer with a smaller coil. For just about any other conditions, the Equinox will do a great job. If Minelab ever releases more coils for it, like a 6x10" closed loop DD for ghost towns and gold prospecting, that'll up it's posture, and if they offer a concentric (if it's even possible on that platform), that will make others happy for hunting in the junky iron infested ghost townsy type environments.
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Question for Monte.

D&P-OR 153 June 20, 2019 06:00AM

Some Detector & Coil Comparison Results ... but incomplete.

Monte 176 June 22, 2019 07:32AM

Re: Some Detector & Coil Comparison Results ... but incomplete.

Digstrashtomuch 115 June 23, 2019 08:11AM

You brought up several points I agree with.

Monte 81 June 24, 2019 05:29AM

Reviewing detectors, 2019

glabelle 131 June 22, 2019 05:08PM

Re: Reviewing detectors, 2019

DesertRokon 60 June 28, 2019 05:50PM

Vic, I wish you thee best of success!

Monte 63 June 29, 2019 04:29AM

Re: Vic, I wish you thee best of success!

DesertRokon 54 June 29, 2019 11:22AM

Re: Reviewing detectors, 2019

glabelle 71 June 28, 2019 07:22PM

Re: Reviewing detectors, 2019

DesertRokon 48 June 29, 2019 10:19AM

George, 'Thank You' or clarifying your reply.

Monte 53 June 28, 2019 10:16PM

Re: Reviewing detectors, 2019

jmaryt 64 June 26, 2019 11:53AM

George, here are a few examples of what 'SIMPLE' might be.

Monte 71 June 25, 2019 10:39AM

Re: George, here are a few example of what 'SIMPLE' might be.

Cal_Cobra 57 June 26, 2019 02:37PM

A nice reply, Brian, and I generally agree.

Monte 50 June 26, 2019 06:08PM

Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

UtahRich 100 June 22, 2019 06:52PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! ! Nope!!

Kickindirt 71 June 23, 2019 04:38PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! ! Nope!!

jmaryt 64 June 25, 2019 11:05AM

The Equinox 800 isn't all that expensive for what it offers.

Monte 66 June 25, 2019 05:27PM

Re: The Equinox 800 isn't all that expensive for what it offers.

Cal_Cobra 47 June 26, 2019 02:18PM

Similar to what I had to pay for early Tek. T2 upgraded versions and a couple other brands

Monte 42 June 26, 2019 06:11PM

Re: The Equinox 800 isn't all that expensive for what it offers.

jmaryt 54 June 25, 2019 08:56PM

Re: The Equinox 800 isn't all that expensive for what it offers.

Cal_Cobra 46 June 26, 2019 02:20PM

Somebody say Tesoro ? .

UtahRich 67 June 25, 2019 09:05PM

Re: Somebody say Tesoro ? .

Cal_Cobra 46 June 26, 2019 02:39PM

I have no concerns about my Tesoro models. And they very seldom need repair. N/T

Monte 38 June 26, 2019 06:13PM

Re: Somebody say Tesoro ? .

jmaryt 50 June 26, 2019 08:38AM

Models costing less than $300? Sure!

Monte 55 June 26, 2019 01:13AM

Re: Models costing less than $300? Sure!

jmaryt 45 June 26, 2019 08:40AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

WM6 99 June 23, 2019 03:55PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

Cal_Cobra 63 June 25, 2019 11:00AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

jmaryt 52 June 25, 2019 08:59PM

The EQ-800 is a good unit, but the questions to make a selection are:

Monte 67 June 24, 2019 08:44PM

A Deeper Beeper -

UtahRich 78 June 23, 2019 07:43PM

?? A Deeper Beeper ?? - You have three of them.

Monte 61 June 24, 2019 08:59PM

Three Detectors Walk Into A Bar . . . . . .

UtahRich 55 June 24, 2019 11:51PM

- - - - and the new guys asked, "Who's that old guy and what does he do?"

Monte 60 June 25, 2019 09:05AM

Re: - - - - and the new guys asked, "Who's that old guy and what does he do?"

jmaryt 46 June 25, 2019 09:26AM

Re: A Deeper Beeper -

WM6 70 June 24, 2019 02:21AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

glabelle 76 June 23, 2019 05:08PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

Cal_Cobra 36 June 26, 2019 02:45PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

Sodbuster 55 June 24, 2019 11:23AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! !

WM6 62 June 24, 2019 03:37AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! ! WM6 measurements

glabelle 55 June 24, 2019 11:24AM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800 ! ! ! ! WM6 measurements

WM6 71 June 24, 2019 02:41PM

Re: Detector of the Year - EQ800, but prob not for long

OregonGregg 96 June 23, 2019 01:52PM

Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

UtahRich 70 June 23, 2019 06:20PM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

OregonGregg 103 June 23, 2019 06:48PM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

D&P-OR 50 June 25, 2019 05:37PM

Greg buy a Minelab or XP ?

UtahRich 42 June 25, 2019 09:01PM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

OregonGregg 69 June 25, 2019 06:05PM

Sent you a p.m. Gregg.---------Del

D&P-OR 47 June 26, 2019 06:21AM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

NWCindy 67 June 23, 2019 08:01PM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

Sodbuster 52 June 24, 2019 02:48PM

"Have fun. H. H." smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float ... Quite true, we should be having fun with what we do.thumbs up N/T

Monte 40 June 24, 2019 09:01PM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

WM6 62 June 24, 2019 03:44AM

Re: Pick a detector, Go Hunt.

NWCindy 50 June 24, 2019 03:33PM

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